Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 41)


Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.

Chapter 41:

Twinkle s pov continues…

As I was sharing all my meaningless feelings of me to him he just asked me one question,’ do u love him?’ He asked.

What? I questioned.
‘I just asked do u love him?’ He asked with a small grin over his face.

At that time smething went wrong in my mind I learnt that wt I was saying. I was unable to answer him. I just started laughing.
‘ this …haha….is such a ..ridiculous question?’hahaha…’ I said.
‘Simple too, why can’t u answer a simple question? ‘ He asked again.

I don’t knw wt to answer him but very soon I realised that it was all non of his business.
‘Oh…y…y should I tell u, it’s all non of ur business,’ I said laughing in between to avoid the situation.
‘Why am I telling all this to u, anyways it’s nice meeting u,Mr. Kunj. I will leave now.’ I said with a big smile n shaking hands with him.
He said nting simply gave a handshake.
I was about leave.
‘Ah…u r soo annoying’, i said him.
I took few steps n returned again to him, he was watching all this with a naughty smile on his face.
‘Uh, why should I leave, this is my part of ship, u leave’. I ordered him behaving like a stupid.
He smiled n said,’ why should I? ‘

He had a point, I faked little angriness.
‘What is this stupid thing u r carrying with u,’ I muttered n dragged a thing from him, it was just like a file with few sheets in it.
It was his drawing book I guess.
I went through the pages n i was amazed at his work. I went through it n sat thr itself.
He sat next to me.
The book was full of drawings of many women n they were naked.

‘What’s all this? ‘ I asked him.
‘Hmmm…..I did this when I was in France. Those girls like to drew thr pictures without clothes n i….did….it….for…them. ‘ He said.
‘Nice,’ flipping through the pages. I saw one girl s pic standing near the mirror naked.
‘This is…..’ I asked
‘Yeah, she was a very well known girl in france n……pr*stitute.’ He said.
‘Oh, nice work ‘ I said n returned his sheets to him.

I saw my mom with her frnds cming towards us.
‘Its k kunj I will leave nw, ‘ I said n i was trying to leave but my mom came to me befr I can escape.

‘What ru doing here?’ She asked me like a CID.
‘Mom, I just came to thank him as he is the one who saved me yesterday,’ I tried explaining her.
She seemed little satisfied with my answer.
I turned to kunj,’ she is my mom’ I told him.
Kunj let out his hand but my mom being rude just bowed to him.
I felt bad fr him.
‘ So did u invite him to evening party,’ one of my mom she frnd asked me.
‘Oh, I forgot, kunj join us tonight party, it’s Its a treat fr saving me,’ I said him.
He just nodded looking at my mom.
I too looked at my mom.
‘ see u thr in the evening youngman’, that’s what she said.
This time kunj bowed n i left with her.
** End of twinkles pov**

Kunj s pov:
I saw twinkle going with her mother. She turned to me n waved at him. I was lost in her.
When I heard sme one calling me, it’s twinkles mom s frnd who asked me abt cming to party.

‘So, ur cming to the party?’ The lady asked.
I just nodded
‘ in this way?’ She asked pointing at my attire.
I made what else look.
She understood n she asked me to cme with her.
I followed her to her room.
She is such a nice lady, she gave me a suite.
I wore it.
‘ I knw it fits u, as I remember my son wn I see u in this attire,’ she said having tears in her eyes.
I held her hands n consoled her.
‘Thankq’ I said.

End of kunj s pov.

Precap: Party at twinkles place n later kunj takes her to low cls party.

How about a kiss??? Thr
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  1. Sohi

    Hey the episode was nice one question before quitting tu are you ending this ff

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  5. Hey Rosh,
    epi toh blast tha too gud.N what u r quiting TU but why?Can I know the reason.Pls yaar don’t quit TU.Ur titanic love story concepts too gud yaar.Missing the talk of luv n fate coz whenever their talk take place a new janaam takes place with a intresting plot.Pls don’t quit TU, pls continue ur ff.

    Lots of luv,

  6. Supriya18d

    Hey Rosh y r u leaving TU….aisa mat kr yr…hmara kya hoga socha h kbhi…BTW epi was cute nice

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