Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 07 by ROSH


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Chapter 7:
Days passed twinj love had noo bounds.
Twinkle forgot everything n was flying in love but….
Fate planned some thingreat bad for the love.

One morning when Sun showed his harshness and nature expressed it’s helplessness and fate performed it’s original role, that day which was the darkest day in their lives…which separated them forever n ever…..

Place:at London palace
Twinkle as usual started her day with memories of herrors love kunj,she woke up from her royal bed stretching her hands and running her fingers in her hair.

Maid:mrng princess, u r being Cald by King immediately to the main hall.
T:ya I will come. U go

Twinkle woke up n freshen up and went to the main hall where all matters related to dynasty were discussed.
Everyone stood up n bowed her as she entered the hall in her elegant brown colour frock with white Pearl accessories n burned hair.
She bowed her head n made her way to her place and sat.

King: I honourly welcome everyone here to declare some gud news for this dynasty. It’s a fest time nw.

Everyone were eager to know including twinkle bt as she heard the words she was the hell shocked person over thr

King: I am proud to announce that the only heir of London princess twinkle is getting married to a prince of Spain.
Everyone clapped
King:within few days thy r cming here fr marriage so nw everyone start the arrangements.

He declared. Twinkle was shocked all the time n just plastered a fake smile to her face.
As soon as the gathering was dispersed twinkle immediately ran out of the place bursting out into tears.she reached her room n broke out.

Twinkle pov:
Wts going on with me?? Jesus y me always….
I want to find kunj ya I should nt give up my love won’t leave me i have to inform him…

She immediately went in search of him. She went to all places wr they used to meet but couldn’t find him any wr. ..Finally without any choice she went to place wr kunj used to stay…
(As I told u kunj use to travel so he stayed at a guest place)

Place: guest place
Twinkle went thr n started asking abt him
T: a traveller frm France used to stay here
(She was in disguise so that no one could find her coz she is princess can’t roam like dat na)
T:his name is kunj…can I meet him
O:let me check ..

He goes n comes back few minutes
O:miss he left today early mrng…
Twinkle s head started rotating as she heard dat she was brokenot n shattered.
T:did he said anything or u hv any info abt him
O:no we knw his name n place dats it miss..

Twinkle was completely thrown into darkness. Her sun of love set forever n ever without light in her life. She was lost completely.

Precap: no Precap only question
Y kunj left???

Hope u like it thnkss fr support more twist r on d way

Note:it’s the same theme which I wanted to depict abt Sath janmon kha pyaar ya rab kha Khel. .. hope u love it ..


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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome emotional shocking suspense full epi….

  2. SidMin

    Roshini The suspense is killing me why did Kunj leave and who is the prince of Spain is it UV ?
    Loved the episode you described things so well and waiting for the next episode 🙂

  3. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Sorry di gor not commenting on ur last 2 previous epis..was kinda busy…I hope u understand..but sacchi kahu to I read all ur epis…they are all so gud…amzing ones…luved the way kunj proposed twinkle and their kiss also…

    And coming to this epi it was emotional…kunj kaha chala gaya..?…the epi was sooo gud…luved dis twist….fantastic..

    POST THE NEXT EPI ASAP….luve you and congo for ur competition…

  4. Hey!!! Amazing epi but it somewhere broke my heart….even i want to know why kunj left…pls post soooon !! Love ya

  5. Romaisha

    Awesome yaar!
    Your story is getting all the more interesting ?? !,

  6. So sad yrr twinkle…. But overall it was awesome ……..

  7. So sad yrr twinkle…. But overall it was awesome …….. :*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  8. Awesome.. but it shocking as to why kunj left.. it’s getting more and more interesting.. do cont soon ?

  9. SIDMIN-Daamini

    It was ………………just speechless
    What a suspense dear
    N it’s driving me crazy that …seriously …why kunj left ??????????????
    Plz dear post the next one asap

  10. Aamu

    y kunj left is also my question????
    do continue sooooooonnn

  11. Baby

    oh god roshini di
    wowwwwww amazing
    bt y did kunj left
    di itna suspense oh god jesus
    di post nxt asap cnt w8

  12. Angita


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