Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 09 by ROSH

Chapter 9:
Kunj as a ruler,whose first priority was his kingdom n people left immediately with the person who brought the message without the second thought of twinkle.

Place: France
Thr was a complete choas in the kingdom due to the was scenario. Kunj made all his preparations n was busy saving his kingdom from the attack of rivals.

(This what happened with the Prince kunj let’s see what’s the state of Princess)

3 weeks passed
Twinkle is standing in her balcony waiting fr kunj s arrival. She remembered all the things that happened between them n had a tears in eyes.

Twinkles pov:
Almost many days passed, y kunj didn’t came yet. Is he fine? Oh jesus please show mercy on my love n keep my kunj safe. I will wait fr him till the end of my life.

As I was thinking Sme1 knocked the door I went to open the door n i saw queen of the kingdom at my door, waiting with lots of eagerness n loads of happiness on her face firstly I was surprised. To increase my surprise n suspense mom(queen) hugged me.

T:mom…wt happened
She was hell happy that she took some time to reveal the suspense and the utter shock of my life.
Q:dear, u r soon lucky u knw the prince of Italy is here fr a proposal for u.
Q:yes dear
Without a second thought twinkle spoke
T:sry I am nt ready fr this alliance.
Q:shut up (sarcastically)
U knw they won the kingdom of France few days a ago. Now they r more powerful than before, it will be helpful fr our Kingdom also remember u r a heir of this Kingdom n we r rulers, u should nt be soo selfish. Think abt the country. U have no choice further.

As I heard her words I was shattered b4 I could say anything she rushed out banging the door behind my face.

T:wt?? They won over France? ? Kunj??
Ohh jesus hope he is fine. What shall I do nw? My kunj is a warrior he won’t give up soo easily. He will come, he will come fr me.

At one of the hidden place
Kunj s pov:
Twinkle….I am living only bcoz of u, I knw my love is true I believe that u will wait fr me. This is the high time fr me n my Kingdom I will come to u soon. I love u twinkle till the end of my breathe

As kunj was thinking abt her general of army came.
ArmyGeneral: prince, everything is planned as u said. It s time for us to roar. Italy people r happy thinking thy won over us n r celebrating, I also heard that they r joining hands with London king with alliance too…
K:wt??marriage alliance??
AG: yes prince.
Kunj became red in anger.
K:nw…make the army to attack this time I will see who will think to attack us. By this attack no one will think abt the French dynasty.

He took a oath n went fr the battle.
They attacked the Italy n won over them as thy were nt ready fr attack that to all of a sudden in the middle of celebrations of thr victory.
But it’s time fr France ppl to celebrate.

Kunj saw his kingdoms flag on the fort of Italy n had a broad smile.
K:I love u twinkle…I am cming

Prexap:back to love bt the tragedy is planned by fate….

Sry frndss dnt think bad precap just a twist to continue the story

Thanks all
UR roshini rockstar


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it was waiting for your ff
    Post the next part soon the precap seems to be interesting as well as scary πŸ™‚

  2. Baby


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    roshini di awwwwwww….sooooooo cute so kunj fot fr twinkle yeah
    n cnt w8 fr nxt epsidoe yuhhhhhoooooooooo…….kunj won lalallalalaaa
    i m srsly dancing hehe osm di post nxt asap

  3. SidVee

    Awesome epi.. wow kunj wonπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ.. the precap is quite shocking.. eagerly waiting for the next.. do cont soon πŸ’•

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