Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 37

Greetings all you lovely people… Ananya here. I know my previous episode was a disaster… There were so many blunders in it… I’m really very sorry for that.. I don’t want to cite reasons and defend myself because I know I was wrong, and I’ll try my best to see to it that such things do not happen again..

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 37

A quick recap: Kunj reveals to Twinkle that he found out the truth only on the morning of the wedding, Twinkle’s reunion with the gang, Alisha’s attempts to separate Twinj

“Guess what? That Twinkle actually fell into my trap… She never found out that those photographs were morphed… She’s a fool” Alisha was telling someone over the phone. She had been rejoicing ever since she had seen Twinj fighting over the photos the previous night.
“No!! That won’t happen! I’m sure.. Twinkle will surely not trust Kunj even if he tries to tell her the truth” she continued, arguing that her plan would be a grand success this time around.

Alisha then walked downstairs, and was surprised to see RT and Yuvi discussing something seriously, as if nothing had gone wrong at all. She assumed it to be something official, but her hopes shattered when she saw them laugh together. She was totally taken aback when she saw Amaya and Leela playing with Pari together.
“What on Earth!! How could uncle and aunty forgive them so easily? I can’t let them reunite… If they find out the truth, I’ll not only loose shelter, but also my last chance to make Kunj mine…. No!!!” Alisha almost screamed in her mind, but suddenly an evil smirk appeared on her face. “Alright then… I think it’s about time that I use my ultimate weapon!” She thought, and walked away to start executing her plan immediately.

Meanwhile, Twinj had returned to work for the first time post their wedding, and were secretly enjoying the way people were giving them utmost attention. They had become the talk of the town in no time, and all that their staff could talk of was that the lovely couple that broken up a few years ago were back together miraculously.
Twinkle was in her cabin, going through some files, when her phone rang.
“Hello..” she said, answering the call without looking at the caller ID. She was surprised to hear Amaya at the other end, since both of them were at work, and they never called each other in the working hours.
Twinkle intently listened to Amaya and then firmly denied, but Amaya knew exactly what she had to do to hear a yes.

Meanwhile, Yuvi paid Kunj a surprise visit in his cabin, and discussed something with him. Post initial protests, Kunj finally agreed. Yuvi left Kunj’s cabin and gave Aman a thumbs up, while Aman immediately called up someone and looked satisfied listening to what the other person had to say.
Kunj, on the other hand, was frustrated. “Ill luck!! Why on Earth does bhai want me to attend the conference so far away from the city? On top of that, he said the work might extend to a week… How can I even think of leaving the family at this point of time when Alisha is still around?” He said, knowing that no amount of lamentation would prevent him from going there.
“Kunj… You cannot take Twinkle along. Get it? You both aren’t supposed to be caught together by anyone, remember?” He imitated Yuvi’s final warning, and sighed deeply.

Later that evening, Sarna mansion.
“What! A wedding…? I would have loved to come along, but I have elsewhere to go to yaar.. Work pressure! Sorry…” Chinki told Twinkle, hanging up on her. Twinkle found that weird, because on trips such as this one, it was always Chinki who would be more excited, and she would set aside any kind of work to accompany Twinkle, but this time, something was different, she thought.

Finding no other go, both Twinkle and Kunj left the house about an hour later, citing the reasons that had been given to them by each other’s siblings, still wondering where the other was going.
Each one knew that they were going to miss the other the most, and murmured, “Who separates a just married couple like this? We can’t even say a nice good bye in front of everyone”, they knew their cursing would continue throughout the entire trip, but they were sweetly surprised to see each other at the hotel’s reception.
“Kunj?!!!” Twinkle almost screamed excitedly, while Kunj was struggling hard to decide if he was dreaming.
“What are you doing here?”
“I asked you the question first!”
“No, I did”
“Fine, you can take the privilege of answering first”
They said each of these in such perfect sync, that everyone around was now looking at them. They quietened down immediately, but the silence wouldn’t remain, atleast not after Twinkle had been told that a honeymoon suite had been booked for them. “What?!!!” She said, loud enough to gain everyone’s attention all over again.
“Siyappa Queen!! Keep quiet!” Kunj said, holding her hand, and explained that all of that could have been their siblings’ planning for them.

Twinj walked in silence to their suite, feeling the anxiety take over them. Closing the door after them, they quickly glanced at each other, blushing as they saw the romantic set-up of the place.
“Hope you both liked the surprise” a note on the table said. “Thank you to di and jeeju for this…” Kunj said, winking at her, putting his arms around her. “The other three were involved in this too…” Twinkle said, looking everywhere, but at him. Her face seemed to have taken up a permanent blush.

Sensing the heat rising in the atmosphere, Kunj excused himself under the pretext that he would freshen up quickly. When he returned, he was welcomed by Twinkle sitting on the bed wearing a lehenga with a veil on her head, like a typical bride. Kunj smiled at her, walked to her and lifted her veil. He was surprised to see Twinkle shivering tensedly, and he could feel her fear.

“Twinkle, listen, if u r not ready for this, I will never force you…We can take our marriage to the next level only when you are comfortable with it… Now go and change ur clothes, we can just go to sleep” he said, calming her down, by holding her hands in his own, and rubbing her back.
Twinkle felt blessed to have such an understanding husband who loved her , cared for her and respected her. Kunj was about to go, but was stopped by Twinkle, who hugged him tight.
“Kunj,” she said, fidgeting with her dress, “I am comfortable with it… Tonight, I want to be all yours….”
“Twinkle, don’t hesitate to tell me… Honestly, I will not feel bad…” Kunj said, still wondering if she actually meant her words.

WARNING!! Romantic scene ahead!! Don’t proceed if you aren’t comfortable with it!!!
Twinkle had lost her patience now. “No baba… I am ready… Now I should start huh?” she said, pushing Kunj on the bed and taking over, making him shocked…
Twinkle started kissing all over his face, unbuttoning his shirt… She kissed his eyes, nose, and jaw line, while he was moving his hands on her waist… Twinkle took off his shirt and threw it on the floor… She kissed his chest and abs, while Kunj moaned her name unable to bear her sweet torture…

That was it for Kunj. He switched their positions, now Twinkle was in between Kunj and the bed …
“Oyee meri Siyappa Queen! Ab dekho…” He said, digging his face in her neck and kissed there… He bit her neck and licked there to soothen the pain. Twinkle moaned loudly, unable to bear the pleasure… Kunj slowly took off her necklace… taking her hands in his, he sensually moves his hands to her bangles and removed them… he started kissing her hand… and did the same with the other hand… Now he came down to her waist and started kissing her naval and bit there…
Twinkle was moving her legs, but kunj took hold of them… He went to her feet and started kissing there. He went back again and captured her lips, both were nibbling and biting each other lips…

While kissing, he switched their positions, he was now beneath her… His hands moved to the dori of her blouse, he opened it and then moved towards the zip of her blouse and started to slide it… He took it off and again switched positions… and continued kissing her, while he removed her skirt. Now she was in her inners… Twinkle then came on top of him, and took off his pant … Kunj looked at her and admired her figure… He went to her neck and started kissing… Twinkle’s hands were on his nape, while Kunj’s hands were moving sensually on Twinkle’s bare body… In no time both were naked … He again comes to her face and starts kissing her …
Kunj pulled her towards himself and smashed his rough lips on her soft ones… he broke the kiss and started to placing kisses on he collar bone, shoulder plate… Kunj placed his bare legs on hers and moved them on hers sensually…

Twinkle shouted loudly unable to bear the pleasure he was giving her… After he was satisfied, he came to her navel and started kissing there… Twinkle was unable to bear all this when he proceeded further down, and asked him to stop… “Kunj! I need you now..” she said, trying to catch her breath… Kunj goes to her face …
“Twinkle are you sure…? Will you be able to… take the pain?” Kunj asked, hesitantly.
“I am sure Kunj…” she whispered, sealing her approval with a kiss.
In no time Kunj entered her while Twinkle moaned loudly… Her eyes filled with tears of pain, and of pleasure … He slowly kissed her to soothen her pain …. He entwined his hands with her leaning their hands on bed … They came to their climax with Twinkle’s loud moan and Kunj slept beside Twinkle, being tired … He wrapped his hands around her while she rested her head on his chest ….
“Kunj… I love you” Twinkle whispered, while Kunj tenderly pecked her forehead before they drifted off to sleep in each other’s comforting embrace.

Whew!! Finally!
Romantic fragment credits: Nishu di
That’s it for now guys.. many of you wanted to see some romantic scenes, and I decided to bring in this track…
Hope you guys liked it..
No proof reading, please bear with spelling errors…
Take care
Love you all loads ???

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