Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 23 by ROSH


Chapter 23:

Place:some massive rock in middle of sea.

Lovely couple is busy chatting n romancing.

T:but kunj u r a man
K:that’s y I fall fr u
T:but I am mermaid
K:ohh how boring u r…just nw we bcame one u r thinking of differences btwn us.
K:u knw the best thing is to hear my name frm u, bt u knw u taste vry well.
Twinkle bowed down in shyness
(See in my ff mermaids can blushing n feel shy…wohhhhh rosh u r really great…lolzz zyaada hogiya na kk back to story)

As it started raining blessing the new love birds. But it don’t seem like that.
K:I said smething twinkle
Twinkle came to know what kunj stated she tried changing the topic
T:ohh it’s raining,what we will do nw?
K:let it rain my love as I knw wt to do I wish that u should also knw.

By saying this kunj leaned to her n kissed her lips,rain made her look hot n her wet lips attracted him faster than magnet.
He slowly took the initiative towards her lower lip n sucked it while twinkle was playing with his upper lip,her hands were running in his hair while kunj s hands were busy pressing her waistline.
Slowly kunj put his tongue into her mouth n thy both started playing with thr tongues.

As the question arise wrs nemo? Guys she is small enough to see all such things so she left the place earlier nly.

(Back to romance nw, guys i knw its wierd that a man is romancing with a mermaid but all I wanna show here is the expression of love,as we know romance n coupling are all the expressions of love,excuse me fr such idiotic ides)
It was raining all the time while kunj slowly put his hand on her bre*st, twinkle backed off fr a second. Kunj felt little bad.
K:hey I am sry
Twinkle was silent
K:I am sry I mean it,I was just in a flow
T:noo kunj nt that ru able to see the climate is changing wildly.

Kunj looked around to see it was all dark n rain was getting heavier,ocean was in rage it was full of thunderstorms. No one had a belief to live if thy r struck thr.

K:if u r with me hw can I sense things(playfully)
T:dnt be funny I am scared
K:y ru scared if I am here
(He said holding her chin)
U love me right?
T:to the sky
K:do u mind of death then?
T:no kunj I can give my life to u
K:then be with me at this second that’s more than enough fr me.
Twinkle smiled n slept on his shoulder. Kunj leaned back on the rock n twinkle slept on his chest holding him tight.

They both were aware that it was thr last night,still they were engrossed in love that they didn’t had a fear fr life.

Slowly twinkle put her hand on kunj s face n started lining it with her finger,his eyes n his lips his abs,his waist line.
Kunj held her chin n made to see him slowly kissed her eyes,nose, finally lips. They both were pulling eo towards them n was kissing eo full of love n passion.

Before a minute can wind up thr was a big cyclone n a wave rose to the sky n dragged away the lovely couple into its stomach. The lovely couple was buried in water itself.

Precap:talk between miss love, me n Mr fate.


Hope u all liked it Plz share ur views I have already told that it’s the story of Sath janmon kha pyaar ya rab kha Khel just I changed the title it’s the same story line.

Plz share ur views I feel bad with less cmnts

Roshini rockstar

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  1. Roshini
    Sad ending dear
    Wt will happen nextasap

  2. Supriya18d

    Feeling bad for TwiNj…but u nailed it dear….tm cmnts ki tension maat kro I promise u I will always cmnt in ur ff cuz u desrve it….

  3. Sameera

    Wow yaar rosh awesome

  4. Baby

    wow roshini di amazing beautiful luvd it so dey r dead is it
    i luvd it 2 d eternity amazing di wow……..
    beautiful stry so cute post nxt soon cant w8 abhi toh 5 janam or baki hain
    hahhaa di amazing romantic n adorable i was laughing in btween bt wowowwowowww
    di i luvd it soooooo mch………..luv u di post soon……….. 😀

  5. SidMin

    Wow Loved the romance and Post soon can’t wait for Love,Fate and your talks 🙂

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing cute emotional shocking epi….fr se dono alg ho hye….:-(

  7. Awesomee.. i loved their lovely moments.. hmm their 2nd janam ended n now 3rd one will start right?.. do cont soon ?

  8. Chiku

    Woww it’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????
    Post the nextt one soon

  9. Ayu

    Rosh kya yaar? Ek epi mein itna saara pyaar aur iss mein sad ending?
    But i wanna know what will happen next!! I am sooo esctatic!!! I can sense some amazing thing gearing up!!! Keep it up dear!!!

  10. roshu…really loved ur concept…
    i only heard abt 7 births….bt u showed it in ur ff…
    thanks a lot…really it was so swt twinj r made 4 eo…n they die also in their embrace…?
    eager 4 next birth..
    loads of love❤??????

  11. Awesome……

  12. Awesome….:*:*:*

  13. Romaisha

    Heyy awesome episode today!!
    Wondering what happened to our love birds.. 🙂
    Love you!

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