Twinj(Friendship turns to love)Episode 69.


Hii guys as I promised here is my episode…hope u’ll like it…as I got a very Gud response back from yesterday’s episode…
Recap-Kunj sharing to Shirley that he won’t force Twinkle into a relationship and if it happens she has to cum herself and stop him.Shirley gets worried.Shirley sees Sid and smiles and recalls their memories.Sidley apologize to each other and patch up.
Shirley walks about sayin Twinkle where r u,pls cum as soon as possible we need u.Just den the door bell rings and our Supermoms cum in with their band baaja and cum dancin of Drama Queen.
Twinkle enters in an normal shalwar kameez but Shirley stops her and says:
S-U r gonna cum for ur best friends engagement like this.
T-So,I should wear my weddin attire and cum?
S-I never said to wear ur weddin attire?.
T-Okay fine now pls move,I need to tell Kunj somethin.
S-No,No Kunj is my fiancé and ur his best friend..
S-So I’ll complete if u let me to?.
T-Fine tell.
S-So u need to cum in a party Wala dress so back u go.
T-But I just came..
S-and u’ll go and change.
T-Omg,fine I wl now happy.
S-More then u?.
Shirley shuts the door and says work is done and smiles.(I know u’ll all got scared And curious to know why Shirley did that well that kill me bcoz of this)??.
Kunj is gettin ready in his best attire and Shirley cums singin:
Oh Munda Kukkad kaamal da..
Oh Munda Kukkad kaamal da..
Oh Twinkle the Ho jaaye effect Ho gaya..
Oh Munda Kukkad kaamal da..
Kunj cums and says:
K-Wow u sing so well,like Shahid Mallya.
S-So much praisin Wat u want.
K-Nothin,but u used to sing like some duck wen u were small and laughs.
S-Atleast I make u laugh after ur serious face.
Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge plays.
Twinkle is shown entering with a beatiful dress and looks gorgeous.She looks for Kunj.She says I need to speak to u,actually not only speak I have to tell u this.
K-Twinkle came??
S-Yea she came but I sent her back.
K-What!u sent her back r u little physcho.
S-What Kunj u know I’m doin my coarses for acting.
K-Yea I do but Wat dis acting have to do with this??
S-U know she mi8 confess her feelings to u,so the scene should be romantic and sweet and the hero and heroine should be wearing good lookin clothes.(??).
Kunj holds his head and says:
K-Wat if she wanted to confess her feelings.
S-I know Kunj and she’ll confess it to u,with a beautiful attire.
K-Sometimes u know I feel ure not my friend?.
S-Wat do u mean.
K-Nothin nothin and murmurs with u had a brain u would understand?.
Engagement hall.
Kunj cums down with Shirley and everyone gathers around them and congratulate them.Twinkle is about to head to them but she sees the curtain movie and goes towards that place and sees Yuki,She says what r they doin and goes to see and is shocked with a smile:
UV is kneeling down and says Chinki,I always loved u but everytime somethin came in our way some obstacle but we fought them and I think God did it to test our love if it was strong or overlastin.Today I tot was the best day to confess this feelings which and kept in my heart.
Chinki starts crying in happiness and UV sees her and says I’m sorry I dint know that u don’t love me it fine bit pls don’t cry,I can’t see u cryin.
UV looks up to her as she shut his words with the words he was longin to hear from her mouth from Sooo long.He couldn’t wait any longer and he hugs her tightly an she responds to it.Main Hoon hero Tera plays.
Twinkle says they also confessed their love even I need to confess my hidden love to Kunj.Twinkle goes in search of Kunj and he sees her and gets mesmeried seeing her.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle cums to him and taps him and Kunj turns and says Twinkle.
T-I need to tell u something.
K-Of course tell me.
T-Not here somewhere else.
K-Twinkle my guests r here and so r my clients so whatever u need to tell me pls tell me here.
T-Actually I was sayin…
Mr Malhotra interrupts her and says:
M-Kunj,Twinkle u’ll here Wat a pleasant surprise.
Twinj-Sir,u and take his blessing.
M-Kunj and Twinkle I want to ask u somethin.
K-Yes sir pls.
M-I wanted u to sing as u did ur career with Twinkle and passed with her both of u’ll sing together.
Twinj look at each other and the screen freezes.
Thank u so much for supportin me and God bless!??

Credit to: SMC

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