Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 06 (first kiss)

Chapter 6

Beautiful sunset reminiscences where the waves are trying to reach moon and the night sky welcoming the lovely twinkling stars and king of the sky the moon. Cool breeze which made the entire situation romantic for love birds and at one side thr was a small table wit 2 chairs.

Twinkle shocking face was changing into surprised face as she saw all these.
These things were experienced by her fr the first time by she wanted it fr all the time.

She ran into the water and played like a kid while kunj was just watching her with a broad smile on his face.
She was enjoying in water
Kunj slowly made his way towards her and held her wrist n pulled her towards him with a jerk twinkle almost hugged him her hands were resting on his chest. They both were very close to each other. They had a passionate eye lock which was witnessed by the cool air.
Bas itni site tamannah music plays in back ground.

K:if u keep on playing here who will spend time with me..Haa
Twinkle just smiled
They were in same position as kunj tightened his grip bringing her close to him.
Twinkle was unaware of wts happening she too was in a flow she gently closed her eyes and proceeded.
But kunj backed off. She felt normal so she opened her eyes to see kunj sitting on the table and signalling her with his hands to come n sit.
Twinkle just smiled and went near the table.

It was a perfect date with nature.
A dark evening,pleasant nature,calm beach,running water,playing wind and a witnessing moon light dinner.
They both shared a drink.

T:it is a best thing ever I had kunj..
K:hmmm, I am glad that princess liked the date of Prince.
She smiled
T:I wanna say u smething
Kunj was curious and nodded asking her to proceed.
T:kunj…….that… is….
(Twinkles heart:twinkle come on tell him that u love him don’t hesitate cmon express it)
T:that.. is….I great full to u and thankqq very much fr all these
She just gave out in a flow
Kunj gave a confused look twinkle stares trembling where as her eyes told many things which only he can understand.
Kunj understood what she wanted to tell her just smiled and made a way towards her.
Twinkle was feeling wierd abt her talks
Kunj asked fr her hand by forwarding his hand she gave her hand and stood up
K: this not a way to say thankqq
Kunj whispers twinkle gives confused look
K:I will tell u hw ppl thank eo in France….

He slowly leaned towards her and gave small peck on her lips n took back. Twinkle was surprised n shocked at the moment. As he looked into her eyes she agreed when again he reached her lips and started sucking it.
The kiss was a passionate one which had love in it. It was the only way fr them to express each others feelings.
Seconds passed kiss went on deepening.
Even twinkle started kissing him lovingly they played with eo tongues it was a perfect FRENCH KISS.

Finally they broke out fr oxygen and gasped little heavily.
Twinkle was shocked at a moment fr wt she did she toon steps backward kunj observed it he immediately held her hand went down on his knees
K:twinkle….today is the special day fr me hope fr u too as today I did the best thing in my life by kissing u n nw all I wanna tell is…..
Before he could complete
T:I love u kunj….
Kunj was overwhelmed.
K:I love u toooo much twinkle.

He immediately stood up n hugged her.
They both melt in eo embrace.

This beautiful scenery was witnessed by the moon, deep black sky bedecked with twinkling stars,lovely beach and u ppl n finally me.

Hope u liked it….share ur views….
I will upload one more epi tmrw

Prexap:as usual aftr confession prblms of love starts naa….wait n watch….

Roshini rockstar

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