Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 52

Hello everyone!! Ananya here. Thank you everyone for standing by my decision of ending this story… And heartfelt gratitude for all the love and appreciation I’ve been receiving….

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 52

A quick recap: Twinkle’s surprise for Kunj: his comeback concert which is a huge success, Twinj try to talk to each other after the concert, but are unable to do so

Twinkle watched on as Kunj was getting impatient with the endless questions being put to him. She remembered how her father always told her that with popularity, people tend to lose their privacy. She sighed deeply, and gave Kunj an assuring smile, since she had noticed his eyes drifting to her at every possible instant.
Tired of waiting, Twinkle walked to the balcony on the first floor, she knew it was the only thing on the first floor, so nobody would disturb her. She indulged in her favourite hobby, star-gazing. She smiled as she recalled how she and Yuvi used to assume that they were angels flying among the stars and play, when they were little kids.

Twinkle then watched the guests leaving the ballroom, and soon there was silence all around, giving the night a soothing and relaxing stillness.
Just as she had expected, she soon felt a hand cover her eyes.
“You took sooo long” She complained, lowering the hand, knowing too well whom it belonged to.
“Sorry wifey!! It’s just” Kunj began defending himself, leaning on to her, placing his chin on her shoulder.
“I know…”
“And thank you so much for this wonderful surprise… All this means a huge lot to me”
“I know…”
“Hey!! Are you miffed with me?” Kunj asked, twirling her around, making her face him.
“Not at all… I just wanted to tell you how great you were, but…”
“It’s alright Twinkle! Your eyes had already conveyed to me whatever had to be told…” With that, Kunj wiped off the tears brimming in her eyes, worried about what had gone wrong.

Twinkle immediately hugged him, her head resting on his chest, and let her tears flow.
“I’m so sorry Kunj! It’s your special day and I should have been the happiest, but I’m here, crying like a fool…” She whined, while Kunj rubbed her back, comforting her. “Kunj, I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way, but seeing you surrounded by all those people, I felt left all alone, as if you had left me” She continued, almost choking as she thought of separating from him.
“Shhhh…. It’s alright… It’s absolutely alright… It’s not your fault that you felt that way, I promise… But I require you to always remember that no matter what, I’ll never leave you… You’re stuck to me for life… There’s no getting rid of me” He spoke, slowing swaying himself and her with the wind. Twinkle chuckled, and assured him, “I don’t intend to get rid of you either”

They were looking into each other’s eyes, completely drowned in the ocean of their love, when their moment was ruined by some voices coughing. They looked at the door, to see Rahul and Raj standing there.
“Oh my goodness!! Why do the two of you always get caught romancing?” Rahul exclaimed, while he and Raj high-fived each other. Twinkle looked down immediately, her cheeks turning a lovely shade of crimson, while Kunj looked away, trying to avoid eye contact.

Rahul and Raj informed them that all the outsiders had left, and the family was now looking for them, for the photo session. Twinkle, who was waiting for an opportunity to escape, ran inside, and Rahul followed her.
Raj too was about to go, when Kunj placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. Raj looked on shocked, wondering what had gone wrong now. But to his surprise, Kunj pulled him into a bear hug, and whispered, “Thank you buddy!” Raj smiled, and asked, “What for, bro?”
“First of all, for helping us expose Alisha… She was your love, your wife… I can understand how difficult it must have been for you… And then, for bearing my anger patiently, and most importantly, for this surprise. I figured out you weren’t part of the planning, but for keeping the secret up last night. Twinkle was really happy that she could successfully execute her plan… And I can do anything for that smile she has on her face…..” Kunj spoke dreamily, while Raj was surprised by the depth of his love. He realised what true love really was, and it dawned on him that what he felt for Alisha wasn’t true love after all.
Almost as if reading his mind, Kunj spoke, “Don’t let your past sadden you Raj… Someday, you’ll find your true love too… There’s someone made for everyone…”

(What do you guys think? Is it true, that there’s someone made for everyone?)

Soon, everyone had assembled, and then ensued a long photo session, some pictures of the entire family, some of the couples taken separately, some in the in demand specific poses, so on and so forth. “Oh my god! Siyappa Queen! Taht should be enough now! Everyone is extremely tired…” Kunj complained, as Twinkle’s instructions as to who should pose and how seemed endless.
Twinkle turned around, and everyone nodded in a yes, while Twinkle gave them a “You’re impossible!” look, while everyone burst out laughing.

As they all enjoyed the delicious dinner that they had ordered for themselves, they were all praise for Twinkle, when the organising team told them that the entire evening had been planned by Twinkle. And Kunj was the star of evening, everyone was surprised that Kunj could perform so well though he didn’t know that the concert was coming up. Learning of Twinkle’s involvement in that too, they all hooted for them, making Twinj blush hard.

“Twinkle puttar… We’re really grateful for this amazing party… Even all the guests were really happy with the arrangements… And this was such a life changer for Kunj!!! So…, in order to express our gratitude, me and Manohar have a surprise for you too…” RT announced, as all the others looked on excited.
“What is it?” Twinkle asked, jumping, making everyone laugh.
Manohar handed her an envelope, which she tore open quickly, like a little child opening his birthday presents.
Her eyes widened as she read the papers within it, and she looked up at them, unable to believe it.
“Manali!!!” She exclaimed, bursting with excitement, and everyone smiled, knowing how much she wanted to go there.

“Honeymoon package?” Kunj mumbled, as he read from the papers he had snatched from her. Twinkle stopped her antics immediately, a blush crept up her cheek, and she looked down, while the others began teasing them.
“When are they leaving?” Aman asked, voicing the question running on everyone’s mind. “Tomorrow afternoon!” Manohar announced, while everyone excitedly began giving the couple instructions, asking them to take care of themselves.

“And we have a surprise for the two of you too…” The youngsters called out together, attracting everyone’s attention.
“Ma…, when all of us were dancing on Kunj’s songs, na…” Chinki began, hugging Leela from behind, “There were some people…” Aman continued, “Who were dying to dance” Rahul added.
“Then why didn’t those people dance?” Leela asked, pretending to be oblivious to the situation, while Twinj pretended to be totally innocent.

“They couldn’t na ma…” Amaya started er explanation, joining Chinki in hugging Leela, “Because the guy himself was singing” Yuvi added, “And his lovely wife wouldn’t dance with anyone else…” Raj continued, “Not even the most handsome me…” Rahul finished for them, faking a sad expression, and by now, all eyes were on Twinj, who dropped their hands, which they had been holding, immediately.
“And so, we have arranged for music for them, and now they can dance to their hearts’ content” Yuvi announced, showing them the music system that Raj and Rahul had arranged, when they had left Twinkle alone abruptly.

The elders decided to go back home with Pari, and now only the three couples, Raj and Rahul were left behind. Raj and Rahul took over the music system, while the other guys asked their girls for a dance. The girls happily complied, and they were soon lost in their own world.
Twinj couldn’t take their eyes off each other, and even when the others were done for the day, the lovely couple didn’t seem to be in any hurry, so they continued dancing, unaware of their surroundings, even as the others left the venue and went back home. Their eyes conveyed so much to each other, and when Twinkle finally rested her head on his chest, feeling tired, the realisation hit them that they were all alone.

Twinkle slowly turned around, freeing herself from his embrace, and was about to go and get her purse so that they could leave, when Kunj pulled her back, and lifted her off the ground, so swiftly that she wasn’t able to comprehend things for a moment.
“Kunj! Put me down! We need to go home… We also need to pack up” She protested.
“Siyappa Queen! Stop ruining our moment! Please” He spoke, and she gave up, putting her hands firmly around his neck.
He carried her to the dias where he had performed earlier that day, and put her on her feet. Before she could speak another word, he was down on his knee.

“Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna…” He began, “I can never thank you enough for this. For everything. For making my life meaningful, for standing by me for my love for music even when the whole world was against it, for loving me, and for accepting my life, for being the best wifey in the whole world…. Thank you… And yes, I love you, and always will…” He offered his hand, while she took happily, and pulled him with a jerk, making him land really close to her, while she whispered, “I love you too Kunj… And always remember, that all your dreams and aspirations are mine too…”

Twinkle leaned closer to him, and soon their lips met, while Kunj pulled her closer by her waist, and Twinkle’s hand travelled to his hair. As they separated, panting for breath, Kunj twirled her, pushed her hair out of his way, and placed gentle pecks on her nape, while she closed her eyes. He slowly unzipped her gown, and kissed her back. As he was about to slide the straps off her shoulder, she held his hand, and leaned back against him, reminding him that they were in the ballroom, not their house.
“Uff! I’m so dead!” Kunj murmured, while Twinkle giggled and asked him to help her with the zip of her gown so that they could go back home quickly. He complied, and they walked out hand in hand, smiling as they thought of the memories they had made there that would last a lifetime.

Back home, Kunj carried her in his arms to their room, and slowly put her down on the bed. He then settled down on his side of the bed, pulling her closer, as they embraced sleep, knowing that the next day was going to be a really long one.

Whew! There you go! Posted quickly, like some of you had wanted me to.
P.s. Sia, this one was specially for you… Sorry I couldn’t finish writing it yesterday, and yes, about your suggestion, I’ve replied to your comment on the previous episode, do make it a point to read it, and let me know if you’re satisfied with it…
Frankly, I want to finish this as quickly as possible…
Hope you liked it.
Take care
See you all soon
Love loads ????

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  4. It was awesome dear ?
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    And when kunj hugged Raj and all they’d rivalry turned to friendship , it was most surprising for me ?
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      Hello Vibhu!! Thank you so much… For such lovely, encouraging remarks… And for being so understanding… I agree that one could feel the nearing end in this episode, and it’s a really emotional situation for me too… It’s something beyond words can ever describe… I’m glad you liked the Twinj scenes… It took me lot of effort to write that… Thank you!!

  7. Hi ananya epipsd ewa are all romantic the dialogue were really heart touching I ws smiling all the while reading it beautifully written and about the comment thanks for replying and ya it will be totally fine how u portrayed kunj as I trust each writer here as thy all know how to convince people with there writing epiosde was awsm and thank u for postong soon love plsssss soon again excited to see manali trip

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