Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 11 by ROSH (HAPPY BDAY BABY)


Happy birthday baby….It’s a treat from my side. Love u dear.

Chapter 11:
Kunj was shocked to hear abt twinkle s marriage.

Kunj s pov:
Wts? Twinkle is getting married bt how can she agree? Hw can she marry Sme1 leaving me like this. No she can’t do this to me i have to talk to her n have to take her with me.

With that intension I climbed up the balcony of twinkle to talk to her bt fr my hard luck she wasn’t thr.

I came back down n i came to know that all the people are in church for the marriage rituals.
I rushed to the church to make my beloved love to see its dawn.

Place: Royal Catholic Church.
Whole church was completly decorates with white n blue orchids and heavenly tunes are being played in the background. The holy bible was being recited by the Pope. A beautiful girl in long buffed full length white gown without sleeves n her face covered with netted cloth from her crown with a little curls of her hair. A perfect beauty bt she lacked a smile. Her eyes were red. It’s twinkle nly she was remembering her days with kunj n had tears in her eyes.
Her heart was popping even nw n then,her eyes waited fr Sme1 else.
She was feeling dizzy.
Next to her stood a handsome hunk in black n white attire with clean crop of hair.

(Frndss I dnt knw the lines wt thy say in church I just tried plzz excuse me…even jesus excuse me)

Father: George the prince of Spain will u accept twinkle as ur wife?
(Imagine uv itself as george)
George:yes I do…
Father: twinkle the Princess of London will u accept George as ur husband??
Twinkle a heart was popping as the rest of the world waited fr her answer. She trembled a little as the father repeated his words.

Before she could complete,she heard a shout at the door fr which she waited , for which her heart popped , for which she was alive.

She saw kunj full of sweat n eagerness n angry n love n all mixed emotions at the door shouting nly one thing….TWINKLE!!!

Twinkle without any second thought ran towards him ignoring all the rest of world which was gazing this as a mysterious thing.
As she rushed towards him she fell down in his arms as b4 itself she was feeling dizzy.

Kunj held her in his arms. He was half sitting n twinkle fall in his arms.

T:i knw kunj u willl come bt i am sorry for this.
K:Wts all this twinkle??
He noticed smething
K:twinkle….wt u did?what’s this blood??

Blood was coming from her mouth. Twinkle was breathing heavily n was unable to talk with much difficulty she spoke

T:i am sry kunj I didn’t had any option as my family forced me fr this marriage. Situation made me to do this, I just wished I could see u fr last time. Thanks fr cming, I waited fr u all the time. But fate didn’t allowed me to be with u.

Kunj was crying like hell as he was unable to anything as he was loosing his love infront if his eyes nly.

T:dnt cry kunj…
She whipped his tears


PRECAP: it’s nt the ending frndss…do u think will twinkle will be fine??

Wait n watch…sry fr suspense bt happy thing is tnrw I have a holiday due to strike so I will post 2-3 episodes. U wil enjoy I promise. Story is going fr next level.
Roshini rockstar

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  1. Superb epi.. thank god the marriage dint happen.. but what happened to twinkle.. did she consume poison???.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

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  5. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing dear …….it was Marvellous….???…really u rocked man ………plz post next one soon n dear read my ff unexpected turn in life it is of twinj n Plzz tell how is it n whether I should continue or not…….loved it …keep writing like this ?????

  6. Awesome episode.. I just loved it … Egarly waiting for the next episode…

  7. roshu…it was so touchy…
    plz twinkle ko maat maro…n post asap

  8. Baby

    oh god thnku sooooo mch roshini di fr d treat
    fr d blessing luv u di thnku sooooo mch

  9. Romaisha

    Shocked yaar!! But still super awesome and really emotional! I enjoy emotional wala epi more so yay??????
    Loved it to the core!
    Hope twinkle will b fine
    Post soon
    Love u ❤

  10. Awesome rosh….:*:*:*:*

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