Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 34)

Chapter 34:

Kunj went to sleep as it was too late.
(As u remember kunj was thinking about uv n thought uv should hv
done like that, he remembered twinkles last days…if u ppl don’t remember once read epi 32)

In few days they travelled to Italy to stop the consequences of war. While travelling many of the soldiers died. As they were attacked by the Hitler s army ( germans).

Place: on the frontiers of Germany ,1943.
It’s the time of world war.
All l the soldiers of the army had stayed in a home where they were helped by some of the English ppl who stayed in Germany. ( as army consisted of Americans, Russians,Indians, Britain people)

(sry I knw many ppl over here hate history I can’t help it’s a part of story)

At night, food was being served by that family to the soldiers troop. A small girl came to kunj n handed him a plate of dishes
Kunj smiled at her he took the plate and kept it aside he made the kid to sit in his lap n kissed her on cheek.

K:what’s ur name?
Girl:hmmm…I will be thr up in the sky…
K:hmm star…
K:bt u ddint tell me ur name

She said that n ran away from his lap. Kunj smiled at the kid as he had tears in his eyes. Uv was seeing all this n he too felt bad.

That night the army decided to stay in that house but sme how germans came to knw abt that info n they attacked that house late in the night.

All the soldiers were sleeping as next day they wanted to leave. Kunj was standing in the balcony of the house n was seeing the twinkling stars. As suddenly he noticed some germans with swastik flag heading toward the place wr thy stayed. Kunj understood that they r supposed to be attacked.
He immediately ran to uv who was asleep. He made him to wake up.

K:sir, germans are attacking us, we need to protect this family n should move out.
Uv who heard that came out of his sleep he immediately passed orders n made the soldiers alert.

The Germans attacked the house n started firing without any mercy.
All the soldiers also started doing n only shootings were heard fr several minutes.

Uv made everyone to move out of ten house so that they can escape n save life of the innocent ppl.
As everyone came out they heard a women.
‘Oh, my baby she is still inside, s he didn’t came out’

Kunj without any thought ran into the house where the Germans were searching n killing all the ppl who could thy see.
Kunj somehow made his way n found the girl twinkle in the one of the room . He immediately hugged her n as he was about to move out he heard Sme1 cming into the room. Immediately kunj ran to balcony n threw twinkle from the balcony as uv catches the girl below. As kunj was about to jump he was shot by a German.

Uv was shocked to see that.
As kunj landed on the floor he was shot n was half conscious. Uv rushed to him.

Uv: kunj wake up….wake up
K:(feeling hard to talk)Uv. …I am sry….fr…all …I. ..did….I love …twinkle…. a…lott…
Army head:we can’t do anything let’s leave.
Uv woke up n was about to go he turned to kunj
Uv:i am sry uv
Saying this he saluted to kunj n left.

Kunj s pov:
I hope now I can meet my love. U knw twinkle uv saluted me, he accepted me. Our love is true.

As I closed my eyes I saw my twinkle and with her memories I took my last breathe.


Precap: get ready for janam 4 with new love story of twinj in anything different way..


Guys i am feeling like u ppl r nt liking I so I am planning to quit it. Comments r too low, what can I expect. I think I am nt a gud writer so that I am unable to entertain u.
I will go with this ff nly of i get double digit cmnt fr this epi. ..

Bye ppl

With love
Roshini rockstar

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  1. Chiku

    Oyee who said u r not a good writer. Thats not fair ok. Dont say this.
    Ill become angry.
    U r awesome
    Loved it
    Olz oost next soon

  2. Srija

    amazing update ?????????
    felt very bad that kunj died
    & never say that u don’t write good
    as u r a very very good writer
    continue soon

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous…..aur esa sochna bhi mt k hume ff accha ni lgta h…infact bhot accha lgta h….different concept h….

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous…..aur esa sochna bhi mt k hume ff accha ni lgta h…infact bhot accha lgta h….different concept h…….plzz don’t quit it….

  5. Hey it was fabulous awesome episode……
    pls don’t be sad on less comments pls post next asap

  6. Hey Roshini! You are an amazing writer dear.. n ur ff is totally a new concept n I love it.. Plz don’t quit it.. loved today’s epi as well.. kunj died??.. waiting for the next ?

  7. Sayeeda

    Plzzzzzz Rosh don’t get dishearten yrrr ….u r amazing writer…..I really love your writing skills…
    Since Long time I wasn’t commenting but now u will find my comments on ur episode if in case in u don’t find it then I’m sorry in advance…..

    Awesome… Amazing episode yrr….. looking forward to next one….

    Nd yah one request if u r having time then plzzzzzz do come up with the second season of ur first ff … Love ya fate….. plzzzzzz that ff was my most fav one….. plzzzzzz do come up…. the time u ended it I was really very sad but I was a silent reader at that time so I couldn’t do anything…. but now I can request you to start it again….

    Love you yrr????

  8. Paavu

    w8ing fr nxt janam eagerly

  9. Ramya

    Roshini hw can u do dis hw can u stop dear I’m very big fan of urs so plssssb don’t do dis episode was awesome plssss do cont

  10. Ramya

    Roshini hw can u do dis hw can u stop dear I’m very big fan of urs so plssssb don’t do dis episode was awesome plssss do cont and don’t stop dear

  11. Mind blowing epi rosh…

  12. Nice episode but at least in next janam unite twinj and plz don’t end it and ur a good writer

  13. Awesome epi

  14. Roshni i was a silent reader i never comment on ur ff but ihave read ir full ff and plzzzzz post nxt asap and luvd it their 3 janam was amazing excited for 4 janam plz post nxt asap

  15. SidMin

    Loved the episode and how dare you di ? How dare you call your ff boring ? I love it to the core it’s one of my favourites 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Jannam 4 🙂
    sorry for the late 🙂 Exams and all 🙂

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