Twinj(Friendship turns to Love). Episode 58.

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Recap-Twinkle cries of Kunj’s chest and he starts cheering her mood up.She takes him to the nearby bus and takes the first aid box kept there and takes care of his injuries.She blows his wound on his cheek and the bus brakes and she kisses him on his cheek.Kunj’s cute talk with the ice-cream and Twinj nok-jhok.Twinkle gives UV his pay back by throwing hot water on his face and throws the money on his face and tells him to get lost.Yuki show how they fakely took their signatures and took the property of the house.Episode starts..

Y-Thank God we had these fake papers otherwise we would say hi to God.
C-U would say hi to God and I will say bye to u bcoz Kunj would have beaten u more badly he can’t raise his hand on me.
Y-Anyway leave that I wanted to tell Chinki that I don’t feel lonely anymore though Twinkle is mostly with Kunj,when u r with me these days I don’t I feel better.
C-Yup,me too npbut I thought u wl think it the other way round.
Y-No,so let’s think of some way to make Twinj think that we didn’t apwant the money u know right mom is gonna be back soon and we have to just try and act like we still love them and just make them feel that it was a mistake.
C-I’m gonna tell Kunj if u don’t talk to me then I wl commit suicide.
Y-Hey!Thats what I was gonna tell Twinkle.
C-But ure to late Mr.UV.
Y-Okay,but chill with Kunj in anger he might give u one slap.
Chinki holds her face and thinks Kunj slapped her and the mark is on her face.UV taps her and she says:
C-I’m not gonna enter his room let him be happy.
Y-Haha..Scary cat.
Twinj’s room.(Twinkle is alone in).
Twinkle goes in and into her cupboard and takes her lyrics book out.She starts reading them and singing it.She remembers all her moments with Kunj and starts crying she says:
Twinkle,no u can’t do this he loved someone else but he didn’t cross his limits still.No Twinkle,He didn’t even trust u when u needed him.He left u.
He is a betrayer.Twinkle reads her lyrics again.Agar Tum Saath Ho plays.
She stands and screams:
Okay fine,I’m still in love with u,Kunj.I can’t forget u.U are the person I love and will keep loving.She sits and holds her head and says I Love You Kunj.

Someone rings the bell and Kunj says:
K-Urghhh…this girl do I have to get engaged with her,Babaji please help me.
He opens the door and sees the girl.
He hugs her.This moment Twinkle comes down and sees this.The girls face is shown.Kunj says:
K-Shirleyyy..(Guys don’t kill me for adding this new entry but u’ll wl take me so much for this and sry for putting my name).
Okay Shirley is Kunj’s best friend and they were college friends too!.
T-Kunj who is she?
K-My would be wife.
T-Is shocked.What do u mean?
K-My engagement is with her in a week.
T-Nice pair.
K-Thank You!
Kunj takes Shirley to his room.

Kunj’s room.
K-Thank you so much Shirley if you weren’t here then I wouldn’t not live I think.
S-Don’t worry I’m ur best friend I can do anything for u.
Shirley calls Kunj and tells him that Usha and Leela Aunty told me about the Twinkle matter and I’m coming to Amritsar tommorow itself so come to pick me up.Kunj agrees.Twinkle tells him that she will act as his fiancé adm make Twinkle jealous and she will confess her love to u and realise that she loves u a lot.Kunj thanks her and cuts the call.Flash Back ends.
So let’s start with our plan form tommorow morning.

Precap-Twinkle comes to Kunj and tells him that she bought medicines for him,she will apply it.Shirley comes and tells Twinkle actually I’ll put it for him as I have to get used him.Twinkle stands there in jealousy.

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Aloo,JJ,Aaron,Ashley,etc I brought the jealously track in…u told me in school to put this track so here it is. read for episodes which u have missed this is the link.?Pls read!
Whoever met Sid please can u send the pics cuz I really wanted to see ur reactions.How was the experience too.

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    I revealed my name as you guessed me three times and that shows our bro and sis bonding

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