Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 36

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 36

A quick recap: Twinkle reveals that she trusted Yuvi and gang, and revelation of Alisha’s attempts to get Twinkle to divorce Kunj

The sun rays disturbed Twinkle’s beauty sleep, and she slowly opened her eyes, cringing her face. She was surprised to find that she had been sleeping comfortably, with her duvet covering her, because as far as she remembered, she had fallen asleep right in Kunj’s embrace the previous night. She smiled to herself, feeling blessed to have such a caring husband, and looking around, saw Kunj entering the room with two cups of coffee. “Good morning love..” Kunj said, pecking her cheek, having placed the coffee cups on the bedside table. “Goooood morning Kunj!” Twinkle said lazily, returning his kiss.

Twinkle put her legs off the bed, and patted beside her, asking him to come and sit down. Once he was sitting comfortably next to her, she curled her hand around his, and put her head on his shoulder. “Don’t worry about Bhai…. He’s not going to taking you wrong…” Kunj assured, while Twinkle was sweetly surprised to see how precisely he had read her mind. “I told you I can read your mind… You don’t need to speak anything to convey your thoughts to me…” He said, winking at her, and chuckled watching her look at him in a daze.
“I love you too” He said winking, while Twinkle smiled and cuddled into him.

Kunj was slightly taken aback when she withdrew in a few minutes, and crossing her arms in front of her, said, “I’m still miffed with you, Kunj!!! I had been struggling like an idiot on our plan, and you didn’t tell me the truth although you knew it all along!”
Kunj recalls the plan they had made. They had decided that they would extract as much information as possible from the ransom video, and they next part of the plan was to be executed immediately after the reception, when the kidnappers had claimed they would release Alisha.
It had been a fool-proof plan according to them, since they had presumed the kidnappers wouldn’t let her go so easily, but would surely bring her out of wherever they had hidden her, and Twinj would track the kidnappers with help from a detective agency that generally did odd errands for the Sareja empire.

“But…” Kunj argued, trying to defend himself.
“I said ‘no’ already!!”
Unable to figure out any other way to get her to listen, he pushed her onto the bed, holding her down with all his might, and closed her mouth. She was baffled, and widened her eyes at him.
“Quiet! Absolutely quiet!” Kunj ordered, and Twinkle simply nodded, knowing she had no other go.
“I accept that I knew the whole truth, but it was way too late when I found out… It was already the morning of the wedding… ”

When Kunj entered his room after taking his bath, he found Amaya standing by the window, probably waiting for him. As he walked towards her, he overheard the most shocking bit of information ever. Amaya was telling the goons to keep strict watch over Alisha, and was directing them to inform her if she didn’t regain consciousness in a few hours.
On turning back, Amaya was baffled to see Kunj, and his expression revealed that he had heard everything. When she tried to divert his concentration in vain, he got her to spill the beans on who else was involved. Although he was shattered when he found out the truth, he couldn’t agree Twinkle that they had taken the only credible path before them.
However, Kunj knew that Twinkle would be broken when she found out, and decided that they wouldn’t marry in the given circumstances. When he turned to go and discuss the issue with Twinkle, Amaya stopped him and made him swear that he wouldn’t reveal anything to Twinkle. Now Kunj found himself in a fix. He had realised that he would be the one to get trapped either way.
Finding absolutely no other alternative, he decided to remind Twinkle that he would be do anything that would hurt her or either family.
End of flashback.

Twinkle was still looking at Kunj awestruck. Her eyes had filled with tears, she was cursing herself for doubting him all over again. He slowly made her sit up straight on the bed, pecked her forehead, and wiped away her tears. While she apologized to him, he made her smile, and this ended every single misunderstanding between them.
Twinkle apologised, feeling guilty for not trusting him. “Siyappa Queen!” Kunj retorted, and that began yet another round of chasing each other.

About an hour later, the two went downstairs, ready to go back to work, when Alisha entered the house.
Twinj shared a quick glance watching her come, which was unfortunately caught by Alisha. “Twinkle! I needed to speak to you…” She said, hoping desperately that the two hadn’t patched up. Little did she know!

Once Alisha had dragged Twinkle as far as she thought was safe from eavesdropping distance, she immediately fired her questions at her.
“Do you sign the papers? Twinkle, I’ve always considered you my sister, and I’m only speaking out of concern. I may sound a little too interfering… But, I know this is what is the best for you.. You have made up your mind about the divorce, haven’t you?” She spoke, all in one breath, convincing herself that she hadn’t lost Kunj yet. Twinkle simply looked at her. “Alisha, Kunj was telling me that” she began, trying to find a way out of signing those papers, but was cut short by Alisha. “That he only found out on the day of the wedding, but that doesn’t make any difference, does it?” She burst out.

“And how do you know that?” Twinkle asked, narrowing her eyes at Alisha, who hadn’t realised what she had uttered till that moment. “I’ve got a call to attend. It’s important… I’ll get back to you later..” Alisha said quickly, and left before Twinkle could even say a nice ‘good bye’.

As Twinkle stood watching Alisha walk away, she felt herself being engulfed in Kunj’s warm embrace. She smiled.
“Stupid villain! I mean, she actually bought the lie that you don’t believe any of us even now, and was going to be trapped in her own plan…” He said, chuckling, as he tickled Twinkle, who couldn’t control her laughter too.
Kunj nuzzled his nose in the crook of her nose, and the two stood quietly, lost in the moment, when Usha called out for Twinkle, and the two had to unwillingly maintain distance from each other, lest the elders should doubt Twinkle too.

A few hours later, Yuvi and his gang members were at their secret hideout, discussing how they should prove themselves right.
“Where’s Kunj?” Rahul asked Yuvi, as they had been waiting for him.
“I don’t know… He said that he would come…” Yuvi said plainly, pain evident in his voice.
“Kunj is the one who’s suffering the most… He’s so close to his love after so many struggles, and yet so far…” Amaya spoke, tears filling in her eyes, when she saw Kunj walk in with a saddened expression.

“It’s all my fault… I should not have involved any of you in all this..” Yuvi said, guilt taking over him.
“What’s happened has happened bhai… No point discussing that all over again…
We just need to think about our next move.. What do you have to say about Twinkle deciding to let Alisha stay back?” Aman asked.
“Aman.., I think Twinkle hasn’t done anything wrong.. if Alisha stays in front of our eyes, it will only be easier for us to keep an eye on her.. I think Twinkle wants to give us an opportunity to prove ourselves right…” Chinki asserted. She sounded like she was consoling herself more than the others.

“Aakhir behen kis ki hai?” Yuvi said, realising that Chinki had a point there.
“All this planning and plotting has caused us enough trouble guys…” Yuvi began, with the intention of explaining his plan, but was cut short by someone clapping. The entire gang turned around and were shocked to see Twinkle there.

“You guys are so amazing! You made such a wonderful plan….” She said, walking towards them.
They all watched baffled, but were knocked out of their senses when they heard her next statement.
“You guys had successfully kidnapped her after all… Why did you let her go?” Twinkle spoke, smiling. She ran to her bhaiyu, from whom she had remained separated for a long time now, and hugged him tight.

Soon, a family reunion followed, and Twinkle explained to all those shocked people how she found out all the truth.
They all glared at Kunj when they realised that he had been enacting to be sad all this while, and a chase game followed. Collapsing on the nearby chairs with bated breath, they smiled wholeheartedly after what seemed to them like an eternity. Now that they were all together, they knew that no matter what difficulties they have to face, they shall surely emerge victorious.

Some time later, Twinj left, after the decision had been taken that they all would keep their eyes open for any blunder that Alisha might commit, that would become an essential clue for them. Twinj had come out under the pretext of official work, and knew that they would get caught if they took longer than expected.

“Don’t you think we should do something for these two?” Amaya asked, placing her elbow on Yuvi’s shoulder, as they watched Twinj walk away.
“I agree…. These two look so adorable together… Di.. did you look at the way they hugged each other? Awww….” Chinki added, and the boys could not agree more.
“Fine…” Yuvi said, and gave out some instructions, and the others agreed excitedly.

Sarna mansion, that evening.
Usha had called Twinkle downstairs for some work, and Twinkle was going to meet her, when she saw a few workers taking a few huge framed photographs out of the house.
“Wait!” She called out, curiosity getting the better of her, since all of those frames had pieces of cloth covering them.

The men stopped instantly. She walked towards the photographs, and took the covering cloths off them. Tears flooded her eyes as she saw Alisha and Kunj in romantic poses in those pictures. They looked really happy in each other’s company. She wondered when these pictures were taken and who had got them framed. The truth about Kunj’s drama of his relationship with Alisha was hidden from her even now, and the pictures only made her think if Kunj was actually in love with Alisha.

She looked away, unable to see them together anymore. That’s when she saw Alisha standing behind the door and watching her with an evil smirk.

“Game on Alisha!” Twinkle thought, and screamed out for Kunj. Hearing this, Usha, Manohar and Kunj came rushing to her. Twinkle shouted and created a fuss as to how Kunj thought that he would cheat on her, and she would never realise. She claimed that Kunj had these pictures in his room till the day of the wedding, and only got them replaced safely in time. Usha and Manohar too joined in and bashed Kunj for having such pictures, and told him that he better keep up the bond that he and Twinkle were tied up in.

Kunj though, was wondering what had gone wrong suddenly. He looked more shocked than ever. Once Usha and Manohar went away, and the workers had taken the pictures away, Kunj walked to Twinkle.
“What was that?” He asked, while Twinkle burst out laughing. She narrated how she had brilliantly caused Alisha to believe that another of her plans had succeeded. Kunj too joined in her laughter, and soon the two returned to their room.

Twinj’s room.
“Twinkle….” Kunj called out to his love, as he watched her comb her hair before the dressing table.

“Hmmm?” She replied, watching his reflection in the mirror.
“You have absolutely no idea of how many times I dreamt of us… Us being together… Only happiness all around… But circumstances….”
“Kunj!! We both know everything is going to be alright soon… Then it will exactly all that that you have dreamt of….” She said, walking towards him, hugging him assuringly. Soon they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

That’s it for now guys.
Hope you all liked it. I got more delayed than expected. Sincere apologies for that…
Take care
Love you all loads ????

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