twinj:dil se dil ka connection (nafrat se pyar ka safar) epi 4


Hi guys hope u remember me and my ff so so so so so so sorry I know I am very late. Actually there is a very big problem with me my idiot tab in it I can only read and comment I cant post in the its problem that its not poating so from my sis phone I posted that os and journey and I cant right in her phone all the time and I use my lapii very rarely that why so lets start……… is a short summary for readers who forget it..

Tw saw a boy misbehaving with the she comes and slaps him he is kunj both fight and in party also they met and in gurudware priest understand them as husband wife ku was thinking how he can go to tw house he gets an idea he goes in taneja house and outside tw room she listen voice so she slowly see and was shocked tw singing and dancing on song mere khwaboon mai jo aaye from ddlj and was wearing…….

So here starts the epi4
Tw was wearing wardrobe of purple colour and playing guitar and says-what should I sing?. Just then she gets up and sings-mere khwaboon me jo aaye aake mujhe ched jaye usse kaho kabhi samne toh aayeand she goes near the mirror and dry her hairs and sings-jado jaise koi chalne laga hai mai kya karu dil machal ne laga hai tera dewwana hu keheta hai fir iss tarah chup chup ke reheat hai kyu. Just then she holds some roses in her hand and sings- kar betha bhool vo le aaya phool vo. She points her finger toward sky and sings- usse kaho jaaye chand lr kr aaye mere khwabon mai jo aaye. Ku who was seeing this gets mesmerized seeing tw. Jus then tw sees kunj’s pic(now don’t ask me how tw has ku pic because anythind can possible in my ff)and says-khadoos srna non sense. Kunj says meee. Tw sees ku pic and says- ya you only. Ku says in his mind-me and tw says- now plz don’t tell me. Mee and khadoos because u r khadoos. U fought with me when we met first with no reason. U called me miss whatever u called me problem’s shop and siyappa queen but when u said I am handsome dashing somewhere u were right I mean little little. Ku smiles listening this. Tw- u tried to say sorry to me that was so cute and the priest said us husband and wife that time I ask something to babaji I ask him that and she turns and see ku smiling.

K- that. What u said?
Tw- nothi…ng
Ku- no u said and he comes forward and tw moves back (music plays) tw is stopped by the wall. Ku comes close to her ears and says
Ku-u know tw u were looking very cute while singing and I didn’t thought that u think about me like this. Tw says in her mind- tw u r Punjabi sherni why r u nervous just say. Tw- u have manners or not u came inside without knocking and pushes him little.
Ku- if I didn’t see this how would I know that u think this about me that I am handsome dashing well I am very happy and winks.
Tw- u have some work or u came here to show me ur monkey like face. Kunj gets tensed and says
Ku- yeah..yeah..l have work.. I have……
Tw- what?
Ku-haaaaaaa actually I want notes of bio.
Tw- achaaa vese why I will give u notes.
Ku- because u r my neighbor and we r in same college so its ur duty if I want help u shoul help me this is ur work why u will not give me u selfish and and and. He says this in one breathe.
Ku- nhiiiiiiii carr
Tw- hahahahah very funny shut up I will not help u during class u flirt with girls and now u r coming for help I will not help u do whatever u want but I will not help u
Ku- ok if u will not help me then
Tw- then kyaa?u cant do anything
Ku- then I will
He comes close to twwhile she moves back. He comes more closer she is stopped by the wall. Kunj comes towards her lips
Tw-ku plz leave me. Kunj doesn’t listen and come more closer. They r about few millimeters far. He is about to kiss her when tw pushes him and says.
Tw-ok fine I will give u just don’t do that again

She breathes heavily. Ku smiles at her. She was searching the book. Ku see her and says- tw u r forgewtting something tw- ku plz don’t disturb me for ur silly talks. Ku- achaa tw u know what u r looking very hot in this dress. Tw realizes what she is wearing(guys she is still in her wardrobe)she rushes towards wash room tw- oh god in hury I forget to take my dress what should I do babaji plzzz help. Ku listn this and smiles and says- vese I can help u. tw-noo don’t help me. Ku- ok then I am waiting. Tw thinks and says ok.take any dress form almirah. Ku- ok but of my choice. T-nooo I am saying give me pink suit. Ku- no I am giving so let me give. He goes and takes out blue and black coloured chudidaar and says-pefect! This will suit u and gives to tw. Tw takes house her hand and snatches the dress and says- hmmmm nice choice.ku- thanks vese my choice is always nice no no no infact which thing I choose it became nice. Right. Tw- oh hello don’t fly come down or else if u will fall down u will break into pieces. I am coming just wait.

After 5 min. she comes out wearing the dress and is looking stunning. Ku is mesmerized seeing her. Tw- lets see ku- what? Vese I am seeing only. Tw-oh really vese what r u seeing? Ku- you tw- what? Ku- no I mean u can give the notes tomorrow btw I want to say something. Tw- say ku- tw I am sor…but before he could say tw was about to go when ku holds her wrist and say- I am ery sorry tw listen to me atleast once. Actually u understand it wrong that time I was not misbehaving with that girl we were doing role play and u misunderstood it. Tw gets shock ang feeks guilty she says- I am really sorry ku I understood it wrong and I slapped u also. Ku smiles amd says- vese u slapped very hard it is paining till now. Tw get tensed and says- really show me and she touches his cheek softly. Ku smiles.(fuuny tune plays) Tw- but marks toh nahi dik rhe. Ku- exam paper thodi na hai jo marks dikhenge pagli andar se chot lagi hai (sry guys I will not translate it kabhi kabhi hindi mai maza aana chahiye. Tw gets confused ku says- leave it lets eat this chocolate. 1 chocolate hamari new friendship ke naam. Tw-really u and me friends chill mr kunj sarna chill I am not running from here and vese bhi I don’t make friends so easily especially boys. Ku- why boys tw- kyuki tum log bharosa kr le layak nhi hote samjhe mr. khadoos. K-hhmmm par. Tw- and for this chocolate I will eat it alone and she takes the chocolate from his hand and sit on bed. Ku- ha .pr and he realizes what she says. Ku-n wait wait what u said me and khadoos plzzzz. Tw- yes u r khadoos only. Ku comes and sits beside tw and snatch chocolate from her hand and says while eating- u cant eat it alone pehele se itni moti hai akele kahegi toh aur moti ho jaegi. (u r fat from before only and if u will it it alone u will become more fat) tw- awwww me and fat plzzz I am punjabi patakha with beauty and brains. Ku- beauty toh I can understand everybody has a right to think that she is beautiful but brains I have a very big doubt in it. Tw- just shut up.and u have irrited me or u want something else. Ku- u tw- what? Ku- I…I mean I challenge u that in 10 days u will come and ask me for friendship. Tw- challenge and me rehene de. Ku- kyu dar gai.(why r u scared) tw- nhi tumpe daya aa gai thi. (no I felt pity on u) btw tw taneja kisi se nhi darti(tw taneja is not afraid of anything). Just then a lizard goes from there. Tw- kunjj kunjj. She starts shouting. Ku- what happened tw- see there. He sees the lizard and starts laughing. The lizard moves a lit bit tw hugs ku tightly and says- plzz help me kunj. Kunj hugs her back (sajan ve plays). The lizard goes from there. Twinj compose themselves ku starts laughing and says- what u were telling and she mimics tw. Twinkle taneja kisi se nhi darti. Tw- haa… haaa.. to…vo..vo. ku- acha now I should leave and ya when we will meet next time then u will tell me the ans till then keep thinking and ya don’t forget the challengre 10 days. Tw- ya ya 10 days. Ku comes down stairs and ssays to leela.

k- aunty tomorrow is holi so we have organized a holi party at our home so plz come with ur family. Maa told that she will call u.
l- haa puttar usha ji just called me and we will definitely come. Kunj leaveds from taneja house and stand outside and remembers how tw hugged him. How she turns in the party and smiles, how he met her first time, how she falls and ku holds her in the party. How kunj comes close to tw(sajan ve plays) he smiles and goes…………
at night
leela comes to tw’s room and says
l- tw plzz wake up early in the morning tomorrow T- why? Maa infact tomorrow is holi and our holiday also. L- tomorrow is holi that’s why u have to wake up early as we have to go to kunj’s house tomorrow for a holi party. So get up early ok. Tw-ok maa. leela goes from there tw says to herself- tw kal kisi bhi halat mai subah jaldi uthna hai si ja…………..and sleeps.

Next day
At 7:00 A.M.
Tw wakes up and sees the time and says to herself-vaah!tw tune yoh apna hi record todh diya 7 baje uth gai and goes to washroom.
Next scene
Tw is putting lipstick on her lips. Her lips r shown of light red. Then her eyes r shown and she is putting muskara. She winks at mirror and says- wow tw pefect!lag rhi hai. Just then leela comes. there and without seeing her she says- tw wake up or else we will get late. Tw- ma I am already ready she is looking fantastic and is wearing a white anarkali with red dupatta. L- are aaja suraj kaha se nik la hai tw wake up so early tw-maaaaa l- acha ok so lets go. They goes to sarna mansion.

Sarna house
Tw and leela goes inside and greets everyone. Outside the house a boy is showm from back and is wearing white shirt and blue jeans. He turns and says- where she is…. The boy is wearing black sunglasses and is looking very hot in it. He removes his sunglasses and is none other than our hero knj sarna. Ishan comes there and is about to put colour on kunj’s face when ku stops him and says-ishu afterwards ok. Ishu- why chachu. Ku- hmmm I am waiting for my friend. Ishu- I know u r waitinh for di a ku- which di? Ishu-I don’t know her name aree I told u to give her chocolate my new friend. Ku understand that ishu is talking about tw. K- no no I don’t even know her properly. Ishu-ok but I will put afterwards ku smile sand says- promise now go and enjoy. Everyone plays holi and enjou a lot ku is going inside when she collides with a girl. And the girl is holding a plate 0f red gulaal. She is about to fall when ku holds hr. the plates falls from her hand and the colour falls over them. The girl is none other than tw. (sajna ve plays). They compose themselves. Ku takes gulaal and put in tw’s cheek and says- happy holi tw feels his touch(rabata plays) tw- why u were not coloured? U were not playing holi. K- noo I was waiting for someone. Tw feels jealous and says- why and for whom? Ku notices this and raise his one eyebrow up as he use to do in tei. (funny tune plays) k- actually 1 girl is there we r very very very close friends so waiting for her. Tw- what do u mean by very very veryclose friend if u would say close friend no no no friends then it will also be ok. U wait from whom u want. I am going from here. She is about to go when ku holds her wrist (sajan ve plays) and pulls her close and hold her by her waist and says- when when u r jealous na then u look more cute. Tw- me and jealous no no no not at all.ku comes towards her cheek and put gulaal from her cheek to his cheek (mere rubaroo from jamai raja plays)k- are u will not wish ur friend. Tw- stop dreaming mr kunj sarna at least not in the day plzzz ku turns and acts to be sad he is about to go and says in his mind- tw ek baar toh wish kr itni der se wait kr rha hu. Just then tw holds her hand and takes gulaal from the plate and put in ku’s cheek and says- happy holi (music plays) ku smiles. Tw- oh hello don’t take it wrong u r not my riend vo actually I felt pity on u that’s why. K- oh really I know I know. Tw- now can I go I have a lot of work. She turns and is about to go but stops and says- vese kunj ek chiz ki kami hai. K- what? She com es towards hi,. Ku is lost in her thoughts she comes and put gulaai on ku’s nose and says- perfect (funny tune plays) now u r in ur original look. Ku- what? Tw- yeah monkey. Ku smiles and says- achaa I am monkey now see and runs after twwith his hands ful of gulaal tw- no no kunj u cant do this ku- I am the great ku sarna I can do anything
(bas itni si tamana hai instrumaental plays) screen freezes…………………………………………

Precap- tw is putting orange dupatta in her head( sajna ve plays) ku smiles seeing her and gets mesmerized……….

Guys I will be posting after 5-6 days or may be more than that sorry for that as I am feeling very bad i got cold today only and my throat is paining very badly so sorry mafff kr dena iss bachi ko………………………………………………..1 min itni jaldi kya hai abhi last line bachi hai I hope u all like plzzz comment……………………………………………………………………………………………….this one is last thankyou so much who all commented on my journey of twinj love and I am glad that I could made u remember and flashbacks of twinj scenes……………………………………………………………………………1 min 1 min final wala bye………………………………………………………………………..

Credit to: sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

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  1. Wowww manu well written and ya we will wait for ur ff and tadays epi u just rocked it love u and ur ff muahhh and ya gets well soon…

  2. SidMin

    Manu Loved it 🙂 Get well soon 🙂

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it…..

  4. Baby

    hey manu misd ur ff a lot n yah d episode yr no wrds 2 describe itna acha srsly luvd it yr osm i mean speechless chod diya yr n ll b w8ing fr ur ff pls post it asap n yah also gt well very soon jaise hm jldi jldi tumhari ff pd paye hhaa

  5. Romaisha

    Wowwwww ??? loved it to the moon and further ???❤❤??
    Episode was ekk sum awesome…tbh i felt as if i was watching tei only better scenes !! Seriously im falling in love with your ff. And yea .. Dilwale part nah varun and ishu … Kunj and twinkle..that was also my fav part yaar ? do post soon cant wait to keep reading 🙂

  6. Sameera

    Wow Manu loved it ???

  7. Angita

    Loved it mannu??????????❤❤

  8. Sayeeda

    Amazing Mannu …..loved it..

  9. Kruti

    Amazing epi manu
    By the way r u on twitter????

  10. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

    Thankyouuuuu so much guys but I think I will stop my ff as from 1 august person who had registered no. Can only post and I can’t register due to some problem.. thankyou romaisha I am very very happy that u like it and I am glad that I could make u imaging the best scenes…..and sayu di angita di sam di purnima di baby di sidmin di sonakshi thankuuuu so much for commenting…..and kruti di I am only 12 so I am not at all in twitter or fb. Acutally I don’t like social networking sites ya but sis is in whatsapp and fb…..

  11. ishani (a silent reader of ur ff)

    Wowwww manu loved ittttt and ya ur journey was also fabulous I was not able to comment as I was busy but yr trust me u written it very beautifully I seriously cried after reading that and ya I could remember all twinj scene and yrrr plz don’t stop ur ff plz plz plzzzz

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