Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 44)

Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.

Chapter 44:

Twinkle s pov:
I was damn shocked at what kunj did with me, I don’t know y I also liked it as I didn’t resisted him as he was kissing me.
I came to my room running n i locked myself. Number of feelings are hitting my mind like a waves.
Tears are gushing out n the most amazed thing is still I have a smile playing on my lips.
‘What’s wrong with me??’ These are the first words which came out of my mouth when I noticed my crying along with smiling. At last I realised that tears I had were happy tears . I am happy for no reason. Does it make sense. I don’t knw .
But at the very moment I lost the happiness at the very first thought of Naman. I am engaged I couldn’t do this. I should not.
With all these thoughts I don’t knw when I fell asleep.

* end of twinkles pov*

Next day morning,
Aman: are u serious. …I…mean…us r crazy. ..
K: what ever happened yesterday was fated to happen. I felt to do that n i did it. Thats it man. Even…she. ..
A: yeah even she also that’s what shocking me, but…one thing kunj never trust these rich ppl.
They are not what thy are, they r very good at cheating be carefull.
Kunj just nodded n smiled at him.

Kunj thinks:
I should confess that’s the only thing I can do to know what’s in her heart. Hmm .. twinkle get ready.

In twinkles room,
Twinkles pov:
As I woke up I was shocked to see my mom infront of me. Her eyes told me everything, I felt smewt wierd then learnt that thy came to know that I went with kunj for a party.
But for God’s sake I know no one knew abt wt happened btwn us.

‘Get ready soon, I want to talk to u,’ she ordered.
I nodded n rushed to finish my daily chores. As I was taking too much of time in washroom she knocked even on my door.
‘ How much time u want, make it fast twinkle’, she shouted.
I was upset with her wierd behaviour.
‘Jesus, what’s all this? I know wt I did was wrong but plz make me nt to meet him again, I don’t want to mess up things,’ I prayed n came out.
I was struggling to tie the knots of my dress when I mom came towards me n helped me in tieing it.
She was hell angry on me it was shown by her rudeness in tieing the knots, she was pulling them with a force, so I winced in pain several times.
‘U know, what’s our position aftr ur dad’s death, nly he can stand for us for wt all the debts we have, I beg u don’t spoil this.’
She murmered with anger.
Before I can talk, maid came in between.
‘Miss twinkle,sir wants to join u fr breakfast. ‘ she informed me.
‘Don’t spoil things, u remember this ok…’ my mom ordered me.
Before I can do anything I was left as a accuser over thr.

* end of twinkles pov*

Twinkle n Naman are having breakfast in silence.
N: wr were u yesterday night?
Twinkle was silent n she was trembling it was visible clearly.
He shouted.
Twinkle was taken aback.
N: don’t u feel ashamed to go for a low class party, that to with that bladdy poor…have sme shame for wt u did. U r getting married to me. U knw who I am, how much respect n prestige I hv, but u don’t remember any of it n simply went partying in that low class. Shame on urself.

Twinkel heard enough till now
T:u should have shame Naman as u r behaving like the richest man under the sun. U knw wt richness is, it’s related to heart….not ur…bladdy money…

Twinkle shot back even this was more than enough to break the bridged of anger of Naman. He cut her in the middle.

N: how dare u? Y bladdy bi*ch to say that, u r eating my food n talking abt me….dare u again do that..U UNDERSTAND

He bursted out n stood up.
He dragged away the table making twinkle horrified with food stuff all over her and he left.

Twinkle was shattered she sat over the floor crying.
Maid who was thr came running to her n she tried cleaning the mess on twinkles dress.
‘I am sry for wt he did,’ twinkle uttered.

‘It’s ok,u go I will clean it,’ the maid said.
Twinkle went to her room to change all the time she was crying n crying.

Precap: kunj’s confession


Hope u ppl liked it, do share ur views I am done with my exams holidays now….if i get proper response I will post both of my ff s back to back.

Urs lovingly

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