Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 31)

Kunj stood up n ran towards twinkle but befr any1 could guess what had happen, the situation was out of control n the tragedy awaited.
Twinkle closed her eyes n when she opened it she saw kunj infront of her with a bullet shot. Kunj came in between n he was shot.

All family members were shocked. Twinkle cried a lott n sme hw she managed to get kunj to hospital.
Kunj was half conscious n tried to speak bt couldn’t. He was admitted in hospital.

***flashback ends****
(Hope u remember kunj was remembering all this in his army campaign)

Kunj s pov:
That was the last time I saw u twinkle, after that I couldn’t see u as u left me fr ever n ever. I knw u love me a lot u shouldn’t hv proved it as I knew it.

Kunj had tears in his eyes. He wiped them off when he saw uv coming towards the camp. He kept his dairy aside n went to the dinner spot where the food packets were being distributed.

All soldiers got their food packets n were having them.
While eating kunj coughed n uv handed him a water bottle, kunj looked up at him n took the bottle n drank water.after drinking he gave it back to him.

K: the person who killed my soul is serving me water….hahah….hmmm ridiculous
U:what ever Mr. Kunj but u remember i also lost my sister
K:u didn’t lost her by the way u killed her, u itself killed her.
U:(giving out a faint laugh)the reason was u itself.
K:that’s bt the way to show out ur anger.
U:coz u entered in our life n made it a hell
K:do u think so??

There was a silence for few seconds while uv didn’t answer anything n left the place.

K:(himself) I knw u can’t answer me as u r in guilt I could see that guilty in ur eyes. A guilt fr loosing ur twinkle n making me stand here like this.

As usual kunj went back n opened his dairy to write a letter to his love twinkle.


To dear love

Today for the first time uv talked to me, I could feel smething bothering him from inside. I could sense the guilt fr making us apart more over he loves u a lott, he is dieing every minute fr his silly mistake that day. He is still suffering.

##€ While he was writting the letter uv entered kunj’s tent with an excuse.
U:this is war time so u must e cautious every moment, anything may happen at any time, we heard that Germans are ready to attack us,we should be aware enough, u should go to the camp border right now
K: yes captain
Kunj replied.

While uv left €##

Kunj continues with his letter

Uv came n ordered me to go to camp border fr security reasons I am going now, love u my love.

Urs always loving

He finished his letter closed it n rushed to the place.
Kunj’s pov:
What ever may be the reason u should nt hv done that on that day uv, if u thought fr a second on that day, I would nt hv stood here alone in this chilling winter camp for this war. The days were different in past 1 year.

Precap:revelation of past


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  1. Aamu

    hey rosh…Aamu here..if u remember me…!
    actually i had not read in btwn so i m cnfused can u giv summary so dat it will b easy for me…!
    pls i done have much time to read all epi…
    anyways dis was awesome

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