Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 32)

Chapter 32: past revelation

That day when kunj was shot n he was hurried time hospital by twinkle alone with the help of her mom. RT was shocked by his act where as uv was confused by the act, he didn’t knew what to do.

Twinkle was in hospital n was praying to god to save kunj. While the doc came out
Doc: twinkle beta
T:doc how s he?? ,fine na

She was crying vigorously n her eyes were swelled.
Doc: I can’t tell anything till tmrw as he is under observation, the bullet hit his heart n the blood loss is also too much. We hv to wait till tmrw,as the bullet is removed he is still in serious condition hope u understand

Listening to that twinkle shattered in that palace itself she was crying hard. Leela came to her n took twinkle in her embrace n consoled her.

L:dnt wry puttar he will be fine
T: it …..was…. all coz…. of ….me, to…. save me,…. he killed….. himself….(crying hard)maa he will be fine….na…I can’t live without him.

Saying this twinkle ran out of the hospital, leela sat thr tensed.
Twinkle came home.

Place: taneja mansion
T:(shouted) bhai….
Uv came out n was tensed at her behavior and RT also came out
T:coz of u my kunj is going to die, he is in critical condition, how can u do this to me??
U:twinkle listen
T:bass bhai, y should I listen to u always nw u listen

RT was furious by her behavior n she came towards twinkle n slapped her hard

Twinkle fell on the floor uv was shocked.

Whole situation was out of controll no one had idea abt wts going on thr. Twinkle woke up n was furious enough on her family more over frustrated by sucking rituals n differences btwn ppl.
Dnt knw hw was twinkles mind set she took a knife n went to stab her own father as she felt the condition of kunj is due to her father n his restrictions.

Uv was shocked by her behavior n as a reflex to save his father uv shot twinkle.

Uv s pov :

Ohh my God what I did…I killed my own sister, I killed her.
I dropped the gun n rushed towards her.
I am sorry , was the first words that came out of my mouth
I was full of tears but to my surprise my little sister had a broad smile on her face. I was puzzled at the same time.she wanted to say something.

End of uv s pov.

T: bhai ….I …know u ….would do this. ..c… co..Coz… I am the…. sole…. reason… fr…ku….. kunj’s condition….. now. I..I. … can’t live ….without…. him, so …I wished…. to die befr ….him as I can’t ….see ….kunj meeting… the….d… death.

T:bhai…. plz …plz…dnt hate….. kunj….h …e is… really a …nice guy …. h.. e respects …u a lottt….

Uv just nodded as twinkle smiled at him n closed her eyes.

Precap: what happened to kunj after twinkles death

Guys i need comments to continue as this is my exam time still I am writting means I wish u ppl could support me

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    What’s this roshugulla …… twinkle’sneezes death … yeh kya yaar.. so much of suspense post next one soon my darlo eagerly waiting for it ….. ???

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    awesome amazing fabulous emotional sad epi…..

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    Amazing…. awesome episode yrrrr…… it’s really very very good…. Though it was a sad one but I loved it …..
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    Roshini rula diya Kya is janam Mai bhi twinj nhi milenge bt episode was awesome loved it n love u n it’s heart touching dear

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  7. It was a nice episode

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  9. SidMin

    Loved the episode it was so emotional I have a doubt Is Twinkle really dead 🙁 Bechara Kunj I want to really know what will happen to him after he gets to know that Twinkle is dead 🙂 Post soon 🙂 sorry for the late comment 🙂 I had my exams today had a break so decided to read and comment 🙂 Love you 🙂

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