twinj:dil se dil ka connection (nafrat se pyar ka safar) epi 2


Hi guys I am here with epi 2 thankyouuuu soooo muchhh to all the commenter and sayeeda di its ok it doent matter if u comment late or early but I just smile when I read ur comment and each and every comment is equal important for me……so lets start

Recap-twinkle sees a boy misbehaving with a girl…..the boy is kunj…..fight between them……..twinkle goes towards the class.

Twinkle goes to her class and is irritated to see kunj in the same class. She comes and sits behind kunj. The class gets over and she comes to cafeteria. She sees a girl there which is ordering chocolate milkshake. The girl is beautiful and cute. Twinkle comes there and says to the girl. Tw- hii I am twinkle and I am new in the college so can I join u. C-sure come I have my group there and if u will meet my besti na u will also make him your besti. He is so handsome and cute. Tw- ok ok lets meet. Chinkle goes to one of the seat. C-hey! See who is there. Our new member. The boy turns but twinkle’s phone fall down so she bends to pick it up. The boy sees twinkle bending and thinks-I think I have saw her. Twinkle stands and says- hi I am. She is shock to see kunj. Kunj also gets a big shock to see her. Tw- chinki u were saying that this guy is handsome. And starts laughing badly and says- cute and he plzzzzzz and u were saying I will make him my besti. Besti banaye meri jutti (besti my foot)idiot. Kunj fumes and says-oh hello! U miss whatever she was saying right I am very handsome and dashing bachelor. (vese baat toh sahi kahi hai u all agree with me na)any girl can fall for me and before u reject me I reject u and he goes from there. Twinkle is very very angry and says- how dare u kunj sarna, u said me miss whatever and insulted me I will not leave u just wait and watch and now u will get to now who is twinkle taneja. (Annoying tune plays). Twinkle comes to her house and goes inside. Tw-hii maa. Taking an apple from the basket. L- how was your first day. Tw- it was ok maa and I met one boy also he is just opposite of chinki but both are besti so shocking naa. L- I think u made a mistake. Twinkle may be u have didn’t understand that boy may be he is very nice and u have seen her attitude face but maybe he has a silent and loving nature also u never know. Tw- may be. L-puttar I forget to tell u we have to go for a party at evening tw- where?why?and in whom’s party?. L- twinkle twinkle take a pause do u want water. Tw- maa stop teasing me. L-we have to go in your father’s friend’s party so go and get ready. Tw- ok maa

Next scene
She came out wearing a white gown with silver design from one shoulder to another and is wearing silver long earrings and a silver simple heart shaped pendent her hairs are curled from bottom and wearing white hills and is looking like a ferry. She comes to leele. Tw-lets go ma. L-puttar u r looking very beautiful and put the black spot behind her ear. They goes to the party. Leela goes to her friend. Twinkle is feeling boring and sits in the chair busy with her phone. Just then she sees a child coming running and he falls down and starts crying. Tw comes there and says- oh what happened stop crying…. Wow! Chocolates. She says pointing the chocolates in his hand and says – I love chocolate and u r also so cute and sweet like chocolate so I love u also. She diverts his mind. The child stops crying and says- didi thankyou for helping me. Tw- awww welcome sweeti pie. Child-didi those people I like I make them friend by giving them chocolate. This chocolate is mine I will bring from my chachu for u. Tw- so sweet of u. Child- he will be here only yes there he is. And shouts- chaaachhhuuu. The boy’s back is shown he turns but twinkle gets a phone call she turns the other side and couldn’t see the boy. Boy- ishann mu sweetu . twinkle is still busy in her phone.(I will use ishu for ishaan) ishu- chachu . this didi is my friend and I want to give her chocolate and u know she is just like u she also loves chocolate very much. Yhe boy smiles and sees twinkle from back. He comes towards her and says- excuse me. Twinkle truns and is shocked to see the boy. Tw- YOU. I think u all guess it right the boy is none other than kunjjj. While kunj saw twinkle carefully for first time. He is mesmerized by her look and glances at her (sajna ve plays). Twinkle is feeling awkward as he is continuously seeing her. She makes an excuse and says- vo. vo I am coming. I have some work. Kunj is not listening and is lost in her thoughts tw- hello! I am talking to u. twinkle shakes her hand. Kunj comes into his senses and smiles tw- I am coming. Kunj smiles and nods and sees her going. He says to himself- she is so beautiful. Forget about revenge kunj and pat ta le usse my god (bas itni si instrumental plays) ……….

PRECAP- in gurudware……the priest thinks that twinj are husband and wife and give them blessing……….kunj tries to say sorry to twinkle and try to tell her that whatever she understand is is……

Sry I cant tell u u have to wait and read it okkk. Hope u all like it and I will try to post soon bye bye and plz comment…..waiting for it.

Credit to: sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

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  1. Oh manu..u r just amazing just as ur eli is..loved it to the core..n yaar sun post next epi asap n a bit u..muah!!

    1. sidhants diearder fan (manu)

      Thanku so much jas I will try to make it longer

  2. Joonakanksha

    Yr it was awesome…really loved it

    1. sidhants dieharer fan (manu)

      Thanks joonakanksha di I am glad that u like it

  3. Sameera

    Hit hai boss amazing??

    1. sidhants dieharer fan (manu)

      Thankyou so much sam di

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….

    1. sidhants dieharer fan (manu)

      Thanku so much purnima di

  5. What an epi loved it

    1. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

      thnakyou so much queen di

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Many….it was lovely….

    1. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

      thankyou rashiverma di

  7. Shatakshi

    I m loving this story..
    Do continue asap❤❤❤

    1. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

      tahnkyou so much shatakshi di thanks for loving it

  8. Sayeeda

    Manu dear…
    I’m in love with ur ff….what a cute love story …
    Loved twinj fight scenes nd last line…. revenge bhul ja nd pata le usse was the best…. loved it …
    Soooooo cute ….precap is so amazing… waiting for next one..

    1. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

      thankyou so much sayeeda di i am glad that u like it

  9. Angita

    Awesome dear

    1. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

      thankyou so much angita di

  10. wow manu yr it was awesome loved it and ya i agree with u kunj looks very hansome post the next epi asap……

  11. Kruti

    manu awesome epi loved it

  12. Baby

    omg amazing episode manu luvd it

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