Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 7)

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Recap- Kunj and Twinkle finally confess their love to each other. When Twinkle is on her way home near college, the same guys with whom Twinkle messed kidnaps her and takes her to a hotel. Kunj get to know and finds a door where he thinks that Twinkle may be. He opens the door and is shocked.
Twinj- An unusual love story Episode 7
Scene 1

Kunj sees that there is a door locked from inside and Twinkle’s gown is coming from inside the door. Kunj breaks the door and is shocked to find Veer (that boy with whom Twinkle messed) near Twinkle. As if he is trying to Kiss him (that much near). Twinkle is scared. Kunj goes inside. He holds his collar and says- How dare you. She is my girlf… fiance. Twinkle cries. Kunj covers her with his coat. Kunj looks at her sadly. Veer tries to kill him with knife. Twinkle shouts- Kunj. Kunj holds the knife. His hand starts bleeding. Twinkle cries when she sees his hand bleeding. Kunj picks up the shamping bottle and hits it on Veer’s head. His head starts to bleed. He shouts- Arghh.. Kunj tells Twinkle to go from there. He informs the staff that a boy in room no. 223 hitted his head with shamping bottle and he is in critical condition. He gives them money for treatment. He says- Rush to hospital. They go. Kunj and Twinkle goes. They are in car. Kunj stops his car near Twinkle’s car. He asks Twinkle to go and drive home. Twinkle thinks that Kunj is miffed with her and comes out of the car. Kunj takes away his car immediately. Kunj calls Usha to tell her where he was. But his phone switches off due to low battery. Twinkle sits in her car. She finds out that the key is missing. Twinkle gets worried. She calls Kunj but his phone is switched off. Twinkle cuts the call and becomes worried. She calls Leela but unfortunately her phone falls from her hand and switches off. Twinkle becomes more worried.
Scene 2

She remembers that her key is in the hotel. But the hotel is 7km away and she can’t walk too much on that road. She sits in that car. It’s 11pm. Some drunken people comes near Twinkle’s car. They tries to open the door. But Twinkle locks it. Twinkle is scared. They try to tease Twinkle by calling her by dirty words. Twinkle gets frustrated. Twinkle but manages and tries to ignore. She realises that she left the back door open. Twinkle tries to close it but those people enter in the car. Twinkle tries to open the lock to get out and run. But the lock doesn’t open. She however manages to run. She runs. The people follow her. Kunj charges his phone and calls Twinkle but her phone is off. He becomes worried and calls Leela. He asks where is Twinkle. Leela says- She was with you. I thought she would be late. Don’t tell me that she is not with you. Kunj tells her- Oh yes. She was saying that she will stay with Chinki this night. Leela says- Ok. He cuts the phone and says to Himself- Twinkle.. where are you?.

Scene 3

Leela calls Chinki. She asks if Twinkle is with her. Chinki thinks something and says- Yes. Leela says- To give her the phone. Chinki says- She was tired and she slept. Leela says- Ok but tell her to com back in the morning. Twinkle runs and runs looking at the back. She collides with someone. It’s Kunj. She hugs him. She hides behind him. Kunj becomes angry and try to do something that those people go away. He says- Hey! See. Some girl is standing there. They look back. They both run. Kunj and Twinkle sits in car and Kunj drives fast. Twinkle tells him the whole story. Kunj also tells him that he lied. Kunj says- I will quietly take you to my room. We will sleep and you can go back in morning. Twinkle thinks and agrees. Kunj quietly take her to his room. Kunj sleeps on one side and Twinkle on the other. It’s morning. Someone knocks on Kunj’s room’s door. It’s Usha. Kunj forgets about Twinkle. Usha asks to come in. He sees Twinkle. He sees Usha. He convince Usha to go back. She enters. Twinkle is not there. Flashback- (Twinkle rolls and falls down beside the bed). Twinkle yawns and makes some voice. Usha doubts that something is beside the bed. Kunj convince her. Usha sits with Kunj and says that Tanejas have come. You get ready. We will finalise your marriage date today. Twinkle hears that and becomes scared.


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