Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 16 by ROSH

Chapter 16:

As kunj was leaving the island he had a smile that he was sure that he gonna see those beautiful eyes very soon…. he had a hope!!!!


So this story is being setup at the time when people were finding new sea routes. So here kunj is a sailor n our twinkle is a mermaid.
The connection thy had was water as he loved water voyage n twinkle s life is meant in water…..will they unite??

Let’s continue….Happy reading.


Kunj left.

Place: deep Atlantic’s
Twinkle is seen in a beautiful cave designed with corals n sea weeds. Nemo comes to her n notices twinkle to be sad.

Twinkle see nemo n speaks:
Fate is wierd na, see me, being a mermaid how can I love a human it’s against the nature law,it can’t happen but my feeling fr him is so strong I love him a lott at the very first sight I had a strong feelings fr him.
Once I would have met him atleast but I know it’s against my rules as laid my father I can’t do dat. If thy notices us we will be in trouble. I don’t think that he is harmful, nemo once I wanna see him.

Nemo signed her saying let’s go.
They both came out of the cave swimming n reached the island but fr her hard luck kunj had already left.
Seeing the whole island empty twinkle started weeping, she couldn’t controll herself as the very feeling fr her love which is lost made her mad at that movement.

Nemo noticed something n started signing twinkle but twinkle was least bothered of it as she was feeling completly low n was busy weeping.
Finally nemo succeeded in drawing twinkle s attention to that point where it noticed smething shiny. Twinkle rushed thr it means she crawled she can’t walk u knw that.
She saw a beautiful bracelet made if shells n designed it had a letter K on it. N a letter tagged to it, with a note:

Twinkle :
Ohh my God nemo did he notice us, I mean wt if he had seen me. See he left a gift fr me here…but… (thinking something)
…..he won’t return ever I know that he can’t meet me again I can’t get my love again. I have lost it fr ever n ever.

Twinkle eyes again started watering.Nemo who was seeing her helplessly took her back to deep sea.

Sry fr short epi as I didn’t know hw to continue further as I am having 2 options plz select.

1. Twinkle will get legs by magic n went to meet kunj n hides her reality n identity. Kunj also loves her.

2. Kunj will be struck in ship twinkle saves him n he came to knw abt her n starts frndship with her thy both used to meet regularly on shore.

Select any 1 guys to continue story as u say I will continue majority matters…..!!!!

Tq all thnks fr ur love plzz fill my fuel box with ur cmnts need fuel to run my mind.
Roshini rockstar
Love u all

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  1. Aamu

    first thing it was amazing…awesome…
    kunj gave a gift…aww so shweet..
    n i will chose 2 opt……….
    will b waiting…
    i hope ur feul box is filling now…….hehe

  2. Jiya_Ani

    Hey rosh.. Its was really cute and emotional.. I would say for 1 option as second would be much like ‘a little mermaid’..right..and Twinkle getting in as a humna would be quit fun to read as she doesn’t know about the human world.. So let’s see her struggle for love isn’t so easy… But if you give her legs then plz make them be on the ship only traveling around….????

  3. Heuy canu plz fo these boths coz both yhe options are amazing?………….please????

  4. Please go for option 1. Btw your ff is amazing

  5. Angita

    I go with option 2

  6. Lovely rosh……
    2nd one….

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi…..& about options…..dono hi bst h ……isley kisi ek ko choose krna is thoda difficult…..srry

  8. Romaisha

    Yaar seriously!!! Anyone of the options i dont mind… Bcz i love your story!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????
    Please post soon nah .. I wait eagerly for ur episodes everyday ?
    Love you yaar 🙂

  9. Baby

    ohhhhh god roshini di sprb
    i luvd it 2 d core……….
    i mean wowwwwww kunj left a gift fr twinkle soooooo sweet……..
    n u no i m really cnfsd btw d options soooooooo i wont b abl 2 choose bt if said den how about 1st nono 2nd nono 1st di luk i dont no bt i wuld luv bth d ideas human 1 is btr mayb bcz dey ll b able to unyt n also mermaid ll b lyk twinkle ke niche mermaid tail kunj legs i dont no di bt amazing bth r ur choice luvd it……….post nxt asap di……..

  10. SidMin

    Loved it and I wish Twinkle should get her legs and hide her truth from Kunj (You can write whatever your wish i both the ideas are good ) Do post the next episode soon 🙂

  11. Superb epi rosh.. Loved it… Nd u’r both of options are nice.. Bt i think u should go with the 1st one… Anyways plz post the next epi asap.. I’m waiting…

  12. Ayu

    Amazing epi!!! But i am damn confused what to choose….both are❤️
    I leave it to u cuz u’ll surely do a mind blowing job in both the cases?

  13. Awesome epi.. kunj gifting twinkle was soo sweet ❤ .. well, I loved both of the options.. it’s difficult for me to choose 1.. so I’m fine with any 🙂 do cont soon ?

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