Twinj(Friendship turns to love).Episode 57.


Hii guys firstly Thank U All So Much!I really don’t know what I would do without u’ll and I mean each one reading this episode and secondly I’m really very sorry for publishing it late since I am really loaded with school work..and many of u’ll r asking me of my age and where do I live so I wl answer ur questions in the last episode of my FF..

Recap-Twinj nok-jhok to get up.Twinkle tells Kunj to wake up,otherwise she wl leave alone,he jumps and says I’ll freshen and come.They reach the bus stand.Kunj tells Twinkle that he’ll put UV in jail,Twinkle says he’s ur younger brother.Kunj says he was just was and I considered him as my brother as he was my closest friend but I don’t think that he is my friend also.Twinkle says Chinki is my friend and more like my sister so I wl forgive her.Kunj laughs and says u never u can’t forgive her u won’t be able too.Some guy comes nxt to Twinkle and Kunj comes in between and says hi Jaan.Their nok-jhok starts.Yuki see Twinj and panick and say funny dialogues.Kunj sees UV and screams and runs behind him and they start beating each other.Twinkle watches this from back and is shocked to know that Kunj was true and UV had lied and only wanted the money her mom gave her.UV pours hot water on Kunj’s face to make him conscious and it burns him badly.Twinkle tells UV to meet her in the house today evening and he leaves.She cries on Kunj’s chest bitterly.The episode starts:

Kunj tells her not to cry and says:
K-U can’t see I’m hurt and u r just crying.
T-Sorry come lets go home and I’ll do ur first aid.
She holds him by his shoulders and due to his weakness he keeps his head on her shoulder and Twinkle cries seeing his head and face bleeding due to the hot water.She takes a bus and with the help of some kind people,she takes him in the bus and makes him sit.She takes the bus first aid kit and sits the bus starts Moving.She takes a cotton and iodine and applys it gently on the side of his cheek where UV had punched him and comes forward and starts blowing it.She keeps blowing it and then the bus suddenly brakes fast and she kisses him on the side of his cheek.That dull face of Kunj after being beaten had a slight smile.She says sorry and does his first aid.
On the Way.
Kunj is sleeping on Twinkle’s shoulder and she is sleeping above his head.The bus stops and Twinj wake up and see their position and say:
Twinj-I’m sorry.
They say it at the same time and feel awkward.
The bus driver tells them to bring whatever they want bcoz he won’t stop it further if they need.Twinkle asks Kunj if he needs anything.Kunj says no and he gets up.Twinkle says just now he said he didn’t want.She goes behind him and says:
T-Where are u going.
T-I know down but where.
K-To buy water any further information.
T-K I’m comin with u.
K-No Twinkle it’s not safe for u to come out.
T-It’s not safe for u too.
K-Twinkle stay in or else…
T-Or else…?
K-I’ll remove my bandages.
T-Remove Ik it hurts and u won’t remove it.
Kunj acts like removing his bandages and touches his wounds which make them deeper.
T-Okay…don’t I’m going in.
Kunj comes to the shop and smirks funnily.He asks the shopkeeper:
K-One ice cream please.
S-Yes sure which flavour.
K-Cookies n Cream.
S-500 rupees.
K-Sure he gives him the money and stays in the shop and says:
My lovely dovely ice cream u are my water which I told Twinkle so if I go out I wl be caught and if I get caught then u wl also be caught so it’s better to die soon in my stomach…He was talking to the ice cream.
Twinkle sees him eating ice cream form the bus and says:
T-That’s ur water Kunj very nice now just see my water.
Twinkle enters the shop and without making Kunj look she bought cold water and poured it in his shirt he screams and Twinkle says:
T-U lie to me then I wl show u.
K-Holding his shirt,Twinkle it’s so cold.
T-But ur so hot so u should handle the cold d realizes what she said.
K-Puts his eye brow up and says really I’m hot.
T-I meant to say that it’s hot out and leaves to the bus.Kunj smiles.
Sarna Mansion.
Yuki r waitin for Twinj and they arrive.Twinkle stares at UV and Chinki and says:
T-I don’t know what happened to both of u’ll,u’ll have changed as if u’ll did some brain surgery and all.She leaves up and comes.
She comes to Uv and says:
T-I treated u like a brother and then a fiancé,but u misused both the ways and I never knew that a brother would break a sister heart or trust and talking about ur acting being my fiancé I don’t even want to talk about it because there’s no use to talk about it.
She comes close to Uv and throws hot water on his face.Chinki is shocked and comes forward to slap her but there was a protective hand that held it which was our Kunj.He just threw her hand down and said u keep ur hands to urself.
Y-Excuse meeee!!!(screaming).
K-Ur Excused!( he screams back).Funny tune plays.
U can’t talk to Chinki like that Kunj Sarna,Mr Yuvraj I don’t care about her anymore and if u want to shout become a teacher bcoz they need voices like u. Twinkle throws the 10 Lakhs on his face and says get out!
Yuki show her the property that they push on their name and say:
Yuki-We r kind to let u’ll stay here accept it or leave.
Twinj leave up stairs.
Usha calls Kunj and tells him that a girl is coming to meet him tommorow.Kunj gets shocked.

Precap-Twinkle reads the lyrics again.The girl meets Kunj and he hugs her.

Thanks for reading and God bless!????????
Guys the news I got for Tashan-E-Ishq is that Yuvraj Luthra is the blood donor of Kunj,which is shocking let’s see what our villian wl ask in exchange.Tashan E Ishq congrats on completing 200 episode..Hurraayyyyyy!!!!!!!

Credit to: SMC

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    my fantastic Tashan team congrats
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    1. Kenny..
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    1. Talaaaaaaa….
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      Yep for me Sidhant changed my life..

  3. Shirleyy
    it was just super and it made me laugh and cry both and Kunj what comedy you added Kunj talking to the ice cream and telling Twinkle that he’s gonna bring water smart and naughty boy and rose dialogues he used for yuki superb,love your episode and you too and congrats TeI on completing 2o0 episodes

    1. Joanna..
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      Yep I love the dialogues too..
      And the scenes m glad u are loving it too!
      Love u..

  4. beautiful episode i loved srsly loved it
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