Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 13 (a mermaid story a new love starts) by ROSH


Note:guys i am nt hqppy with ur respomse fr my story r u ppl liking it or not, i wamt to know feel free to share ur views n cmnt plzzz even silent readers ur one minute of time fr cmnting will encourage me a lott so plz do comment.

Damini ur story is awesome I am waiting do continue dear…lovely make it too romantic plzzz fr me

Get ready fr one more new love story…..Happy reading♡♡♡

Chapter 13:

●Place:Atlantic oceans

Even I (rosh)also felt bad fr twinj tragic end of love so I was roaming alone in the Atlantic beaches as I noticed LOVE standing thr, hope she is waiting fr me, as she wanted to tell me othr story of twinj n narrate u ppl by me.

I went to her she said,

♡♡LOVE ♡♡:
A new morning for love, a pleasant sunrise as sun rays r kissing the blue water of ocean.
Clear blue sky is reflected by the water with waves running towards the shore.
HI frndss I am miss .LOVE. join me
Come lets move into water,I am able to feel the chill Ness of water ohh…my legs r chilling bt nice, ohh heart is beating yaar as water level is raising above me body level.

Come on dive, guys Wear ur oxygen masks as I am taking u into deep sea.

Saying this LOVE dived into water.
Come lets follow.

(I will narrate a story in direct way only)

A beautiful deep ocean,I believe of new world exist in deep sea. It was all dark at first bt it was beautiful, as a school of small fishes welcomed me with a warm love. Beautiful corals, sea weeds,
Porifera n all.
(Imagine scenes of zindagi na mileage dobara)

I was mesmerized seeing all that as I was lost thr, miss love came to me.

Love:hey cone we have to go still deeper
(She signed as we can’t hear anything in sea naa, only sign language)
Me:still deeper, is it safe?
Love:ya come i will show u twinkle.

She dragged me.
I was shocked to hear twinkle is in deep ocean I was amused.
With lots of curiosity I followed her.

As I was shocked to see a beautiful mermaid… they exist?? I was shocked.

A beautiful mermaid of half women n half fish with blue tail n long hair with a necklace n blue eyes was sitting, yess she was twinkle only.
(See dp of story)

Me: bt wt abt kunj??
Love:wait n watch dear

With lots of doubts like she is a mermaid wt abt the kunj hw they will meet ohh. .god like u even I am also confused bt curious wait n watch…!!


Next epi will be posted tonight
Hope u all like it plz share ur views…
Do cmnt it means a lott

Roshini rockstar

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  1. Chiku

    Awesome. I am also sad about twinjs tragic end. ?
    But ur ff is amazing rosh. I really like it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Olz jaldi se oost karde.
    Srry mien comment nahi kar payi last tym. Bussy thien ?❤️

    1. Roshini125

      Thats k chinki thnks fr cmnting

    2. Roshini125

      Thats k chiku thnks fr cmnting

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Meri roshugulla!!?? …….it was soo interesting………..really …from where u get such amazing ideas ….I really love the way in which u write ………n dear thank u so so much ……..really u made my day …I’m feeling so special n yaa surely too add the romantic scenes soon …if u really want so how can I deny n try my best to post it soon also …love u N post ur next one soon coz it’s gaining my curiosity…………?????

  3. Hey roshini it’s my first comment fr ur ff
    I really loved it to core so plss never dare to end it n I have a doubt wt happened to ku after twinkle death I want to know
    N ha this new story is slightly confusing bt I have by reading further my all confusion will go
    Ur ff is amazing

  4. Superb.. Exited for the next epi… Plz post the next epi asap..

  5. Jiya_Ani

    Rosh…too good …I completely agree and apologize for the fact I haven’t commented from long…actually I think you changed the title and I din knew about that..I din knew that Rosh is the same Roshini Rockstar…
    So sorry..
    But I read all the parts which I missed… And I really felt a bit bad for that tragic end
    ..I hope Love wins..

    And Twinkle and Kunj become Twinj in the last janam because ab bhi vo ek nahi honge naa…

    Loved it..muaaah..???

  6. Ayu

    Wow! Its awesome?
    But what about our kunj?

  7. SidMin

    Wow Loved it an unexpected twist and a very different story line please do continue soon 🙂 Post soon 🙂 can’t wait for Kunj’s entry 🙂

  8. Wow! yr mermaid love story ,seems intresting keep it up my dear

  9. Baby

    roshini di oh my god how do u get dese ideas i mean luvd it
    post nxt asap cnt w8 wowowowowoowowowowowo
    osm n if she is mermaid den wts kunj oh god uhhhn cnt w8
    luvd it di luv u post asap……………..

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi….eagerly waiting for next part….aur pehle wale janam me kya twinj saath me ussi waqt marr gye the kya?????

  11. I love it

  12. I love it very much

  13. Superb rosh….

    Eagerly waiting for nxt … Post soon as i cant wait anymore…..

  14. Superb rosh….

    Eagerly waiting for nxt … Post soon as i cant wait anymore…..

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