Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 19 by ROSH


Chapter 19:
Place: Atlantic s isolated island.

A new morning for love, sun is very eager to show his harshness, clouds which suppressed sun yesterday are running away from eachother. It was a bright day full of hopes for the start of love n nature.

Slowly sun rays hugs a sculpted body of a guy who is sleeping with lovely face n tiny closed eyes. It’s our handsome hot kunj.
He slowly opens his eyes with a struggle, he rubs his eyes n holds his head which was tooo heavy. He tries to recollect what happened yesterday night.

Kunj s pov:
Ahhhh!!! Where I am? Yesterday thr was a storms right…..n…. I lost my ship even my dreams. But who saved me? How did I came here?

I closed my eyes n tried to remember, some unclear flashes I could see. As I was unconscious someone carried me here I could feel the touch even in between I saw….her…..Yes. . .her she seems tensed while treating me, her eyes were wet, had frowns on her head, lovely face… Yes she is the one who saved me.

I slapped my cheek to confirm whether I am dreaming…no i am not I am able to remember what happened as I fell into water she saved me n treated me n brought me here.
Where is she? I want to see her…but she is found nowhere.
I rotated my head faster than earth in all sides but couldn’t find anyone in this isolated island.

I woke up n started roaming around the island to find whether is anyone thr to help me to reach back.

At one corner I could notice some1 sitting near a rock, I moved that way to find who it is.
As I made my way towards the person my eyes opened widely,she was a girl with endless long curly hair. I guess she is the one who saved me, I happily ran towards her,as I stood infront her I was at the peaks of utter shock!!!!!
I was at the tips of amazement.

End of kunj s pov.


Precap:twinkles pov
no suspense guys one more for u….enjoy!!!! Love u all

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Roshni I think Kunj has seen Twinkle as a mermaid 🙂
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    Wow rosh awesome yaar
    Kunj pov amazing

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    Very interesting roshugulla!!!!!??
    Plzz post ur next one soon

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    Wait…i am still in admiration for this epi…lemme read the next…❤️

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  8. Wow kunj’s povs was amazing.. going for the next one 🙂

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    roshini di amazing fabulous or nxt 1 ll cmnt on nxt 1 sry i m late di bt beautiful………..

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