Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 54

Hello everyone!! Thank you all so much for being so supportive and loving throughout my journey here…. You all have made it extremely special for me… I couldn’t have even dreamt that someone might actually like my story, and today, I still can’t believe that there are people out there who truly appreciate my work… Many of you have been by my side all along, there were others who joined in later, and there have been some of you really sweet people who come in and put forth your point of view every now and then, but make me feel special nevertheless…
Heartfelt gratitude to each one of you… I had never spoken about the dislikes and rude comments till now, but I want to tell those people too, that I’m really grateful for being such good critics… You’ve always pushed me to put in more efforts on this…
And why am I getting so emotional you ask? Well, it’s the last episode of this story, and then I’ll be vanishing for a few weeks like I’ve already said… I’m sorry Sam, I couldn’t complete 55 episodes as you had wished, I’m ending it here at 54…
I hope I haven’t bored any of you much, or wasted any of your time, and really wish that I deserve the praise you all have showered on me…
For the last time, here we go…

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 54

A quick recap: Twinj take leave of the elders and land in Manali, their moments together in their hotel room and on the mountain

“Kunj… Let me sleep na… Please… It’s been a really tiring week… We’ve toured around so much…” Twinkle complained, as Kunj opened the screens, letting in the early morning sun and cold wind. He chuckled as he reminded her of how excited she was when they had come to Manali, and how she had turned into a deflated balloon now. She opened her eyes and gave him an angry look, making him laugh.
“Whatever!” She said, rolling her eyes, walking over to the washroom.
“Not so fast Mrs. Sarna!!” Kunj said, rushing after her, blocking her way. Twinkle looked up with an uninterested, but her eyes widened when she noticed the love bites on his neck.

She pulled him over to the mirror, and showed him the marks, at which he laughed initially, but then began to try every possible thing to get rid of them, but in vain. “Sorry!” Twinkle muttered almost inaudibly. Kunj looked at her angrily, stepped towards her, as she stepped back, and pinned her to the wall. He leaned closer to her, while she closed her eyes, but he simply whispered, “It’s you who has to face the embarassment for these marks anyway!” and walked away with a victorious smile, leaving behind a shell shocked Twinkle.

“Kunj! Kunj listen…. Please let me sit by the window… Please…” Twinkle pleaded like a little child, while Kunj was adamant on having his window seat in the plane, since he claimed that she always sat by the window and fell asleep, leaving him bored.
“Please?” She said, using her most innocent look.
“Pretty please?”
“In return, you need to give me something” Kunj said, his eyes lit up.
“Atleast listen to what you need to give me”
“Anything you want” She assured, as they switched their seats.
As the plane took off, Twinkle asked Kunj what he wanted. “You said I could have anything I wanted” He reminded her.
“What is it?” She asked panicking, regretting not listening to his condition first. When he preferred to keep quiet, she jerked him, pestering him to spill the beans.
“I want…”
“You want?”
“I want you to stop being so lazy, and wake up early in the morning with me everyday” Kunj spoke, earning a frown from her, while he smiled. “Just kidding… I love my Siyappa Queen as she is… I just want you to be happy forever” He spoke, gently directing her face such that she looked at him.
Tears of joy flooded Twinkle’s eyes, and she hugged him immediately, as she spoke, “Kunj… My happiness is assured as long as we are together… And you will always remain the major reason for my happiness” Kunj put his arms around her, feeling blessed for the happiness that had finally returned in his life.

Twinj were asked to come to the Taneja mansion as everyone had been waiting for them there. They were welcomed back home as if they had been away for many years, while they chuckled looking at their moms getting emotional, both of them telling their kids how much they had missed them. The others stood around giggling as they recollected the moms behaving the same way when the other two couples had returned home after their honeymoon trips.

Twinj were surprised when they saw the hall set up for what looked like a family party. Leela and Usha brought them lots of yummy snacks and soon they all were sitting around, having casual talks, as Twinj distributed the gifts that they had bought for the others in Manali.
As it grew dark, the elders decided to call it a day, and went to their respective rooms, it had been decided that the Sarnas would stay back for that night.
The gang continued their gossip and teasing each other, making up for the one week that Twinj had been away.

As the talks continued, Kunj noticed that Twinkle had grown unusually quiet. As he followed the direction her eyes were focused on, he realised that she had been admiring the other two couples. Yuvi and Amaya playing with Pari, the three looked as ideal as a little family could. Meanwhile, Chinki and Aman, who seemed to be too lost in their own world, as they had a hushed discussion about Chinki and the baby’s health, defined love newly in their own way.
Kunj put his arms around Twinkle, and cuddled her, smiling at her, the two getting lost in each other’s eyes, but their moment was ruined by Rahul and Raj, who coughed, feeling left out among the couples.

“Guys! Stop troubling the love birds. They’ve returned from their honeymoon just today… They’ll probably be in the same mood still” Amaya spoke, making Twinj blush, while the others hooted.
“You are absolutely right di” Kunj said, and before anyone could say anything to protest or agree, Kunj lifted Twinkle in his arms, and carried her up the stairs to her room, while the others cheered for them. Twinkle’s eyes were stuck on Kunj, the deep blush never leaving her face.
He put her down once they were inside the room, and looking around, casually commented, “Nothing much has changed here, right?”
Twinkle happily nodded in a yes, as she recalled the days when Kunj used to sneak in through the balcony after everyone had slept so that they could discuss how to get Yuvi and Amaya to confess their love, those days before she went back to college after her vacation when he never failed to show up and tell her how much he was going to miss her, and when he would sneak in to try to convince her on the days they had fought over something. The memories were priceless.

Twinkle sat down on the couch, and asked Kunj to sit beside her too. She rested her head on his chest, and made herself comfortable before she started speaking.
“Kunj… Everything seems to have happened so quickly na? It feels like just yesterday that the reunion party incident took place, and as I broke down and cried inside the room, you too cried, sitting in the balcony…”
“You knew I was sitting in the balcony?” Kunj asked, surprised.
“Of course I knew. I knew you would never leave me all alone in such a vulnerable state. I knew that you had followed me to the cliff, making sure that I would be fine…”
“How would I not follow you? I had spoken such rude stuff to you that night… I knew how much I had hurt you”
“You haven’t said sorry for that yet” Twinkle complained, playfully smacking him.
“Really? Why should I apologise anyway? You had your bestie Rahul to convince you and persuade you all along…” Kunj said, recalling how he had felt jealousy boiling in him when he had seen them together.
“Don’t tell me Kunj! You still feel insecure because of him? My goodness!! He’s such a sweetheart”
“I don’t feel insecure.. I… It’s just… that I love you…”
“I love you too, and I always will” Twinkle spoke, cuddling closer to him.

Silence prevailed for a few minutes before Kunj spoke again.
“Today we are all that we had ever dreamt of being… My musical career is on the right track, the company is doing really well, Di and Jeeju are happily married, you are making excellent progress in your work, and most importantly, we are together. We are together despite all the difficulties we had to face… What else could I ask for?”
“Hey all this is from that checklist, right? The one we had made sitting right here about the things we need to achieve before we got married?” Twinkle spoke cheerfully, recalling that incident.
Kunj nodded in a yes. “Just that some of these happened after we got married” He continued, giggling, and pecked her cheek.
Their conversation continued for a long time that night before they both were too tired to speak any longer, and had hardly got on the bed when they fell asleep.

Five years later.
A bright sunny morning. The Sarna mansion was already filled with the aroma of delicious food when Usha walked into the kitchen.
“Good morning ma… Oh my god!! It’s already six?” Kunj greeted her, and even before she could respond, he rushed past her, mentally making note of all that he needed to get done that day.
As he entered the room, he was greeted by happy voices. “Oh so both my queen and my princess are up already?” His question was answered by a unified “Yes Papa”

As he admired Twinkle and their four year old daughter, Simmy as in Simran, called out for him to join them in some game they had been playing. He too got on the bed, and enjoyed their little early morning “Let’s pretend” game. Soon, the phone rang, and Simmy rushed to get it, and called out excitedly, “Pari di…”
“Here they go again… Now they won’t stop their conversation till we snatch the phones away” Twinkle spoke, smacking her forehead, while Kunj muttered, “Of course! She’s got all her habits from her highness, Siyappa Queen after all”
“I heard you Kunj! How rude! I’m not speaking to you” She said, faking anger, and was about to get off the bed, when he pulled her back, and rolled onto her.

“You won’t speak to me?” He asked, nuzzling his nose on her neck. “I will. I will. Just kidding. Let me go now please… Simmy is right here” She said, pushing him with all her might, but in vain. “Good girl” He said, pecking her nose, leaning towards her lips, when they were interrupted by “Papa…! What about my good morning kissie? You only love Mumma… You don’t love me!!! I’m not speaking to you”
“There you go… Chhoti Siyappa Queen is angry again… Looks like we’ll have to but her something to pacify her again” Kunj spoke, sighing deeply, while Twinkle nodded in a yes.
“Of course you have to. I’m Papa’s princess after all” Simmy said, running out of the room, cheerfully screaming, “Good morning Dadu!! Good morning Dadi!!” Twinj too followed her, knowing that if they didn’t try to convince her, she was going to tell the whole world that her Papa gave only her Mumma a morning kissie, but not her.

“Good morning Simmy!! Had a good night’s sleep?” Manohar greeted her, looking up from his newspaper.
“No good morning for me?” Raj asked, while she put her tongue out, and nodded in a no. Raj had been living in the Sarna mansion itself as they all had insisted, and he had become an integral part of their family. He had got married a year ago, and his wife was a really sweet girl. Usha always treated her and Twinkle equally.

Meanwhile, Rahul was still looking for a bride, while Twinkle had been insisting for some time now that the girl he had been seeing recently was the one made for him. Pari would turn 6 in a couple of months, and had taken after Amaya in all aspects. Her bua was still her favourite, and she and Simmy always turned the whole world upside down whenever they were together. Yuvi and Amaya were expecting their second child now.
Chinki had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, who were about four and a half years old now.

Twinj looked on happily as they all pampered Simmy, while she went on ranting about this and that. They turned around and looked at the enlarged family photo on the wall. It had both families, Aman, Chinki and their kids too. A genuine smile appeared on their faces as they watched how happy everyone looked.
In Twinj’s room, the number of awards that Kunj had won for his songs had increased significantly, and Simmy was enjoying her popularity among her father’s fans, while her Mumma tried to keep her away from the limelight as much as she could. She wanted her princess to enjoy a normal childhood, not one with the media following her everywhere. She didn’t have much to worry about, because Aman always took good care of those issues. Chinki’s fashion designing company was doing great, her brand was at an all time high, and she knew it was just the beginning.

As Twinkle’s mind pondered on these thoughts, Kunj jerked her back to the Earth, and spoke, “Look! I fulfilled my promise of creating a ‘happily ever after’ for us” Twinkle smiled gladly, and spoke, “You’ve changed a lot Kunj… Who could imagine that the Kunj Sarna will end up cooking for his family?”
Kunj couldn’t agree more. The pride he had in him that he had when they were in high school was gone. “Your love changed me…” He confessed, making Twinkle blush. “You made my life magical just by your mere presence, Twinkle… You made each day worth living… My life changed when I fell for you…” He spoke, as they joined their foreheads.

Whew! Finally! With that, I draw the curtains on “Twinj: When I fell for you” It’s a really special story for me for several reasons, and ending it has been really difficult, especially when I had to wrap it up in such a short interval of time. Hope I haven’t let down your expectations…
And about Twinkle’s dialogue from the previous episode, I’ll reveal it when I return… Some anticipation is necessary, isn’t it?
Thank you so much to each one of you, even the silent readers are worth a mention. You guys are seriously the best.
Take care
Loads of love ???

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