Twinj(Friendship turns to Love). Episode 59.


Hii guys first of all so sorry for not replying to ur comments I might after sometime since my monthlys r goin on and then my finals so I need to prepare well so today’s episode may just may be short please bare with it..

Kunj’s room.
K-Do u think she wl get jealous and confess?
S-Kunj,I’m a girl and I know everything that goes on in a girls heart so don’t worry Twinkle wl confess her love and first I need to make her realise that she is still in love with u and that’s if she gets jealous and a lot.
K-So,done.He keeps his hand in front and Shirley keeps it above and they raise it in the air saying whoohoo!..
Twinkle enters the room.
T-I brought the medicines for u,Kunj.
She goes to sit with him on the bed but Shirley takes the first aid box and says:
S-Actually,I have to get used to doing things to Kunj so I’ll take care of his wounds.
Shirley comes to Kunj and he glares at her.
Shirley comes close to his neck where is cut is and blows it and sees Twinkle who is burning in anger seeing them close and laughs silently.She goes to his cut and says in her mind:
S-Baba Ji,I’m sorry for doing this.
Shirley presses Kunj’s cut and he screams and says:
S-Oh what happened.
K-U only pressed it hard and it’s bleeding more.
S-Kunj,it’s the effect of the iodine it’s just the burning.

Twinkle takes the first aid box and murmurs:
U don’t know how to even aid ur own would be husband.
Shirley says:
Ur voice is not sound proof,I heard what u said.(She found it funny but continued her acting).
S-Actually,Kunj I’m thirsty so I’ll go and get my water bottle in the kitchen and tells him in sigh language that she is leaving them together.
Twinkle puts the iodine and bandages his wounds and is about to leave but Kunj holds her hand and says:
K-Are u happy that I’m getting engaged.
T-Of course I’m ur best friend,so I’ll dance in ur wedding.
T-But why?
K-Bcoz the floor might break while u dance and he laughs.
Twinkle’s mind is just on him getting engaged in a week and tears fall down from her eyes.
K-Twinkle,are u crying?
T-No,turning her face the other side.
K-I was joking,please don’t take it seriously.
T-No Kunj don’t worry.
Kunj comes towards her and cups her face towards him,he wipes her tears and makes the action of a smile with his hand.
She smiles and he hugs her,Twinkle respondes to it and hugs him tighter as if this was the last time they r goin to see each other.Sajna Ve plays.

Shirley sees this from out and says:
I have to make them together no matter what happens.She thinks of something.She say idea!..
Someone rings the bell and Kunj opens the r door and says:
Shirley sees him and says:
Sid!!and hugs him.Kunj hugs Sid and says:
K-Where were u yaar?
S-In Mumbai,doing my higher studies and now I’m free.
K-That’s good.
Sh-Kunj,actually Sid is a part of this if u don’t mind I told him since he’s my best friend.
K-No,not at all I know my best friend can keep a secret.
So our dance plan is tommorow.Ready.Of course answers:Sidley and Kunj.
C-UV do u know Shirley came.
Y-Ur joking right.
C-Nope,she’s out with Sid too!
Y-I’m gonna meet her.
C-Our plan.
Y-Oh ya..our fake property.Sidley hear this and r shocked.

Precap-Dancing rehearsals for Shirley and Kunj’s engagement.Kunj and Shirley dancing closely and Twinkle getting jealous and tries to make Kunj jealous dancing with Sid,but Kunj winks at Sid.Sid spins Twinkle and doesn’t catch her and she is about to fall when Kunj catches her and while Sid catches Shirley.Kunj tells Sid this is how u dance and dances with Twinkle romantically on Soch Na Sake.

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Recap-Yuki telling Twinj that they t the new owners of the house and shows them the fake papers.Yuki share a hi-five and thank god that they had the fake papers.They pass funny dialogues.Yuki feel a new feeling after acting with Twinj(Fake loving).Shirley rings the bell and Kunj is shocked to see his college best friend and hugs her in excitement and Twinkle is shocked seeing that as she realised that she is is still in love with Kunj after reading the lyrics book.Twinkle gets jealous when Kunj says My would be wife and says nice,pair and leaves.Kunj and Shirley smirk in the funny way.Love u all!!!!

Credit to: SMC

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