Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 26 by ROSH


Chapter 26:

Kunj is in army now he is remembering all his life.

We did a salute n dispersed.
I joined army as I had no choice to live i wanted to dedicate this life to my love n to this country as she wished.


Twinkle saw kunj in her college n waves at him, he smiles. she comes to him and starts talking to him.

zindagi ne ki hain kaisi saazishein
poori hui dil ki wo farmaishein
maangi duaa ek tujh tak jaa pahunchi
parvardigara, parvardigara
kaisi suni tune meri khaamoshi
o parvardigara
(what kind of conspiracies life has done,
that the demands of the heart are met..
a wish I made reached you,
O God, O my Lord..
how did you listen to my silence,
O my lord..)

Twinkle n kunj are sitting in canteen n are seen engroced in thr talks while kunj is eyeing twinkle lovingly.

ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb
ye fitoor mera rehmat teri
ye fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb
ye fitoor mera chaahat teri
o parvardigara, parvardigara
(this madness of mine has brought me close to you.
this obsession of mine is your mercy..
this madness of mine, that I have changed my luck,
this obsession of mine, your love..
O my God..)

Twinkle n kunj are roaming all around the Bombay. Enjoying themselves.
Evening walks in juhu beach chatting.

dheeme dheeme jal rahi thi khwaishein
dil mein dabi, ghuT rahi farmaaishein
banke dhuaan wo
tujh tak jaa pahunchi, parvardigara..
deewangi ki hadd maine nochi o parvardigara
(slowly, the wishes were burning,
and my demands(desires ) were getting choked in my heart.
they became smoke, and reached you, O my Lord..
I pinched the peak of madness, O my Lord..)

At college library twinkle is busy reading book where as kunj is seeing her nly. Twinkle looks up n kunj bends his head all of a sudden twinkle smiles at his act n again reads her book.
After a while she comes to him n sits opposite to him.

(These lines r perfect to express what’s love is, i love them so I took it from a film, it shows a difference bw love n liking)

T: kunj do u like me?
K: not like, I love u princess.
T: what’s the difference?
Twinkle asked throwing her hands in air.
K:think of a beautiful rose plant, if we like it we will cut that rose but if we love it we will put water for that plant.

Twinkle was happy to hear that. She gave out her million dollar smile.

Bg song:
ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb
ye fitoor mera rehmat teri
ye fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb
ye fitoor mera chahat teri
o parvardigaara, parvardigara

●●Flashback ends●●

Kunj had a tears in eyes thinking of it.
Kunj s pov:
The best thing I ever did was, loving u twinkle. After u came into my life I got all the happiness of the world but u r tooo lovely than me that even after leaving me u still made me to live happy.
I know this is called LOVE.

precap: reason of twinj separation to be revealed.

Hope u all liked, sry frndss I am nt feeling well so couldn’t post ff.

Thanks fr all ur support n love.
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