twinj:dil se dil ka connection (nafrat se pyar ka safar) epi 5 (last epi)

Hi guys I know after very long time actually I want to tell u I will not post the epi further and will stop it and I will only read the ffs and will comment because from 1 august only thos who have registered number can post their epi and I cant register as I am not using my id sooooo sorry for that . And now lets start the epi..
Ek minute itni jaldi kya hai thankyou to all who commented on my previous epi and thanks to all silent reader. Now lets start
Ek min recap:tw dance on mere kwabon mai jo aayr…….thier challenge…………holi………kunj is running after her
Now the epi 5
Tw was running and ku was running after her with his hands full of colour.k- tw ruk ja. Tw-no k- just wait and watch I will catch u so easily. T- no u will not be able to catch me because tw ko pakdna mushkil hi nhi namumkin hai.k- oh really lets see. Tw stop as their was wall infront of her. Ku smiles naughtly and says- ab bach ke kaha jaegi. And comes towards her. She closes her eyes tightly. He is about to put colour when leela and usha comes there. L- tw come lets go home. Tw open her eyes and says- I told u na tw ko pakna mushkil hi nhi namumkin hai. While ku is just giving whatever wala look.
Tw and leela goes greets every one and goes from there.
At night (taneja house)
Leela rt and tw r siting and having breakfast. Rt- leela u remember ravi. L- yes. Rt- he is going to be married. L- oh wow that’s a great news. Rt-we have to go in her marriage. L- when. Rt-aftr 2 days…l- we will surely go. Rt- tw u will also come. T- yes dad I don’t have any problem. (guys I had not introduce ravi as he is not a permanent character he is only upto marriage track.
Next scene (sarna house)
They r also having their dinner manohar also says the same. K- maa I am sorry but I have to out with my friends so I will not come. M- its ok go and enjoy. Then usha gets a call. She picks up and says- ji leela ji oh wow u all will also come. No from our side ku is not coming acutallly he wants to go with his friends. Tomorrow for shopping who all r going? Achaa me u and tw of fine satrikal, and she cuts the Call. Ku says in his mind- og god kunj what u had done. Tw will also come isse acha mauka nhi milega usse patane ka aur tu idiot tu ne mana kr diya now thinks something. And says idea! He takes out his phone and acts as he is talking and says- hi rohan (funny tune plays) what? We r not going this week ok. When we r going and just then his phone starts ringing. (hahaha bechara) he put his hand on his forehead and says in a low voice ho gaya siyyapa. Manohar and usha r continuously looking at him and he says- vo…vo….vo……actually………..khuch nhi and goes from there.
They do the shopping and the roka day
Ku and usha comes to taneja house and greets leela. Ku is looking dam hot and smart dashing handsome cute sweet(ab tariff karungi toh shabd kam padjaenge so back to the epi) and is wearing red shirt with white jeans. Ravi’s mom call ushla and they leaves and tell ku to come with tw. Ku goes to tw room. Ku comes inside and is mesmerized seeing tw. She is lokking adorable and is wearing blue lehenga with golden embroidery her hairs are open and she hade made a side puff. Ku is continuously looking at her and she is busy in selecting for her. Just then she notices ku there. Tw- u here ku comes back into senses and says- yeah maa and leela aunty went because they had an urgent work so they told me to come with u. tw- oh just 10 min I have to select earrings only. Ku- yeah sure tw turns towards mirror while ku is shocked and quickly turns to other side. Tw sees this from mirror and says- what happened? Ku still turning to other side says- no nothing vese u r looking verrrrryy hot in this dress. Tw- what? Ku u know na I don’t like those words and btw u r trying to flirt with me. I am tw taneja and u know what KU GETS IRRITED AND COMES TOWARDS HER AND HOLDS HER BY HER WAISTtw try to free her and shouts- oh hello what r u trying to do ku says- just shut up and he ties her blouse’s dori tw realizes that her dori was opened ku says- zaruri nhi hamesha tu jo soche vo hi sahi hota hai hamesha jo hum sochte hai vo hi sach nahi hota aur vese bhi mai koi ese waise type ka ladka nhi hu aur tere sath bina teri marzi ka khuch karne ka khuch soch hi nhi sakta kabhiii bhi nhi…..ku leaves her. Tw- thankyou ku. Ku- yeah its all right and both comes down and sits in car.
Ku starts driving when tw says- vese agar tum apni stupid se chize aur flirt na karo toh tum itne bhi bure nhi ho friends? Ku gets shocked and listening this he stops his car and says- really am I seeing a dream? Tw- no mr sarna u r not seeing a dream its real. Ku shakes his hand and says- sure friends (bas itni si instrumental plays) tw – ku u r holding my hand from 5 min we will get late ku comes to senses and says oh sorry lets go and she drives the car tw is enjoying the surrounding her hairs r flying and r coming in front of her face ku smiles and sees tw (zara si dil mai de jagah tu plays)
Leap of 6 months
A girl is shown she is standing in a room which is dark and she shouts- kun j where r u. the girl is none other than twinkle. Just then a voice comes- jab tum apni cute si smile de ti ho tabse tumse pyar kiya hai. ( music plays) Tw recognizes the voice a man is shown coming and says- jab baat baat pe gussa ho jati thi tabse tumse pyar kiya hai. Apni ufff tarife karti thi tabse tumse pyar kiya hai jab hum barish mai sath bheegte the tabse tumse pyar kiya just then the lights comes and the boy is none other than ku he says- ab toh khud bhi bhool chukka hu kabse tumse pyar kiya hai and by saying this he kneels down and says- bas itna kehe sakta hu tumse sirf tumhi se pyar kiya hai. Tw gets very happy tears of happiness r coming from her eyes ku is smiling and is lokking very handsome in black coat and tw is wearing red coloured gown(she wears in tei when her’s and uv’s jungle date.) the room is de3corated very beautifully small lamps r hanging all around and in the walls there r many pics of twinj and all where there is ballons of red coloured spread on the floor ku says- tw I love u (sajna ve plays) if even I had to choose between breathing and loving u, I would use my last breath to say, I LOVE U I fall in love with u every time I look into ur beautiful eyes and he gives her a dozen roses she sees them there 11 roses were real and last one is fake tw gets confused ku says- I will love u until the last rose dies. Tw smiles ku – if I died and god asked me what I’d like to come back as, I’d say a tear; so I can be born in ur eyes, roll down your cheek, and die on ur lips. Tw starts to cry by listening this ku gets up and tw hugs ku and says- I love u too ku I ove u too I didn’t know that u love me so much she breaks the hug and says- ku today u madfe me feel so special don’t love me this much kunj I am not so special. Ku wipes her tears and says- no tw u r very very special for me u fill my world with hope and love I don’t know what I would do without u in my life infact I could not imagine my life without u when I see u in pain it hurts me very much I only need u I don’t need anyone else in my life I want to be with u forever. I would love to wake up next to u forever will u MARRY ME and make me the luckiest man in the world I have always loved y and will always love u will u accept ur khadoos sarna forever. Tw smiles and says- yes I will aceept mu khadoos sarna I would love to be with u. I love u ku if u laugh I feel I have got heaven and when u feel sad I think its better to die rather than seeing u in pain mujhe tume rab dikhta hai ku aur mai hamesha tumhari hona chahti hu meri aakhri saas tak and thery hugs each other………………………………
Hi guys I know my ff was very boring but I planned so so sos so many good things and so long butt this registered no. chalo koi baat nhi hope u all like it and the dialogues hey did u saw jalk diklaa jaa our sid was looking so handsome and his performance was just too good and now thankyou so much sayyeda di angita di sidmin di shatakshi di shreya di jasmin baby di sam di kruti di and many more who supported me and had been my strength love u allll my journey in writing ff was very memorable for me I got so many friends and ya a sis also saby diii love u and ya if u r reading this so plz comment as its my last epi so I request my silent readers also if its possible plz plz plz comment. And ya I will not stop commenting I will comment but very rarely as my exams r going to start from 6 august and ya I love all ur ffs very very much. I will never forget u all and ha aapko bhi bhoolne nhi dungi hahaha aur ha agar koi mujhe bhool gaya toh toh toh…………………………………….toh kya karungi khuch nhi ok now yr band krne ka man nhi kr rha hai bas lag rha hai likh te jaau and ya trust me I am seriously crying while writing this I know u r thinking so silly girl I am but the day I started writing the ff and till now was one of the best days of my life u know I don’t use to write epis I use to get tired but I wrote till 12 o clock at night and when I use to read ur comment I use to feel so so happy. I got very rare comment but I was happy in that chlo bye vese maine peheli bar itni baate ki hai aapn sab se aur abhi type krte krte bhi mujhe maza aa rha hai aur stop krne ka maan nhi kr rha chalo bye varna aap log bolo ge ki ff se zayada lambi toh meri baate thi but seriously gonna miss u all very badlyyy aur agar mauka mila toh ho sakta hai vapas aa jau u never know chalooo byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………………………………….

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  1. Manu u ended it..soo sad..i was like..:0..but yeah..even i have to end it..but loved the u..muah!!

    1. Jas thankyou so much amd ya u posted ur ff? I am glad that u loved the love confession

  2. Hey manu ur ff is not boring infact todays epi also loveddddd it very much and ya yr why r u ending so soon gonna miss u nd ur ff and ya your idea of love conffession wassss jusssttt amazing loved it and especially kunj’s lines u rocked it…………and ya if u get time then plzzz continue and I am glad that I got a friend like u love u and ur ff and misss u come back soon muahhh

    1. Hey Ishani…even my real name is Ishani. And Manu di…it’s really sad u ended ur ff. I used to love it and will forever love it.

      1. Ladoo hankyou so much and yr u made me emotional I never thought that u love my ff so much and ya plz if u don’t mind u will tell me what’s ur age and in which clas u study as u called me di and I thnk I am the smallest in tu plz do tell me

      2. Hey laddoo I am glad that ur name is also ishani I ques do u write any ff

    2. Thankkkkkkyouuuuu so much ishani I am so lad that u liked the confession and ya I am also very happy that I got a friend like u u r so sweet and ya I willtry to come back

  3. Fan

    Awesome ending yaar..will miss ur ff..n if possible do register n come back with an awesome new story like this one..

    1. Thankyou so much fan or di awwww u guys r making me emotional and ya if I will get a chance I will loved to write a new ff and get connected to u all

  4. Hey i am ur silent reader and today when i read u will not post i couldnt stop my self from commenting ur just love ur writing Woowwww manu just fabulous epi lovely loved it to the core the love confession was just wooww will miss uvery badly plz come back soon.

    1. Hey sanskriti I am glad that u broke ur silent I am so happy that u all r commenting….thankyou so so mch forcommenting

  5. Sayeeda

    Maanu dear u made me so emotional with the feeling that u have while ending this ff ….the bond u shared with us nd with this ff …
    Gonna miss u dear …nd ur ff also …
    I told u earlier only that how much I love ur ff ….
    Coming to ur episode it was fab….amazing …awesome …loved it ..
    The way u ended this story was too cute yrr ….
    Love u nd do come up with next ff …

    1. Sayu di infact u made me so emotional its getting more hard to stop the ff yr I am crying u r like my elder sis and ya thankyouuuui so much for loving my ff and always there to supported me u know aapka comment padke mai sabse zyada.kush hoti thi and abhi bhi its my pleasure that u commented……

  6. Romaisha

    ??? you’re leaving?? So bad yaar n just like that??
    Noo I’ll miss u n ur ff dii it was a mixture if emotions in your last epi here i loved it cute wala confession ?❤ … I’ll miss the ff yaar… Bye ?

    1. Hey romaisha thanks for commenting hey u made me emotional yr glad u liked the confession and if u don’t mind can I know what’s ur age……

  7. dreamer..arundhati

    Manu really im speechless.too gud….the epi was fabulous…im gonna miss u badly…ur ff was a treat to read…hope to see u soon

    1. Arundhati di I am hell happy now I never thought that all love my ff his much amd its my pleasure that u commented and ya gonna miss u too I also wish I could come soon……hanks forcommenting

  8. Shatakshi

    Hey manu
    I always admire ur dialogues
    But no worries
    Please do register n come
    The episode was Awesome❤❤❤❤

    1. Hey sattu di thankyou so much and what u said am I dreaming u were admire by my dialogues like seriously yr u don’t know I am so happy by ur comment live u di and j will try to register……

  9. Angita

    ??youre not gonna continue
    OK OK I get you but I’ll miss you so so so so much
    Can’t believe its ending
    But I loved the ending till the core of my heart and so will this ff and it was not boring

    1. Angita di thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo zyada lamba ho gaya ka thank yous o much aur sach baat batau I also can’t believe that its my last ff u know I was having so many ideas I wrote upto 11 epis in my copy and jasmin had read it and while writting I use to think I din mai tu mai yeh sab post karungi but chal its ok and ha u have a ques did u write any ff if yes then pz tell me I would love to read it byeeeee

  10. Baby

    hey manu how cn u leave us so easily yr oh god y didnt u registered u no i misd ur ff soooo mch n wen u r here u r here wid dis bad news oh god i hate dis rule of tu yr i ll miss u n ur ff it ws aamazing beautifuly riten d dialogues wr osm luv u manu

    1. Awwww baby di I am crying write now and trust me I am also very sad I don’t want to stop my ff and leave u all so sorry yar thankyou very much for commenting I am gald that u like the dialoiges and sry yr can’t wrte any more I am not able to stop my tears…bye

  11. Sameera

    Yeah Manu ur ff is so amazing I used to wait for it thus abrupt ending is a shock for me yep Manu plz do register n come back.with another story I’ll wait for u miss u yaar love u do come n u too made us emotional ho sakte to plz come back

    1. Yr mere mushkil hota ja rha hai tu chodna aase emotional karoge apni manu ko not fair sam di I will try to come back and thankyouuuuuu so much for commenting

  12. Thank god u ended chiiiiii so bad story aur a vapas kabhi mat aana tu ko tum jaise non sense logo ko bilkul zarurat nhi hai u and ur blo*dy stupied ff aur koi zarurat nhi hai koi bhi bakwass sa ff post karne ki u blo*dy idiot

    1. Hey u just shut ur mouth and else I gomna say nothing because I am like u
      .and ya next time don’t comment

  13. This story is really great…
    I loved ur story…
    I m a silent reader actually but seeing u leaving & ending this story..I couldn’t remain silent…
    If possible do continue the story & stay back…a silent reader’s wish & request..

    1. Shakti yr u know I am so happy that my silent readers r also comment but I am more happy to know ki mere bhi koi silent readers hai sach bolu mujhe kabhi bhi nhi laga tha I will try to fullfil ur wish thankyouuu soooooo muchhhhh for commenting

  14. What words yaar ? Impressed

    1. Hey kiara di thankyouuu so much fir commenting I am glad that I made u impressed

    1. Thankyou di I am glad that u like it

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