Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 20 by ROSH


Thankq for such lovely cmnts but I am sry I couldn’t answer u all I love to do so but wt to do Sunday also clg….so I am sry for that tats y I am late, but I knw I will compensate with more chapters.

Chapter 2o:
Haa…But I didn’t gave particular description abt kunj s death in last janam. Sry. kunj is also reborn just like twinkle as she became a mermaid he is also reborn as a man.
So its jana 2 for both.
Hope confusions cleared. Go on happy reading.

Twinkle s pov:
As he stood infront of me with loads of amazement on his face,I could notice mixed emotions in his face firstly he was shocked to see me,then amazed I think many things were running in his mind like a thunderstorms. He looked towards nemo in water who was playing with me, at the very sight of his,even nemo ran away into water,leaving both of us alone thr. I don’t know what to speak as I couldn’t guess what’s running in his mind. I don’t know how he would react coz it’s my first time to face a human that to situation is too hard even I am little feared of him as he is a human he could harm me. I tooo was blank like him.

End of twinkles pov.

Kunj s pov:
As I stood infront of her I gazed at her beautiful face with tiny sparkling eyes n long hair, red lips with rosy cheeks. But as I noticed her ‘ooohh….god’ this was the first word that came out of my mouth after seeing her tail in water. I thought she was sitting at the bank of water but later I came to know she was meant only for water. I noticed a colourfully fish near her but it ran away into water at my very first sight towards it. I was blank I didn’t know what to speak.

End of kunj s pov.

It was a silence of LOVE but it won’t exist for longtime finally the words broke out.

Kunj: ha….mm mm. …hello. where am I?
He asked moving his hands in despair.
Twinkle was just blinking at him like a kid. As she was still amazed as he is talking with her. Kunj waved his hands infront oh her.
K:where am I?
K:are u a girl or fish?
Kunj asked doubtfully knowing nothing.

T:i am a mermaid
K:those like in a little mermaid fairy tales?
Twinkle was confused as she didn’t know what fairy tales are.
Kunj understood what she was thinking.
Kunj slowly bent on his knees n try to touch her tail which was flowing in water. Twinkle could feel that. Kunj looked up at her. She smiled at him.

Precap:some funny talks of twinj…kunj s endless questions n blossoming love.


Hope u all liked it, I know it’s short bt excuse frndss I am exhausted due to Sunday clg. I am a undergraduate student that to biotech genetics I need to struggle na. My sem gonna end this month next 2 months exams n 1 month holiday.

P.S: i couldn’t be regular as my exams r on its way, but all I request is support me. I try to upload regularly. Need comments to stand over here.

Roshini rockstar

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