Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 5)


Thankyou all of you for your wonderful comments. I am so happy to see that you eagerly wait for the next part. Love you all of you. ♥♥

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RECAP- Some boys tease Twinkle. Twinkle teaches them a lesson. Those boys return with their other friends to take revenege and try to make twinkle wear the engagement ring.

Scene 1
Kunj sees those boys. He picks up an iron rod lying on the ground and quietly hit it on the boy’s back. Kunj asks Twinkle to run. They both run. The boys follow them. Kunj sees a bike with the key. He sits on it. Twinkle sits behind him. They both run from there. The bike stops near a cold storage due to low fuel. Those boys are still following. Kunj takes Twinkle inside the cold storage to hide. The boys see their bike. A bky is just entering there but another boy calls him. He locks the cold storage room. Kunj says- Twinkle I think they have gone. Twinkle says Yes Kunj. By mistake, Twinkle hits her head and faints. Kunj sees it. Twinkle is losing her senses. Suddenly she stops breathing. Kunj tries to open the Door. But it’s locked. Kunj gets confused and kisses her for mouth-to-mouth respiration. Ishq Bulava plays. Twinkle wakes up and sees in kunj’s eyes. She blushes. They come out from ac vent.

Scene 2
They both are walking to college.Twinkle is feeling awkward thinking about how kunj kissed her. She didn’t knew how to start the conversation. She says- K.k..Kunj. Kunj says- Yes. She says- You k.k. Kunj says- Yes I have kissed you. So what?. Twinkle feels more awkward. She blushes and says- Why?. Kunj says- You must have died if I have not kissed you on time. Twinkle thinks- I think he’s right. She thinks- When will I confess my love to him.

Scene 3
They finally reach the college. They both sit in their car and leave. Twinkle messages him- I want to meet you tomorrow. Kunj sees and replies- Where?. Twinkle thinks and replies- College?. Kunj replies- Perfect. I want to say to you something. Twinkle replies the same. Both smile. They put their phone beside them and sleep.


Credit to: Sareena

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  1. wow its wonderful sareena
    you should have writer of tashan e ishq

  2. precap was awesome

    again thankuuuuuuuuuuu so much for your FF
    one request

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  3. very nice
    really mind blowing
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  4. its awesome….. precap is jst superb…. wtng fr d nxt one ….

  5. Meenat Abubakar

    splendid I really liked everything in dis episode, most especially d precap. luv u sareena u ar just superb

  6. Muskan{News reporter}

    Awesome episode.

  7. wooowww sareena im eagerly waiting for the love confession in next episode

  8. Nice episode.

  9. Romantic episode..luv is in d air

  10. Wow yrr how romantic… Waiting for nxt part

  11. woooooooooooow! !!

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