Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 33)

Chapter 33:
Kunj was fine,he get discharged from the hospital as soon as he was done with it he rushed to twinkles place. But kunj was not allowed inside, kunj shouted,weeped for twinkle but couldn’t find her.
He came back home n was thinking about his lovely time with his lady love twinkle.

Kunj s pov:
I couldn’t find twinkle, is she fine? After so many days also she didn’t try to meet me. Hope she is well…god plz dnt harm her. Keep her fine…

As I was struck in my thoughts I heard a knock on my door. I rushed to open the door with an anticipation of twinkles arrival. But to my utter shock it was her mother.

L:can I come in???
K: yes ma plz…
Leela comes inside. Kunj was confused as she was nt allowed to low caste ppl s house as per the rules of the customs.
K:maa…hw is twinkle, is she fine?
Leela turned towards kunj. His eyes were expecting answer. She could find love for her daughter.
Leela cried slowly,kunj was tensed seeing tears in leela s eyes.
K:maa…what happened??twinkle is fine na…Maa
L: i am here to tell that nly puttar…..
She wiped her tears n took a breath n spoke
L: ur twinkle is no more kunj…

As soon as those words hit his ears he went blank..he was unable to understand wt she told….

K:maa wt ru telling???
I couldn’t understand

Leela tells him what all happened when kunj was in hospital how twinkle rebelled against her father hw he got enraged and killed twinkle. She told about twinkles last words….ns cried

Kunj was shattered listening all this. His felt like he was stabbed with knives in his heart. The pain was unbareable.
Leela tried to console kunj but couldn’t , without any choice she left the place as it was nt good fr her to stay fr a longtime in kunj’s house.

Kunj s pov:

Twinkle how could u do this to me, y didn’t u think of me for a second, y u left meme alone here. I know u can’t live without me that to alone. I know that plz come back to me. I can’t live without you. What will I do without u.

He was crying hard n could nt take the fact of twinkle s death

Suddenly I remembered something, i wiped off my tears. I know what to do twinkle. I love u forever n ever. This life is for you if not for u then for this country. I will fight for my love untill this society gets rid of all social evils. I promise about this.

End of pov
After that kunj joined army and was working thr like an lifeless soul. He used to share all his things in dairy and every second he loved twinkle.

When the second world war was called out after many years he met uv in the camp.

(As I mentioned it was world war 2 time hope u remember )


PRECAP: the end of janam 3

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