Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 08 by ROSH

Chapter 8:

Twinkle was soo restless knowing about the kunj s disappearance all of a sudden, she had no idea what to do.

Place:twinkles room
T:Ohh jesus kunj left without informing me what shall I do nw…he can’t leave like that. Did he betrayed me???

Twinkles pov:
As tat very thought came to me i was unable to tolerate it i unknowingly made me way towards a table corner of my room. I took a knife to stab myself and die. My eyes were watering continously I was unable to tolerate the feeling of being cheated. I wasnt in love with anyone he is the one who made ne know how beautiful the world is, i loved him to the moon and stars,how xan he do this to me??? I never thought that my life would end in such a way. I took the knife towards my neck and closed my eyes hard.

As I was about to cut myself I heard a voice…

Voice:twinkle why ru late come on die. Is this the value of ur love. How can u forget ur kunj. Do u think ur kunj will cheat u…UR love was true right! U knw kunj well he never does anything that hurts u. If u die how can me, ur kunj will live??? Thin of me..

Twinkle was shocked to hear that it was kunj s voice but he was not thr with her at that place. It was the voice of love, voice of her inner love kunj.
Twinkle backed off herself fr a moment and sat on the bed thinking about the voice of her inner soul.

T:No…never my kunj won’t do such things with me I know he loves me truly even he knows that I can’t live without him. How can I do this cheap thing….my love is true, if I die how will he live n survive? Noo…..
Let me wait for his arrival I am sure he wil come back.

(Let’s see wts the reason behind kunj s sudden disappearance)

That night….
When kunj was resting in his room he heard a knock.
He opened the door n find a French man completely worried.
K:jack wt happened?? U here???
J: prince, u r informed to return France immediately. Emergency is called out in the city….hurry up!! Soon

He said more worryingly.
Kunj who was a prince, whose first priority is his dynasty without a second thought of anything he left the place n hurried to France with Jack.

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