Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 27)

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Chapter 27:

Place: frontiers of Germany
War series

At night kunj is seen sitting near a fire camp and is busy writting letter to his love.

To my love twinkle,

I am fine here, hope u r also fine .
I am waiting to see u, hope this war finishes as soon as possible so I can meet u, I can be with u.
Today we are done with equipments and tnrw we r leaving to Italy fr the peace from them as u knw they r tooo brutal in killing people these days. If they won’t agree, war will be declared.
And today I met uv, after a longtime still I could see anger in his eyes. He is my general now. Hope everything will be fine btwn me n uv.

With loads of love
UR kunj.


As he finished writting the letter he closed it n as he saw uv cming towards him. Kunj stood up n saluted.

U: tmrw we r supposed to leave, be ready
K: yes sir (in a firm voice)

Uv said this n was abt to leave as kunj called him
K: uv..
Uv turned with a jerk n held kunj s collar
U: dare u call me, u cheat. U r a cheater, u cheated me coz of u I lost my twinkle

Saying this uv pushed kunj n left the place.

K: I am nt at fault uv….

He slowly murmered.
He went into flashback


Twinj became lovers n they started loving eo like hell, they were head over heels in love n lived fr eo.
Thr exams finished n they were coming back to thr village.

Place: ghorakpur railway station

Twinkle n kunj both came out of the train from different doors of a single coach.

Kunj smiled at twinkle n stepped off from the train.
Uv was waiting fr twinkle thr.
Twinkle comes to uv n salutes him
T: hw ru soldier??
Uv smiles n carases her hair.
U: bilkul perfect my princess
She hugs him.
Kunj saw them together n moves towards yuvle.

Twinkle noticed kunj coming towards them she got little tensed.

Precap: kunj will be beaten black n blue by uv.

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