Twinj(Friendship turns to love)Episode 68.


Hii guys I’m extremely sry but yes to make up for 6 days I’ll upload three episodes today I promise….
Kunj cums to Shirley and says:
K-Enough not any more if she doesn’t love I’m not gonna force her.
S-But Kunj..
K-No Shirley ur my Best Friend pls try and understand there’s no point to force her in a relationship.
S-K Kunj,tommorow is the engagement and I’ll try my best today and it’s gonna be the last day to convince her.
K-Thanks Shirley.
S-No sorry and thanks in friendship?.
Twinkles room.
Twinkle walks around her room lost and her eyes fall on her diary in which she wrote those lyrics for Kunj.
Twinkles POV.
Kunj I wrote these lyrics for u,the whole time.I was supposed to be a secret one but u now ur Twinkle na(she cries and says this)Kunj I really love u,why r u gettin engaged to Shirley pls u’ll break my heart.I have locked all my feelings in this diary from u and I think I wl forever and locks the diary with the key.Sajna Ve sad version plays.
POV Ends.
All the preparations r happenin and Kunj talks to Shirley:
K-So I guess we’re gonna get engaged.
S-Yes…Kunj but ure my best friend I guess I’ll find my husband in u.
K-But Shirley,I Love Twinkle,I Will Love Twinkle and I’ll always Love Twinkle.
S-Kunj actually I wanted to tell u somethin…but a decorator interrupts them.
K-I’ll be back Shirley.
S-Yea sure Kunj.
Shirley sees Sid and recalls of their moments together and then recalls the incident which she went thru.She thinks that she’s getting engaged to her best friend but she sees her best friend forever and tears roll down her eyes.Kuch toh hai plays.
She goes to Sid and he turns and sees her and says:
S-I’m really sorry Sid.(she cries while sayin this).
Sid-Shirley,Shirley don’t cry and for Wat sorry.
S-I understood that everyone can make mistakes and that day u did,I’m really sorry.
Sid-It’s fine it’s really fine ur my BFF now u can’t cry on ur engag..ement..he stammers while sayin this.
S-Yes ofcourse I’ll be happy and rubs her tears.
Sid-That’s like my best friend.
S-So friends while forwarding her hand.
S-What,why sry sry if I did anything.
Sid laughs.
Sid-We’ll not be friends like this but like this he opens his arms and says:
Shirley doesn’t wait and runs and hugs him.Sab Tera plays.
Kunj calls Shirley and asks her where’s Twinkle and she says:
S-Kunj I think she won’t cum.
K-No she has to its her childhood best friends engagement she has to cum and leaves from there sadly.

Precap-Twinkle rings the bell and Shirley opens and send her back.
Why would Shirley send Twinkle back if she loves Sid won’t that make it easier to stop the engagement??

All ur questions wl be answered in the nxt episode.
So stay tuned to my FF Twinj(Friendship turns to love)
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Credit to: SMC

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    Nice and awesome epi….

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    Loved the episode please unite Twinj fast and now I doubt Shirley’s intention hope that the doubt does not turn out to be true please post asap

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  9. there u go Aaron have his heartfelt words which brought tears to my eyes but Tbh you’re one of the truest and most friendliest friend I have ever met in my ENTIRE life you’re my inspiration in life and wl always be cumin to the episode it was BANG ON and love u???

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    I’m a silent,reader but I needed to comment today it was superb
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