Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 8)


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Recap- Kunj teaches Veer a good lesson. He tells Twinkle to go in her car. Twinkle’s car keys gets lost in the hotel and her phone switches off. Some drunken people follow Twinkle. Kunj comes on time and take Twinkle from there. But due to a lie he told to Leela, Twinkle had to stay with Kunj. That morning Tanejas comes to Sarna House. Twinkle gets worried.

Twinj- An unusual love story Episode 8
Scene 1
Usha comes to Kunj’s room to tell him that Tanejas have come. Twinkle listens it and gets worried. Usha goes. Twinkle stands and says- Oh Babaji! Aaj phir ek naya siyapa ho gaya. Kunj says- This siyappa is just because.. Twinkle says- of you. Kunj says- Me? Twinkle says- Yes that was you who lied to Mom. Kunj says- And that was you who messed with that boy. Twinkle says- It was you who was watching me and why didn’t you teached him a lesson when he was teasing me in the college. Kunj says- You teached him a lesson than why I should have involved. Twinkle says- Enough Kunj. Now we have to solve this problem. Maa is sitting downstairs and I am upstairs. Twinkle goes out of the room. She sees Leela sitting. Leela thinks- Twinkle has not come yet. She calls her. Twinkle’s phone rings. All look at her. She rushes to the room before anyone could see her. She thinks- Omg.. Today I must have died. She tells Kunj to think of some plan. He says- I will sit with all and you can go by the time. Twinkle says how?. Twinkle says- You have rope?. Kunj says- Yes. It’s in the store room. Twinkle says- Go and get it. Kunj brings the rope. Kunj says- What is in your fox-like mind. Twinkle smiles.

Scene 2
Leela is sitting with all. She calls Twinkle again. She don’t picks it up. She calls Chinki. She asks- Where is Twinkle. Chinki says- She didn’t come yet? Leela says- No. She have left?. Chinki says- Ya..Ya.. Yes. 5 minutes ago. She must be coming. Leela says- Ok thanks. Chinki says- No need to thank me. Leela cuts the call. Twinkle says- Kunj, I will slip down from the balcony and get ready and immediately come here. You sit with them and make sure that they don’t come upstairs. I will call you and you can come and pull the rope up. Kunj smirks sweetly and says- Wow Twinkle. What an idea. Twinkle says-Punjabi patakha with beauty and brains. Kunj smiles

Scene 3

Twinkle ties one corner of the rope and throw the rope. She says- Done. She jumps and slips down but falls. Kunj catches her. Kunj says- Thank god I have come to see. Twinkle says- Ok!! Don’t take too much credit. Kunj leaves her. She falls and says- aaahhh. Kunj says- I am not taking any credit. Twinkle gives an angry look and goes to Taneja house. Kunj smiles and says- My siyappa queen..

precap- twinkle gets ready and comes to sarna house. she is looking gorgeous. kunj can’t take his eyes off her. twinkle gives an angry look and sits. pandit tells them that they should get married at soon as possible.

Credit to: Sareena

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