Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 48

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 48

A quick recap: Kunj finally forgives Raj, Twinj’s romance interrupted by Pari, a little sneak peek into Twinkle and Raj’s mystery

Flashback continues…
Kunj drove down to the desolate part of the city, got off his car, and ran into a seemingly empty, old garage.
“I’m here. Let her go now.” He announced, but was surprised to find Yuvi and Amaya there too, and they were equally surprised. Before they could figure out what had been going on, they heard a voice,
“Welcome guys!”

The trio strained their eyes to recognise the personal walking towards them.
“Raj!” Amaya gasped, as he walked into the lit area of the otherwise dark place. Raj laughed devilishly, and said, “Hello Amaya!! You definitely weren’t expecting me here, were you?” Before Amaya could give that some thought, Yuvi had grabbed Raj’s collar, his anger alone sufficient to kill him. “Where the hell is Twinkle?? What have you done to her, you fool?” Yuvi’s voice echoed through the street.

“Woah!! Cool it bro! If you want me to return Twinkle, my Twinkle, safe and sound” He said, sarcastically glancing over at Kunj. Now it was Kunj’s turn to rush at him. “How much lower could you stoop Raj? You’ve called the three of us here, while you forbade us from revealing this to anyone else, and when we finally reached here, there’s no sign of Twinkle! What do you think you are doing!” Amaya screamed out, simultaneously trying to prevent the boys from committing a murder right there.

“Twinkle is fine. As long as you guys don’t irritate me…” Raj smiled maliciously, and the three stepped back immediately, they knew that they were totally at his mercy then.
“Excellent!! I appreciate this!” Raj spoke, as he motioned towards a dark corner, and a woman brought along Twinkle, who appeared to be unconscious, on a stretcher. “Twinkle!” Kunj called out, and was about to run to her, when Raj stopped him. “Not so soon Kunj! I know that you love Twinkle, but she doesn’t. How sad! And, we all know that I have kept her captive here, she doesn’t. Even more sad!! She still thinks she crashed into some car… If you act too smart, then she’ll never know any of this, because what I have in my hand in this so tiny bottle is called poison. The best of its kind, you know…”

“But why are you doing all this, you fool?” Yuvi burst out, but Amaya held his hand, cooling him down, while Raj smirked.
“Fine then. Let’s get to the point directly. Kunj loves Twinkle, but Twinkle will be mine. Just mine. If not mine, she won’t be anyone else’s either. So I’ve brought her here. Am I clear?” He spoke, eyeing Twinkle, while the trio watched on, shell-shocked.
“How could you!” Yuvi gasped.
“But what about her opinion?” Amaya tried to argue.
“Never! You are just obsessed with her. Let her go…” Kunj thundered.

“Ohh… What exactly were you there, Kunj? That you’ll tell me something, and I’ll let her go?” Raj spoke, losing his temper, while Amaya and Yuvi noticed that Twinkle was regaining her consciousness.
“Yes. That’s what you will do. We will make you realise that she’ll be happier with Kunj, and you’ll let her go” Amaya spoke out of the blue, hinting at Yuvi to keep Raj distracted. As they tried getting him involved in the argument so that Twinkle could escape, parallely trying to communicate to Twinkle to get away to safety, Raj caught Amaya’s expression, and called out for his men.

A huge fight ensued, with Kunj and Yuvi fighting back the men, while Amaya handled the woman who was by Twinkle’s side. But she was shocked when she realised that the poison had already been injected into Twinkle’s blood, and her condition was worsening by the minute.
Twinkle was rushed to the hospital, and after about thirty six tense, extremely critical hours of her battle with death, she was finally cured, but she was put on medication for a really long time.
Raj had easily gotten away with it, as both families were too busy trying to get Twinkle the best of medical facilities. However, the day Twinkle returned home post her discharge, Raj sent a letter home, claiming that he would surely return and make her his, even if it took him years.

They had never heard from Raj afterwards, so when he returned, they all presumed it was to avenge his defeat.
End of flashback.

(Whew! That turned out to be longer and more boring than expected!! No worries people, I have some things in my head, which I may put to work real soon)

“But don’t you worry ma… No matter who trusts Raj, Amaya and I will always keep an eye on his actions. We won’t him even think evil about Twinkle…” Yuvi said, consoling Leela, who blessed the couple and went her way.
“We will always keep an eye on his actions” Amaya imitated, rolling her eyes at Yuvi. “Hubby dear, if you remember, you weren’t ready to believe that Raj had actually kidnapped Twinkle, you thought it was all a prank, if I hadn’t cried and convinced you that day, my poor brother would have to face that monster all alone…” She continued, putting her hands on her waist, while Yuvi couldn’t deny that he had initially not believed the message they had received, and thought it was a prank, until Amaya revealed that Kunj had called Twinkle someplace to confess his feelings for her, and she had set out all alone about six hours before they recieved the threat.

“Oh madam! If your “poor brother” hadn’t called her, my lovely sister wouldn’t have gone out at all. Get it?” Yuvi taunted, air-quoting. Amaya tried to think of all possible ways to defend Kunj, but she couldn’t, and when Yuvi smiled warmly at her, she went running into his arms, and they forgave and forgot all that had brought bitterness into their lives, smiling happily as they watched the rest of the gang play with Pari.

“Hello hubby!” Twinkle greeted Kunj, as she walked into the balcony where he had been standing all alone some time later. “Kunj?” She called out again, slightly nudging him out of his dream world. He turned at looked at her suddenly, visibly shocked by the sudden interruption. “All ok?” Twinkle asked, as she placed a hand on his shoulder, while he simply smiled back at her.
As Twinkle was about to begin her meaningless chatter again, Kunj suddenly engulfed her in a hug, which Twinkle found really unusual for him, and his behaviour was confusing her.

“Twinkle! Everything is going to be alright, na?” He asked, scaring her.
“Kunj? Of course everything is going to be alright. What brings all these kinds of thoughts to your mind? Listen to me. All that could have gone wrong has already happened Kunj. Now everything is going to change for the good… And always remember. Even if anything, anything for that matter, goes wrong, you’ll never be all alone… You’ll find me by your side, ready to face any battle for you. For us. For our love” Twinkle spoke, slowly separating herself from him, cupping his face, as she looked into his eyes.

Twinkle knew well about how Kunj had freaked out when he had seen Raj again, and all his insecurities and worries as well. As she saw the fear in his eyes, her own eyes brimmed with tears, which he immediately wiped away, nodding in a no.
Then he cupped her face, and leaned closer, sealing their unspoken vows of togetherness, of love, and of keeping each other happy, with a loving kiss, pouring out all the affection, desire and love they held for each other. When they separated, both breathing heavily, and Twinkle blushing really hard, they couldn’t but thank God for how blessed they were, as Kunj pulled her closer by her waist, and they watched the beautiful sunset awaiting them. They knew they were going to have a memorable night.

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Hope you all liked it. I know that the track is getting boring, but I’m trying to keep the mood light… If it doesn’t work, then we’ll find other ways…
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      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it!! The next episode will be posted soon. Loads of love ??

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      Thank you so much!! I’m really happy you liked it… Really means a lot to me… The next episode will be posted soon

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    Ananya u nailed it as usual ❤️❤️
    Really felt bad for twinkle ??after all this it is really difficult for kunj to trust him and be normal with him ?
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      1. Ananya_DSK

        After so much drama, there was the necessity of some light hearted scenes too I guess… The atmosphere was getting too heated… I’m glad you could understand… Thank you so much!!

    2. Twinj2000

      ANd raj really deserved all the hatred ???
      The past was really cruel ?

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        I don’t disagree with that… But don’t you think Raj is a changed person now?? The past was cruel for sure though..

    3. Ananya_DSK

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      Hello Vags!! Thank you so much!! I differ a little on the Raj issue though… Coz I believe he is a changed man now… The next episode will be out soon… Love you more ❤️

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    Sorry for commenting so late.
    U r a brilliant writer Ananya…and the episode was superb. I am a big fan of yours 🙂
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      Thank you so much Sakshi!! I’m really flying high with this compliment… And by the way, I am your fan already, like I have said… I agree with Kunj’s anger being justified, but I believe Raj deserves a second chance too… Yes, more Twinj moments coming up real soon… Stay tuned

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