Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 36)


Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changed is made according to my fiction.

Chapter -36:
Kunj s pov:
Today is the best day of my life as finally I am going to US, my dream is coming true finally.
I and aman with our luggage reached the place n rushed inside the ship. I just threw my luggage on my bed n ran to the end of ship waiting for her (ship) departure.

I was standing near the railing n i was having a final look at England.
‘Finally…’ I sighed n took out my cigar n lit it. I was enjoying my mrng puff.
Near the dockyard I could see many ppl rushing into ship, many ppl biding bye fr thr dear ones with kisses. I covered my self with my brown coat n was enjoying the romantic departure.

I wish I could had one like that.
Suddenly I noticed a big royal car, a man came out of the car n opened the back door n stretched his arm, a beautiful girl came out of the car.

‘Oh my God, the expensive one,’ I muttered.
She was so beautiful that at the moment I felt like romeo n she is gonna be my Juliet.
With a white long frock she came out of the car, she was carrying a feel of sadness in her eyes still faked a smile on her face.

‘She is so beautiful with a fake smile, what if she smiles heart fully, may be my heart will break,’ I thought.

At that time aman came to me, he saw me glaring at her.
‘Enough bro, u knw who are they’?
He asked
I nodded in no.
‘That man is Naman, the most eligible bachelor of this city n the richest ever, she is the girl whom he gonna marry,’ He explained
All the time I was just looking at her with my gracefull eyes.


Near the dockyard
That girls pov:
Thousand of thoughts running in my mind, everything is questioning me, I am nt having answer fr any question, even the question is nt clear. If I feel like why am I marrying Naman? ? This doesn’t seem like a question fr me it’s just my fate as I dnt hv any choice, I knw what’s wrong in my life, aftr my dad s death. Now I am leaving my country too.

‘Twinkle, come lets go’ Naman told me putting his hand on my shoulder.
I came out of my thoughts
‘What’s big thing about titanic?’ I asked him with disgusting face.
‘Oh she is so beautiful, just like u’ he replied me,’ Its difficult to satisfy ur daughter, he added facing my mom.
My mom just let out a faint laugh.His answer made me to sigh that’s it.

As we moved on, my mom came to me n gave her lecture again.
‘ see, behave ur self, u gonna marry him soon, u knw nting is left fr us aftr ur dad s death, e xcept those debts, dnt try to break this alliance. Understand twinkle,’ she said with angry eyes.

My fake smile also vanished still I tried to maintain it as we were in the ship n everyone were looking at us.
I just left the place as I couldn’t take all these things anymore.


Finally she set out on her journey, there was a huge noise of the ship as it was abt to leave. Everyone on the ship had many dreams n intentions, n here
“The Titanic journey began”


Precap: u knw guys twinj meet. As twinkle tries to suicide.

Hope you are enjoying it…all critics r welcomed.
I couldn’t post regularly as I told my exams r going on till dec 1st. If I get time I will post…

Bye lovely ppl

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  1. Baby

    roshu my rockstar didu…..kya episode tha loved it to core as i tld u titanic toh mene dekhi nhi nahi padi hai soo m gonna fully enjoy dis stry…osm di srsly luvd dis episode n w8ing eagerly fo nxt epsiode love u sis………. 😀

  2. Wow amazinggg.. loved it.. poor twinkle os forced to marry even when she doesnt want to.. precap is exciting.. twinj meet?? kunj will save twinkle from committing suicide just like how jack had saved rose.. I’m loving this titanic story in twinj version.. do cont soon ❤❤

  3. Ramya

    Awesome roshini loved it in next episode twinj meet
    Can’t wait pldsss asap
    N all the best fr ur exams
    Loved it

  4. Hey there
    I’m a silent reader.I’m loving this twinj journey in Titanic version.As I’ve watched Titanic so have a little idea that what’s gonna happen next but I’m curious to know that in Roshini’s style. You always come up with something new like this.
    Keep writing.Love ya..

  5. Mindblowing episode roshni waiting for twinj meet

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  7. Chiku

    Woahhhh it’s amazing ????lovely
    All the best for ur exams????????
    Post next soon
    Lots of love?

  8. SidMin

    Loved it too good and Twinj meet 🙂 So excited but twinkle suicide Is a bit scary Post soon 🙂

  9. Sorry for late cmnt and epi was lovely and excited for nxt try to post nxt asap

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