twinj:dil se dil ka connection (nafrat se pyar ka safar) epi 3


Hi guys I am here with epi 3 thnkyouuu so much for commenting and silent readers too and one more thing guys I want to ask u are u ok with the length and ya jas I will try to make it long yeh wala dekh fir batana ok….so lets start.

Recap-twinj fight in canteen……twinkle and kunj meet in the party kunj gets mesmerized seeing tw twinkle makes an excuse and goes.

Twinkle goes to leela and says-maa I want to tell u something. L- afterwards first meet my friend wsha ji. Tw-satsriakal aunty. U-satsriakal beta must say leela ur daughter is very beautiful. Tw- thanks aunty. U- see my son also came. Meet leela my son kunj. K- paripona anuty. And touches her feet. L- jeeta rhe puttar.(live long) twinkle gives whatever wala look to kunj and kunj smiles seeing is standing behind leela. Kunj says to leela by seeing tw. K-vese I must say aunty u r very beautiful and I want my wife just like u she should be ur shadow and maybe she must be there in the party. Twinkle looks into kunj eyes and kunj smiles and they share a cute eyelock(sajna ve plays)leela smiles. Twinkle says- maa I am coming and she goes from there. She comes outside the house in the garden and stands near the pool and is looking at the stars and lost in her thoughts.jus =t then kunj comes from behind and scare twinkle. K-bhoooo! Twinkle get scared and shouts- ahhh!and twinkle legs get twisted she was about to fall in pool but our hero holds her. They share an intense eyelock.(sun sathiya plays). They come into there senses and twinkle says in the same position. Tw-u have brain or not abhi mujhe hear t attack aa jata toh kunj smiles and says (not in his senses) k- mere pass dimaag toh hai pr jab tumhe dekhta hut oh sirf dil kaam krta hai (I have brain but when I see u then only my heart works)tw- what?u sais anything. Kunj realizes what he said . and says k- yes I said kitni moti hai tu agar hum 1 min bhi asse rhe toh mai shole ka thakur banjaunga kyuki hath toh tut hi jaenge mere(u r so fat and if for 1 min we will be like this na then I will become shole’s thakur because my hand will be not there)funny tune plays. Tw gets angry and says- no now I will not get up I will be like this only u tell me fat na first say sorry then only or else stay like this only. K-abe mar jaunga(I will die)and kunj sarna will say sorry to u ek toh mai sach bol rha hu upar say sorry bhi mai hi bolu sachai ka toh zamana hi nhi hai(I am saying truth and I will only say sorry) tw- ok then remain like this only. K- really let me also see how u remain like this and he removes his hands from her waist and tw fell on pool with a jerk and kunj’s do srk style by stretching his arms and says- bazigar mai bazigar. Tw- oh really and he pulls his legs and he also fell down in pool. Twinkle smirks and says- so what u r saying mr idiot. And start to laugh while kunj sees her lovingly. K- I was saying and he start to come close to tw while tw stops laughing and says kunjj k- yess twinkle what happened? (music plays) he come very close to her and they look into each other’s eye just then achuuuuu twinkle sneeze as she caught cold. Both come to their senses and come out from the pool. And kunj says-vese I come to know that u loved chocolate so here it is. Tw- no that time toh…..but kunj interrupts and says- no no I was simply saying it was not like that I cant take it and bla bla bla but my ishaan said that y r his friend so achuuuu chocolate toh banti hai. T- ah ok fine and take it hesitately and says actually achuuuu k- ithink u should go home and change else u will get cold I will inform aunty. T- yeah ok. And she starts going from there when kunj sees her going and says-kunj if she is made for u then she will definitely trun. Palat palat palat. Just then twinkle truns and says- bye and ya inform maa k-yeah sure bye and says to himself yes yes yes. Twinkle goes and kunj says- khuch toh hua hai khuch ho gaya hai and goes from there

Next scene
Taneja house
Taneja’s comes from the party. Twinkle is in her room and says-maa was right he has a silent and innocent look also and thinks about how she falls over kunj how kunj gives her chocolate how he said take care of yourself. Just then she on t.v and in t.v a lady says- lets see how we fall in love what is love twinkle listen to her the lady says-fighting is a fest step of love we fight with them whom we love the most and twinkle remembere how she fights with kunj for first time the lady says- then after some time we feel that the guy is nice he is not so bad. Twinkle remembers what she said about kunj few min ago the lady says and-we remembers some special moment with him she remembers how she fall over kunj the lady says-then we see him every where I will tell u more about after a break. Twinkle comes to her senses and says- what rubbish is this and she offs the t.v babaji what is this I am so confused and now that lady bol toh asse rhi thi jaise kitni experienced hai ( she was speaking like as she is very experienced) and goes to her balcony. Just then she sees kunjstanding outside her house and shaking his hand and saying hii tw gets shocked and says-oh teri which ever thing the lady was saying is getting true now I am imagining kunj babaji whats happening. (bechari twinke) just then kunj says- mere khayalo mai khoi hui thi naa (u were thinking about me na) yes guys kunj was there in real. Twinkle comes back to her senses and says- kunjjj u here why u came here just go! K-first answew my ques. T- kunj anyone will see u I will tell later. K-nooooo. Tw- ok stop dreaming mr kunj sarna I have other work also in my life. I and will think about u plzzz. K- ab itna bhi jhoot mat bol(don’t tell lie) tw- I am not lying ok now go. K- ok but I know u were thinking about me. Twinkle give whatever wala look. Kunj was about to go when twq says- listen take care of yourself its already midnight. Kunj smiles. Twinkle thinks- oh my god what did u told tw now he will take it differently. And says- what…don’t smile and look ar me like this I was telling because if u will got hurt then I will be in problem every1 will scold me I will be responsible as u came here for me. K- ok I will take care bye and goes from there tw also goes to her room

Next day
Tw and leela are in gurudware and tw is shocked to see kunj there while leela is happy to see them.. kunj is mesmerized by her look. She is wearing a white kurti with red patiyala and red chunni. Her head is cover with the chunni and her hairs are fluing due to wind. She is looking dam beautiful. L- aree what a surprise usha u here. U- yeah I and kunj use to come here regularly. Kunj is busy looking at tw and she is feeling awkward. They goes inside the gurudware. Leela and usha have work so they says-u go inside we r coming. Tw-but ma k-lets go. Twinj goes to pray. There they meet the priest. Priest says-may god always keep you together. Twinj are confused. Priest says-today is a special day if today any couple will take seven vows they will be together for ever. Twinj are shocked to listen this. Tw-no actually there is a misunderstanding we r not husband and wife. Priest- oh I though. K- yeah its all right. They goes to pray infront of god. Tw says in her mind by joining her hands and closing her eyes. T- babaji what is happening me and kunj husband and wife. Babji plz tell me and help me.kunj says in his mind-babaji mujhe khch nhi chahiye bas twinkle ki wish puri ke dena(babaji I don’t need anything only fulfill twinkle’s wish) sajna ve plays. Twinkle stands up and was about to go but her chunni get stuck with kunj’s bracelet (sajna ve plays). Tw comes back and tries to free her chunni. Kunj keeps his hand by mistakenly on twinkle”s hand and free her chunni(music plays). They both come outside. Priest says-baba ji they r made for each other plz always keep them together.

Outside gurudware
k- tw vo actually I am sorry but that day u understand the situation……before he could say tw says- plz kunj k- listen…tw ignores him and goes from there.
Next scene
Tw is getting late for the college . she goes towards the car and after some time reaches the college.. she comes rushing towards her class and says-may I come in sir. Sir-why r u late? Tw-I am really sorry sir (lo start ho gaya hamari drmma queen ka drama)from tomorrow I will be in time plz can I get in. the teacher is impressed by her dramebaazi oh sry sry behavior. And says- ok come in. everybody glances at her. She is wearing a black one piece upto thies and black hills. She comes inside and notices that there is no empty seat in the class except kunj’s. tw stops and stand. Sir- why r u standing take ur seat. Tw- yes sir. She come and sits beside kunj. K- finally u came to me (funny tune plays). Twinkle gives him what the haell wala look and says- oh hello don’t fly ok come down or else there will be problem for u only. K- when a whole problem’s shop is in front of me how I will be scared to that choti moti problem. U r the great siyappa queen. Tw- what just shtup how dare u call me siyappa queen stupid idiot and and k- cool dowm don’t give pressure tu ur small little brain I know that u don’t know more words right and winks and says see how understanding I am, t- kkkkkkkkkuuuuuuunnjjj just stop it ok chatter box over k- yes but runs r left na tw- hahaha very funny keep ur sad funny jokes upto u understand. Just then sir said- miss taneja and mr sarna over twinj together- yes sir but runs are left. Sir get shocked and says- just shut up what did u said. Tw- no sir first he said to me then I said to . k- no sir I didn’t said alone u know na company matters sir- get out from my class. And they go outside. K- all is just because of u t- oh really u said that tw- no u k- no u t- forget it and both goes from there.

Sarna house
Kunj is thinking something and roaming here and there in his room. He says to himself- think kunj think how can u meet her he thinks for sometime and says- idea wow kunj what a plan and goes

Taneja house
Kunj comes to taneja’s house and rings the bell. Leela opens the door. L-are kunj puttar how u here? K-actually I came here to meet tw I want notes from her. L- ok she is in her room . kunj goes towards her room . kunj comes in front of the door and listen’s guitar voice. He slowly opens the door and comes inside and mesmerized and shocked seeing tw actually she was dancing and singing mere khawabo mai jo aaye from ddlj and is wearing……………

Precap –its holi time……..kunj romantic moments. And why kunj was shocked and some funny scenes of tw.

Hope the length was ok and plz keep support me amd comment if u like the epi……………

Credit to: sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

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