Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 17 by ROSH


Chapter 17:

Twinkle was left in darkness though she was happy abt kunj getting to know about her but she wasn’t satisfied as she knew that her love never gonna meet her aging n shown it’s beautiful colours fr her, she sobbed. Nemo was helpless.

Days passed……twinkle was unable to come out of kunj s thoughts she used to think of him the whole day holding the gift.

One day,it was a day when Sun was not in a mood to be harsh,the clouds were full combined everywhere it was dark,as the water from the sky wanted to meet water on the ground. It was a heavy rain literally speaking it was a storm in the Atlantic.
Full of rain,thundering storms, lightning everywhere it was horrible to see, it seemed like a wild attack of nature on earth.

A ship is seen struggling in the ocean as it was struck in the middle of the waters. The condition was terrible. Some sounds are heard.

Prathik:ohh god wt to do nw?(tensed)
Kunj came thr in a hurry taking life jackets.
K:go wear it. Leave right now
P:wt abt the remaining ppl
K:everyone r safe I managed them with life boats,they left. Only both of us left.
(Kunj said putting on life jacket to purvik)
P:wt abt u?come…with me
K: no I won’t. ..I was leave this is my dream I can’t leave it like this I know everything will be fine,if not I wanna die with my dream nly.
P:ru mad? Dnt be foolish come.
Purvik dragged him bt kunj didn’t moved.
K:I said leave… (aloud)if u r my frnd sware on our frndship n leave…
Saying this kunj pushed him as purvik with out any choice left as he knew that kunj was too stubborn.

Kunj tried saving his boat a lot,he struggled alone but couldn’t controll as he can’t do anything against nature naa…Finally the tragedy was awaiting….


The ship sank…kunj lost his balance n drowned in water.

Precap :twinkle gonna save kunj…a love restart

Hope u all liked it sry I am bit late thankqq fr ur support keep the love in air…do cmnt n share ur views.

Roshini rockstar

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    Loved the episode Roshni 🙂 I have seen the Next episode is posted so now going to read it 🙂 Love you 🙂

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    awesome amazing

  5. Amazing epii.. wow twinkle gonna meet now..

    1. Meet kunj **

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    ???i am digging into the next right now!!

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