We are twinj’children don’t dare to mess with us part 2


Hellooooo I m here with my 2nd part of my OS
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UV-don’t worry I m coming to your school tommorow
A-pakka bhaii
Uv-yes chipkali
A-thanks…..wait Kya bola aapne muje chipkali haa chipkali ab dekho (taking pillow)
Uv-are tu muje maareingi
A-haa toh
Uv-Kya ruk (taking another pillow) ab bata
(They have a pillow fight)
T-Kya Hua uv and princess itna shor
Uv-maa see she hitting me with the pillow
A-noo mom she is hitting me
K-Kya Hua
A-are daddaaa (hugging him)
K-oye princess Kya Hua
A-Ab apka beta aagyya toh mein aapko hug bhi nhi karsakti
K- ohhhh baby you are my jaan how can you say this
Uv – ohh dad mom ko bura lageat
T-uv…. tuje toh ((picking a pillow)
And then they all have a pillow fight and enjoyed as there uv come after many months due to his exams

NEXT morning
Uv-goodmorning dad good morning mom good morning siyaappaa queen
A-ohhhhh you called me siyaappaa queen ab Kya kiya mein mmmmm…what to say yes sadu sarna
Meanwhile twinj was blushing you all know why because twinj always call each other by this name only
A-btw gm
T&K good morning beta
Uv -have breakfast and then I will drop you school and talk to ur teachers how you are scoring
A-baat toh aise karrahe ho ki wo apke teachers nhi hai remember you are also a ryanite
Uv-Yes but X ryanite
Twinj – Kiran ladte ho tumdono now go
Uv- chal siyaappaa queen kitne der lagaigi
k- uv wait stop calling her siyyaapa queen only I have a right to call siyappa queen but not to Anshi but to my love twinki hana siyaaaapppaaaa queen (forcing the word siyyaaappaaa quuueeen)
Uv&A-ohhhhoohhhh someone is jealous
K&t (blushes)

AT Ryan internation school (anshi’school)
(sorry accually I didn’t get any name for fake school so I used my school and will use my and my brother ‘s teachers and the relation between Anshi and uv is same as my and my brother’s relation i.e anshika and arihant’s relation )
Uv-lo aagye school mein
A-haa finally
Uv-le terelia
A-woww chocolates thank you you are the best I love you
Uv – but I hate you
A – hate you 2 3 4 5 6
Uv- whatever
A – Ab challo
Uv – ok so konsi teacher thi
A – sinduja Pathak I just hate her
Uv – oye pehle banana tha yrr 3 saal pehle jab mein12 mein that she was my accounts teacher
A – I m in 11 and she is also my A/c teacher I just hate her
Uv- are sir goodmoring
A-good morning narendra sir
N- kaisa hai uv and anshika aaj uv ko kaise le aai
A – sir aise hi he wants to meet his teachers so I thought aaj PTM hai soo wo aapse millegaa
(I forgot to mention that today is parents teachers day meeting nhi nhi pitwaigi teacher mummy see)
A- Bhai can you give me your mobile I want make a call its urgent pls
Uv – kisko call Karna hai
A – daadaaa ko
Uv – Kyu
A – I forgot to tell dadda that today is PTM
Uv -le
A-helloo dadda
K – haa princess
A- Sorryyyyy
K – kyuu are u fine baby
A – wo I forgot to tell you that today is PTM
K – it’s ok this is the first time
A – so u r coming??
K – uv is there he can handle everything ok
A- Ok dad thank you i love youu
K- my pleasure baby and lovee you too
Uv – come fast princess
A – coming bhaii
K – goo princess and come fast
A – ok Bhai
Uv – sir anshika kaisi padh rahi hai
N- are mein use nhi padhata she is not a maths student
Uv – but sir jab bhi isse puchta huu bolti hai ki maths yaa fir accounts padh rahi huu
A – SIR wo i have taken maths as additional subject
Uv- ok anshika
N-Ok best of luck whenever u need help u can contact me
A – thank you sir
Uv – let’s go anshika bye sir
N – bye uv bye anshika
A – bye sir

A – may we come in maam
Ng – come in
Uv- Good morning maam
A – good morning maam
Ng- good morning anshika and uv
Uv – maam how’s anshika
Ng – she is good but I have one complaint for her
A – (scared) what maam
Ng – she never talk in class but when teacher goes out her gang was the loudest
A – no maam
Ng – kon kon hai apke group mein
A – maam Gaurav Navneet siddhi shivani Akshay and anshul
Ng – haa aur Anshul aur Gaurav ne toh teachers ka haal bura kardia but anshika kuch nhi bolti (yeh complain toh sachmein aati hai school se Kya Karu jab man hi nhi karta bate karne ka mein Kya Karu)
Uv – her marks
Ng- abhi koi marks nhi bataye
Uv &A- thank you maam
And they meet their teacher one by one at last they have to meet principle because UV WAS A ALUMINI FOR RYAN
She praises uv for study in world no. 4 college
And talked
And then we went to library because there are the work shop for YJ’S (young journalist )
(As I am really a YJ i.e I m really an anchor for beyond breaking news )
So I added it

While going home they have masti
A – HEY jaan
G – hey Anshi
A – We are getting married tommorow gaurav
G- yeehhh I will call you later got to go
A – OkAy
G – Muskaan I love you
M- i know you only want her property right
G – Yes but I m getting married tommorow
Accually she has not cut to phone
A – how dare he

PRECAPE- anshika tell this to uv

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