Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 30)

When the room doors shot opened they came out of their lovely kissing world. It was twinkles mom.
Twinj were shocked to hell.

L: puttar! !!(equally shocked)
T:maa…I love kunj a lott he is so nice plz listen to me
Leela looks at kunj.
Kunj bows down his head as a respect to her
L:but…he is nt upto our level…..
T:maa. Plz stop all these non sense he is also human that’s it moreover a guy that’s enough fr me to love him, y all those stupid casteism..

Whilst twinkle was talking RT entered as twinkle kept quite.

R:(loud with anger)for u it’s enough bt fr us it’s not, we see all status,caste to make up a relationship. U r the Princess of this Kingdom n being that u loved a low caste guy. How can u do this. ..shame on ur self, u r the biggest sin of this family n prestige
T: papa plz dnt talk like that abt kunj…I love him

The day was too bad fr twinj as uv also came thr listening to the shouts,as he saw kunj his anger went out of controll.

U:what the hell r u doing here???
Uv shouted.
Twinkle tried talking but couldn’t help infront of uv s anger.
Uv came n tried to beat kunj while twinkle came in between. Uv stopped fr a while.

T:no bhai once listen to me
U:(angrily)I said move twinkle
L: puttar once u listen to her
U:maa plz stay out of this matter, ur daughter is out of controll that she did this stunt of loving a low class guy .
T: uv stop it, enough of this. U hv no right to talk abt my kunj
K:uv plz listen to me once
U:u bas**rd….hw dare u love my sister

Uv punched on kunj’s face.

T:bhai. ..
She ran to kunj n held him
T:i said no, can’t u understand, y ru behaving like an insane, he is also a human these caste n all is just a trash. Can’t u se how much I love him n even he tooo….

A loud voice was heard from behind when twinkle was arguing with uv. They all were shocked n turned to see RT with gun in his hand n the barrel was towards twinkle.

R:u hv no more rights to live, better u die.
He shot the bullet.

Kunj stood up n ran towards twinkle but befr any1 could guess what had happen, the situation was out of control n the tragedy was awaited.


Hope u all like it…do comment n share ur views within one or two chapters this janam gonna end n i am coming up with one more new idea,I am promise u ppl will love it..

Roshini rockstar

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