Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 21 by ROSH

Chapter 21:
Twinkle smiled at kunj as he touched her tail. Kunj was feeling new. He took back his hand in awkardness.
T:thats fine
K:I am really shocked to see u…like… I never saw u, not me any 1 of this world won’t be able to see u, I know that.but…me…Oh. ..god I am really lucky to meet u.
Kunj was soo excited that he was just speaking n twinkle was just hmmmmming at his babyNess.
After a while kunj came to know that he was talking without break..
He saw twinkle looking at him with a smile.
K:ohh.sry I am talking too much,in excitement I am doing so…u know.
Twinkle just gave a smile.
K:are u fine? Since longtime u r just smiling at me not at all talking.
T:no…I am just….like u look nice while talking.
Kunj heart beat had a rhythm listening to her voice n her words fr him.
He sat beside her n was completly examining her as she is a mermaid. He continued with lots of questions. Twinkle with patience answered him.

K:so wr do u live? Obviously I know in water bt we have address of our homes u knw…so like dat.
T:its a secret kunj I can’t tell u, it may harm my species.
K:oh…ya I am a human right. What ever may change but the distance btwn us as a different species won’t get erased na.. !!

There was a silence fr few fraction of seconds.
Kunj thought y he told those words as what matters to him if she is not his species. Am I having feelings fr her??
Twinkle sensed some feelings fr her in kunj she was happy fr that but didn’t showed she just gave a bright smile fr him.

K:so….hmmm…thankq fr saving me.
T:thats ok.
K:but I need a help frm u again?
T:like what??
K:I need to go back to my place only u can help me
T:OK I will make u reach ur place give me sme time.

She searched fr nemo.kunj observed that
K:heyyyyy u also knw magic like u will make a boat here itself
T:ohh…no no.i am searching fr my frnd
K:oh u also have frnd, call her na, is she beautiful? (With flirty style)
T:(smiled)ya very much.
K:then call naa.
T:nemo….wr ru?

As nemo heard her she came out near twinj as twinkle started laughing at kunj s sad face as he saw nemo instead of othr mermaid.

K:ohh…ya…smewt this fish is beautiful
T:she is nemo
K:ohh hi nemo
Nemo jumped up in air n waved it’s tail, twinkle signed smething to nemo so she left.
K:bt ur frnd is nt beautiful as u!!!
Kunj said n twinkle was on cloud nine to hear that frm the most handsome guy that to whom she love to the atmost.
She said taking her curls behind her ears.
Kunj saw her n had a bright smile.

He then went n started making a plank out of wood in island even twinkle n nemo helped him. Finally kunj made it n he sat on it n rowed it as twinkle n nemo followed him.

Precap:twinj confrontation ie proposal


Hope u all liking it bt the thing is I am nt getting proper response is it nice or nt I am unable to understand if u r nt liking plz let me knw I will stop it.

Roshini rockstar

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