Twinj : Waiting for You (Intazaar-OS )

“If your wish is stronger and if you love it truly and whole heartedly then no one can stop you in getting that,in fact the whole world will support you in fulfilling your wish”

As I saw this quote in the book, I felt smewt connected with it, smewr I felt like I was being poked for a while. Cause I am wishing something from the bottom of my heart but unfortunately I am unable to get it. That thought seemed sme wt fake.

I thought for a while,
What is love? Does it really exist?? Am I fated to get true love? Or I will remain alone forever? Then how can mahi be betrayed by uv?

Ohhh god so many questions they are making me restless. What will I do If I don’t get my true love?when ever I pray for god to remove my loneliness and for love of my life, I don’t know immediately my eyes turns into water.

Babaji plz don’t make me restless I am tired of being alone as I also want some one to show love for me,Care fr me,feel fr me,even make love fr me. As u knw my parents are so busy in their own business stuff as thy don’t have time for me. I am tired of being alone in this big mansion. I too need love,who will love me to the infinity and cares me more than a kid.

I opened my fb account n laid myself on bed. Twinkle taneja it flashed on the screen. I could see chinki s wedding pics,idiot girl,she already uploaded it. I am happy for her. Slowly thinking about my partner and my marriage, obviously it’s every girls dream and I dozed off.

When a message flashed on my fb chat,I woke up to see it, I was depressed again.
I still remember….
Those Days passed with my loneliness, I was also used to it. But one day it happened as I came back home from my college, I saw some new people in my home, I didn’t understand anything as I don’t knw them, I just smiled at them and moved inside.

Twinkle, come here, my mom called me back.
I was tired I unwillingly went n sat next to her.
She introduced me to them, I was not at all paying heed to my mom, as I was fed up of classes of that day. I was just faking a smile and was waiting them to leave.
Finally after 30 long minutes they left, I cursed my mom within myself and rushed up to my room and slept as I was hell tired.

I woke up late in the evening as I was feeling hungry, I love sleep but this food always disturbs me, lazily I made my way towards the kitchen and examined all tumblers for food. I didn’t like it so I took some chips n sweets and made my wake back to room, as I was passing by my parents room, I heard them speaking to eo. And the thing I listened changed my life, I don’t knw whether it was a good or bad change but it’s the nly reason for my today’s condition.

Leela: today Mr. Sarna came home from proposal?
Rt:wt? Manu??
L:yeah…for his son kunj
R: hmm…i don’t want this proposal
L:wt? But I want it to happen

That’s wt I was able to listen as I rushed back to my room ,my parents were still busy with thr fights. I closed the door n i started dancing like hell….Oh finally I m getting married n i am getting my love….heyyyyy…..I danced like a mad, even I don’t knw the reason. May be the word marriage may make girls go mad.hehhehe….

I sat on my couch n one thing struck to me that I wanted to see him. I opened my fb n searched for kunj sarna, n finally I did it. As I saw him my jaws hit the floor, he was soo handsome n hot. Every girl wishes fr guy like him.

I immediately created my fake account of Facebook added sme frnds n sent him a request, even I don’t knw why I wanted to hide my identity. Finally I did it.
As he accepted it i was on cloud nine n i was abt to initiate the chat a msg frm that side n this time I was on cloud infinity n i was about to send him a reply with a thud I fall from the top of my bed.
I woke up whincing in a pain, it was all my dream but still like a mad I woke up n rushed to my bed To check my phone.

But, no message from that side n even he didn’t accept my request. Unknowingly my eyes watered.
The most shocking thing is I didn’t even created my fake account it was all my dream.

The reality is I nly saw him on fb, never tried to contact him but I am in love with him, my heart has been reserved nly fr him. May be the destiny may play it’s game still I am living nly fr him.
As I woke up I saw the same quote near my study which I wrote n hanged it near my study table.

It gave me a hope again. If my love fr him is true I will get his love, even the whole world will support me, orelse no matter I am used to loneliness.

I rubbed off my tears n went back to my busy normal lonely life. But when ever I pause for a while the thing I remember is u nly….kunj…I love u.
I don’t knw whether u will love me or nt, even I don’t want to express it coz love is magical, that magical second should happen by its own so I am waiting for that magical love.
I love u forever n ever.

Urs lovingly


Hope u all enjoyed it i will post my ff frm 23rd I will be done with my exams n i am on wattpad also..

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Thankq all
Urs lovingly

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  1. Sohi

    Nice os

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    Gud one..

  4. Supriya18d

    emotional package Rosh…luv it…post ASAP

  5. SidMin23

    Nice emotional part too when twinkle dream and if their is going to be another part then do post soon.

  6. Baby

    ohh rockstar……..♥
    agn wid a bang u here……. 🙂
    cute n emotional bt luvd it…….♥
    it jst made my day m soooo happy……. 🙂
    I wanted an idea to hlp one of my frnds n u did dat wrk simply by dis……♥
    love u sooooo sooooooo mch diiii……♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    thanks marvelleous speechless loved it…… 🙂

  7. Twinjfan.tamanna

    beautifully written! Amazing story! sorry for the short comment!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

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    Rock star amazing superb
    U always give lovingly msg
    Sry for late
    Love u keep smiling

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