Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 4)


Hi guys- I read your requests to write longer episode. Now as per your request, I will make this episode a quite longer one. Ok. Have fun. And thankyou all of you. I also write Tashan-E-Ishq What must have happened but I have not written it for about 5 days. XD. So I think I should write that also and request you to read it from part 1 (if u wanna read).
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Twinj- an unusual love story episode 4
Recap- Kunj and Twinkle finally agree with their relationship of love and marriage.
{Dividing into scenes}
Scene 1

It’s morning. Twinkle gets ready for college. She’s in love and thinks about Kunj. She smiles cutely before mirror. Kunj wakes up too. He too is in love. He looks in the mirror and dances with shirt thinking about Twinkle. I love you plays. They both get ready and drives to college. They both stop the car. Twinkle is wearing a black shirt and a skinny blue jeans. Kunj is wearing blue shirt blue jeans and black overcoat. They both meet while they enter. Twinkle say – Matching colors. Kunj says- Yes. Kunj says- I have to go to the library. Twinkle says- Ok. Go. Kunj goes. Some boys eye Twinkle. They tease her. Kunj by mistake takes Twinkle’s handkerchief. He goes to return it. Kunj sees it. Twinkle sees Kunj and hides behind him. Kunj says- How dare you. She is my fiance. But soon realises that it’s a dream. XD. He sees it and is going to save Twinkle but he sees something. Twinkle slaps that boy and says- How dare you. She holds his collar and says- You… she slaps him again. She takes out her water bottle and throws the water on his face and dress. She says- This must happen with you shameless people. Twinkle goes to the class angrily.

Scene 2
Kunj goes to the library and thinks how Twinkle handled those boys. He smiles. Kunj goes to the class. He keeps his bag and says- Oh wow. How did u handled those. Twinkle says- Oh! Those boys. Kunj says- Yes. Twinkle says- yeh to mere baaen hath ka khel hai. Kunj says- Yes, I saw this today. They both laugh. College gets over. Twinkle is going home. Kunj thinks- OMG! I left your handkerchief in the library. Twinkle says- no its ok. Kunj says- I must go and get it. Twinkle says- Acha ok go. Kunj goes to the library. Twinkle smiles.

Scene 3
Twinkle waits for him. Those boys again come but this time they were 6. They are on bike. The boy whom Twinkle slapped comes. He holds her hand and says- From this hand only na? You slapped me? Hey you beautiful. Now in this hand only, I will make you wear this engagement ring and no one can ever stop me. Twinkle says- Leave my hand. He holds it tight. You illiterate idiot leave me- Twinkle says. He makes her wear the ring. Twinkle cries. Please leave me. He says no and tries to come near her. Kunj comes out of library and sees it. He picks the iron rod lying on the floor. Kunj goes and hits the boy from the back. They both run. The boys follow them.

PRECAP- They both get locked in cold storage where Twinkle breathing stops. Kunj becomes confused and he kisses her for mouth to mouth respiration.

Credit to: Sareena

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