Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 6)


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Recap- Twinkle and Kunj runs. They get locked in cold storage. Kunj kiss Twinkle. Twinkle wakes up, and feels awkward but still manages to talk to him. They come out through ac vent. They both leave in their car and decide to meet in college the next day thinking to confess their unusual love.

Twinj- an unusual love story Episode 6
The realisation and confession of true love♡♡
Scene 1
They both sleep. Next day, they decide to confess their love to each other. They both leave in their car. They both enter college at the same time. Twinkle is wearing a gorgeous gown and is looking sizzling as always. Kunj is wearing a coat-suit. He is also looking hot as always. They both say- I want to say to you something. Twinkle thinks- No one is in college. Twinkle checks the day- it’s sunday. Kunj has prepared a romantic date for Twinkle in class and a cute dance with all the college mates. They both enter the class- Lights are off. Lights turn on. There is a heart shaped table in between with an I ♥ U cake. Twinkle gets glad seeing it. Manmarziaan plays. They both dance. There friends dance in background. The decoration is fabulous. They both cut the cake and they eat from each others’ hand. Twinkle hugs Kunj and says- I love you… kunj says- More than anyone else.

Scene 2
They both leave from college. The same boys come on bike. They say- Last time, your romeo saved you but who will save you now. Twinkle tries to run from there. Twinkle comes out from the car. They see Twinkle looking Sizzling hot. Twinkle picks her phone and calls Kunj. Kunj picks the call but he snatch the phone. Twinkle says- Leave me… Twinkle shouts. Kunj says Twinkle where are you. She says near coll… The call cuts. The boy sings cheap songs in a dirty voice. He makes Twinkle smell something that she faints.

Scene 3
Kunj thinks coll coll coll… college. He sits in car and leaves. He reaches college but he see a number of bike-riders going with a girl. He sees Twinkle’s car. He drives behind the bikes. He reaches there where he sees the bikes standing near a hotel. He goes inside and asks- Excuse me. Have you seen 6-7 boys with a girl. The man says- No. He asks many people but they say- No. Then he sees Twinkle’s gown’s cloth coming from indside a locked door. He breaks the door and is shocked….


Credit to: Sareena

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  1. Superb sareena….keep it up dear

  2. Awesome sareena

  3. not soo nic.atleast a kiss.but it was too short

    1. Yaa sorry it was really short… Kiss day was the previous day…

  4. sareena it’s just soo fab
    wow next episode kunj ha Heropanti! ! can’t wait

  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Wow yaar ur ff is good.

  6. Meenat Abubakar

    Wow!D episode is superb as always, but d precap is hell shocking hp nothing happens to twinke. Love U Sareena!

    1. Love u too

  7. Nice…

  8. Awesome sareena….loved ITT….

  9. Its awesome yrr sareena rlly its fabulous

  10. Wwwwoooowwwwww

  11. wonderful
    keep it up

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