Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 22 by ROSH


Chapter 22:

Place: Atlantic oceans
They moved from longtime n finally aftr many hours kunj could see the shore,he was sooo happy that he is back home, in excitement he cheered a lot…!!
Twinkle saw him happy, she was happy fr him but nt for herself as he gonna leave her. She maintaining her smile spoke,

T:kunj from here u can go, I can’t come thr as it’s problematic fr me.
K: ohhhhh. Ya it’s k I will go frm here n thanks fr everything, I am happy to have a frnd like u.
T:(in mind she thinks only frnd na kunj)me tooo

He forwarded his hand n twinkle too gave a handshake to bid a bye.
Kunj moved on….!!!

The climate over the sea was getting wilder as it was getting dark,again the black clouds were forming.

Twinkles pov:
I am happy kunj as I never thought of meeting u again when I lost u at island but God made us meet again, I got u back I was able to save my love it’s more than enough fr me, I had a memorable time with u, it’s enough fr a species like me to spend sme quality time with a guy whom I love. I wish it last fr ever but I know we can’t be one as we are alike. I know I won’t be able to meet u….(she had tears in eyes)but….nw I am satisfied I am ready to die as I got the biggest happiness of spending time with u. I love u kunj fr ever n ever.

Kunj s pov:

Ohh…y I am feeling wierd,why my heart is stopping me to move further, what’s wrong with me. I turned back as I felt those beautiful eyes poking at my back, as I saw her in tears my heart broke fr a second, her eyes told me sme feelings which my eyes also wanted n my heart expressed. I was confused at a moment I closed my eyes tightly all I was able to see was darkness like me life, I spent all my life in voyages bt it led me to her, yaa it’s my love it’s….I could see her….clear face with lovely eyes….ya….it’s twinkle.
I opened my eyes with one bang as I got to knw it’s twinkle whom I loved. My brain said me that hw can I love her in short span as I met her few hours ago. But my heart answered it like sme bond is thr btwn us which is taking me towards her.ya true smething is thr btwn us orelse y she would hv saved me.

I decided to take the heart s path n I immediately jumped into water n made my way towards her.

Kunj s pov ends.

Twinkle was full of tears n was confused by kunj s behaviour.
Kunj went to her.

T:Why u came back? See climate is getting bad u hv to reach shore before its late or storms may create prblm again.
K: Why r u crying?
Twinkle was surprised by his question.
T:kunj u leave, I said even I want to go back as if storms cme I can’t reach home,I will get struck n i may di (die)

B4 twinkle could complete kunj placed his finger on her lips.
(Remember guys all the time they were in water only)
K:what am I asking? And what ru telling? I asked y ru crying? N u remember never dare to talk abt death.
T:but.. kunj…
K:I knw y ru crying, ru feeling the same as I am feeling?
Kunj asked waiting eagerly fr her reply.
T:kunj, u knw that we r unlike things we both..can’t. ..
K:shhhh…(softly he said moving towards her) I asked ru feeling the same like me?
T:hmmmm… (she slowly nodded)
I love u.

As she said that kunj left her hand n dragged her by her waist n smashed his lips against her. Twinkle who was shocked initially, was lost in his love n gave in. She liked it in fact they both loved thr lip lock full of love n passion.
It last fr few seconds.

K:I love u tooo twinkle
They were the first words came out frm kunj aftr the kiss.

Precap: the tragedy unfolds..
(Romance kam hogiya naa dnt wry little romance is left in next part).


Sry guys fr creating tragedy again it’s a part of the story hope I will like it dnt scold me plz be patient n carry on with story.

One more fr u…

Roshini rockstar

Plz do cmnt

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