Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 12 by ROSH


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Chapter 12:

Kunj was crying like hell as he was unable to do anything as he was loosing his love infront if his eyes nly.

T:dnt cry kunj…
She whipped his tears
K:twinkle..(slowly he murmered)
K:I LOVE U TOO TWINKLE,but u can’t leave me like this twinkle.
T:i wish I couldn’t did this but we will be one forever n ever kunj.

What has happened???
Kunj was busy in war n he didn’t returned for many days as twinkle kept on waiting fr him as she heard the news of Italy winning over French ppl she prayed fr kunj s safety.

But one day she was blackmailed n forced fr marriage, even twinkle didn’t wanted to share her life with others except kunj. She decided to end her life nly with the memories of kunj n her love.

So on the day of marriage she consumed poison n went to church, she wished for only one thing that she wanted to see kunj once n wanted to be in his embrace in the end minutes of her life.

After knowing all this kunj held her in his embrace n hugged her.
T:kunj u should move on in ur life, promise me that u will!!
K: no I won’t twinkle. I can’t live without u no one can replace u in my life I mean it. I mean a lott abt our love. I won’t leave u alone as we can’t live together atleast let’s die together
Twinkle placed her hands on his mouth, though she was battling near death her concern fr her love didn’t died.
T:kunj u can’t do this. U r a ruler.
T:..I…sa….said…M. ..move….ohh. .on.
K:I love u forever twinkle.

He cried a lott…!!

(Love is also crying fr them,bt fate is busy taunting)
♡Love♡: may be life ends bt i wont die. Twinj u will born again to live ur life n to see the dawn of ur love. True love never dies. Even frm ages to next generations also.

●Fate●:hahahahaah. Even fate never fails, remember it’s my play, everyone have to tap their feet fr my rhythm as they won’t have any choice.

♡Love♡:even I also never die fr people who really feel me. I will be with this couple for ever till they become one.

●Fate●:let’s see u or me…as God is always with me as he is also a player just like me.

♡Love♡:bt i am the best ever made thing by God let’s see.

♢God♢: even I want to see this war between LOVE n FATE.

Sooo to be continued….let’s see how twinj s struggling love will bcome successfully.

Precap:janam 2 with new story line….exciting one..

Guys do u have any suggestions plz give.
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If possible I post one more that is new story line today itself. As I am hell free lolzz l!!!

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  1. Aamu

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    So sorry
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    Till den only exams reading.???????????????????????????

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

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  3. Ayu

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  6. SidMin

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  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional sad epi…..loved it…..

  8. Baby

    oh god roshini di rula dia
    pure shalkal par aansoon hi aansoon hehe
    hmmmmmm…….schi mein mazak nhi kar rhi
    very emotinal episode n d fate n love talk oh god luv u di
    amazing fabulous dialouges d talk btw love fate and god uffffff….
    maar dala di srsly ro ro kr bura haal ho gya jab do pyaar krne wale alag ho gye
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