Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 51

Greetings everyone. Ananya here. Thank you all so much for all of your comments and love… And importantly, for the honest opinions expressed. I’m really grateful to you all… I’ve decided to go with you all, I’ll be drawing the curtains on this story soon. To be very honest, I would have personally chosen this very thing too. And to all those who really want to see me write another story, I’ll surely return with something that’s been on my mind for some time now…

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 51

A quick recap: Twinkle, Chinki, Aman and Rahul plan an undisclosed surprise, Raj saves them from ‘almost’ getting caught by Kunj

(Almost? Yes. That’s right. Almost. Which means that the entire thing isn’t about the party organised to celebrate twenty years of the Sareja empire. Something’s else is cooking in Twinkle’s mind… Stay tuned to know what that is…!)

The sun rays making their way through the little slits in between the curtains awoke Kunj, who rolled over putting his hand on Twinkle’s side of the bed, but was surprised to find it empty. He sat up immediately and looked around for her, but only found a cup of coffee and a note on the bedside table.
“Good morning hubby dearest!
I’m sorry I left without informing you, but I have some work to look to, and didn’t want to disturb you…
See you soon
Your love”
The note read. Kunj wondered what work it was that made Twinkle wake up on her own, without any pampering and persuading. He quickly finished his coffee, and rushed out of bed, realising he still had to find out what Twinkle was really up to. By then, be had figured out that there was something else that was being hidden from him.

“Mom! Where is Twinkle?” Kunj asked Usha, walking down the stairs. “Why? Can’t live without her even for a minute, huh?” She teased, gently nudging him. “That’s right. I can’t live without her. Now would you please tell me where she is?” Kunj pleaded, while Usha burst out laughing, telling him that Twinkle had left the house early in the morning, saying that she had some work.
Kunj immediately dialled Yuvi’s number on his phone, and began his interrogation, but wasn’t able to find out much from him too. Yuvi simply assured him that Rahul had gone with her, so there wasn’t anything to worry about.
Kunj put on his thinking cap now. Raj wasn’t at home either, and when he called up Aman’s residential number, he found out that he and Chinki too had left their house earlier than they generally did.

Meanwhile, at a huge ballroom, the entire team from the previous night had gathered, and were discussing something serious. “But how did you know of all this, Raj?” Aman questioned him, while everyone looked on suspiciously. “Take a chill pill guys… I came to know everything, all thanks for Chinki. Looks like she can’t hold in secrets for too long” Raj explained, making all eyes turn to Chinki.
“You are impossible!!” Twinkle almost screamed at her, grabbing the attention of all the people working on the decorations around. Rahul signed everyone to get back to work, and Raj confessed that he knew they were planning something, and so he spied on the easiest one of them, Chinki, because he knew she would definitely speak about it to someone without worrying much about anyone eavesdropping, like she had done with Twinj’s relationship.

“We should get to work now too…” Aman spoke, earning a glare from the others before they walked off to handle their duties. He then turned and looked at Chinki, who seemed really worried. He pulled her into a side hug, and convinced her that she didn’t have to worry much, since Twinkle was a bigger Siyappa Queen than her, making her laugh.
Twinkle and Rahul, who stood a little distance from there, giggled too, as they admired the lovely couple.

“Twinkle! Where is the guitar? I’m sure you would have forgotten” Rahul said, pulling her away from there, telling her to leave them alone.
“It’s in the car. I’m not that stupid as well” Twinkle retorted, and they both burst out laughing, recalling their childhood when they used to go around arguing who was more stupid.
“Go get the guitar then, I’ll be right back. I need to take this call” Rahul said pointing to his phone, and was about to go, when Twinkle snatched the phone from him and put it on the speaker mode, smirking as she saw that it was an unknown number. “Hello? Rahul? Dude! Where the hell are you guys? Will someone tell me what’s going on?” Kunj’s voice on the other end made Rahul laugh. He knew that Twinkle had assumed that some girl had called him.
Twinkle gave him a ‘You will never change’ kind of look, and listened as Kunj went on about what he had found out and all that. “Kunj… Kunj! Listen to me. It isn’t anything of that sort. You’ll know everything soon. Don’t worry. I need to go now bro, bye” Rahul spoke, sighing deeply.
“Listen up Twinkle!! Your hubby is just too worried for you. This way he’ll never let us concentrate on our work” Rahul commented wryly, when Raj added, “Dude, they love each other so much! We both won’t understand all this nonsense, let’s go…” They walked away, leaving behind a confused Twinkle.

Some hours later, the remaining members of the family walked in and were really awestruck by the decorations and arrangements. However, they immediately knew that this wasn’t going to be merely a business party, but something much beyond that, only, they couldn’t guess what.
Kunj was seen trying to convince Twinkle to tell him what it was all about, but she was stubborn, and only told him that it was a surprise.

Soon all the guests had arrived, and Aman walked over to the stage, greeting them all, and thanking them for honouring the Sareja empire with their presence, and for being instrumental in all that the empire had achieved so far.
As everyone hooted and clapped, Aman announced that on that very special occasion, a surprise had been planned for them.
All the lights went out, and a single spotlight came up on Kunj, who looked on, confused. “This will also be Kunj’s comeback concert after his long break of a few months…” Aman spoke, as the family cheered with bright smiles, they all knew how much that meant to Kunj. His music was his life, and this concert, with such an elite audience would give his musical career a boost.

As Kunj walked over to the dias, he noticed Twinkle waiting for him with his guitar. In her eyes, he could see the same excitement and happiness that his own eyes held, and he knew that all this was planned by her. As she handed over the guitar, her eyes brimmed with tears of joy, and he realised that his dreams and aspirations were as important to her as they were for him. Her smile had washed away the teensy weensy bit of nervousness he had been feeling, he felt blessed to have her in his life.

Meanwhile, the guests had begun murmuring among themselves. They all knew that Kunj’s performance was definitely going to effect the Sareja empire’s business too since all their official partners and investors were present there. As Twinj heard a guest casually comment that it was showing to be a flop show, they giggled, recalling how Twinkle had been after Kunj for some time now, pestering him to practice his music cooking up some reason every day.

The surprise wasn’t complete yet, and Kunj was pleasantly surprised when Twinkle brought in his band members, and soon they were all set. The show began with Kunj wholeheartedly thanking his family for supporting him in his musical interests, especially Twinkle, who prepared that opportunity for him to get back to his music.
When Kunj began singing, a magical aura was set up, it never seemed like he hadn’t been able to practice for some time in between… It was all very soothing and enchanting. He began with the melody Sab Tera from Baaghi, and was doing such a great job at it, that most of the couples, both young and old, walked to the centre of the ballroom and began dancing. Meanwhile, the shrewd businessmen continued their professional discussions.

Twinkle happily watched it all from her corner seat, when her eyes met Kunj’s. She noticed that he had his eyes fixed on her, and seemed to convey all his love through the wonderful songs he had been singing. He continued with Tum Hi Ho, Soch Na Sake, Bol Do Na Zara, and many other hits, and the audience seemed to be enjoying it all. He was really happy with the kind of response he was recieving, and it reflected in his performance.
Rahul and Raj, who noticed that Twinkle had been sitting all alone, walked over, and Raj forwarded his hand, asking her for a dance. Her eyes widened, and she looked at Kunj immediately, who was observing everything. She gulped hard wondering what the consequences would be, but Kunj surprised her by nodding in a yes. Twinkle, however, didn’t wish to go along, and couldn’t be persuaded to dance with even Rahul. “Ohho Twinkle!! Had I known that you are such a ‘devoted’ wife, I would have arranged a music system too, so that you both could dance too” Rahul said, air-quoting, while Raj chuckled.
“Very funny!” Twinkle said, rolling her eyes, and then explained, “Guys, it’s Kunj’s special day today… I just want to sit back and enjoy his entire performance… Get it?”

Twinkle was a bit disappointed when the boys nodded and walked away, for she thought they would give her some company. But she didn’t have to worry for long, since Amaya handed Pari over to her soon, before walking to the dance floor with Yuvi herself, and Chinki and Aman too sat beside her, the anxious to-be mom didn’t want to strain herself too much.
As Kunj’s performance came to an end, Twinkle handed Pari over to Aman, and walked towards Kunj to congratulate him, but the guests surrounded him, expressing their appreciation, and she was almost lost in the crowd, when Kunj held her hand, and pulled her to his side.

Twinkle quietly stood beside Kunj till the guests were done, and then, she spoke, “Kunj!! You were brilliant! Everyone has already told you what an amazing job you did… I just wanted to tell you that I loved it” She hadn’t even completed, when another rush of people separated them, this crowd consisted of the media persons and family members, who were really curious to know many things about his career, and to congratulate him.
Twinkle simply looked on, sighing deeply, and smiled sadly before slowly walking back to her seat.

That’s it for now guys.
Hope you liked it. Let me know if you didn’t.
Coming up soon: Some Twinj moments
Love you all loads ???
See you soon

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  1. Oh my god I loved this episode man it ws brilliant u just killed it specially the last part twinkle and kunjs conditions were felt by be and really I felt like crying it was so brilliantly described that i can’t describe it yaar plsssss post the next today na plssssss?????

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Sia!!! I’m glad you liked it so much!! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday, the arts wasn’t ready. Today pakka!

  2. Hey anaya!
    Once again it was superb !surprise planned by twinkle was awesome
    Twinj emotions were lovely .
    Luved it so much
    Luv u

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Yashika!!! Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it!! Love you too ?

  3. Hi ananya u are writing board exam so all the best and ya u can write end this ff but after that u should. Write a ff can u please write a devil kunj story I love devil kuNi plsssss only a suggestion to u

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Sia!! I’ll surely consider your suggestion.. I donno if I can write on the devil Kunj, but I promise that in the next ff, Kunj will surely have an evil side… I am really happy that you considered me for your suggestions…

  4. Himanigaur

    The surprise was soo sweet!! Loved the episode Ananya:) pls post soon.. also eager to read your new story!! Love 🙂

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Himani! The next episode will be out soon… Love you too ??

  5. Presha

    Loved it

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Preshu!

  6. Vibhu

    Ohh .. This was really beyond my thinking capacity .. U said truth dear .. This truely surprises me!! And I was left with an” awwwww” …. Brilliant episode dear .. Waiting for some more twinj moments

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Gotcha!!! Thank you so much Vibhu..! I’m glad you liked it, and hope you will like the next episode too…

  7. Anusha

    Awesome episode dear
    Totally loved it
    Surprise was so sweet
    Twink emotion was awesome
    waiting for another ff too
    Post soon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it! I’ll surely post soon, and the next ff will begin after April 15th…

  8. Fantastic dear
    Really loved it
    Waiting eagerly for next episode
    Post soon 🙂

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Cindy!!! I’m glad you liked it! The next episode will be out soon…

  9. Sameera

    Oye hoyeeeeee amazing awesome fantastic fabulous fantabulous marvellous superb Yaar loveddddd it like hell …
    Hahaha kunj can’t stay even a minute without twinkle usha ???too cute n funny …
    And then the planning uff these guys na hahah chinki ?is lesser siyappa queen than twinkle …
    Everything was perfect finally the party of sareja empire and twinj awww so cute ..
    Finally kunj sang after so many days lovely the emotions are very well depicted ??????????….
    Lovely even I am huge fan of yours and your writing ????…
    Poor twinj didn’t interacted after song ..
    Will be waiting for next one ????
    Post soon love you ????

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Sam!!!! Thank you so much dearest!! I’m really happy you liked it!! Means a lot to me… About Kunj singing, I was missing that, so I decided to add it before ending the story… Arrey! No! I am a fan of yours… Twinj will surely get an opportunity in the next episode, which will be out real soon… Love you too ???

  10. Really good epi……
    Loved it to the core………..
    Continue sooon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Riya!!! I’m glad you liked it, and yes, the next episode will be out soon!

  11. SSK

    Hey Ananya…lovely episode…sorry for late comment as I am running with high fever.

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Sakshi!! It’s absolutely alright anyways… Take care, and get well really soon…

  12. Kiya1234

    Superb episode yaar
    Twinkle siyappa queen really ????????????.::
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    Kunj heheeh can’t live without her wifey ???..: I’m your fan babes princess ???
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    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey sweetheart!! Thank you so much! I’m really happy you liked it… I was wondering where you were… Love you more ❤️❤️

  13. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    Twinkle had planned such a lovely surprise
    And the love between a man and chinki is so cute
    Love you

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