Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 3)


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Twinj- An unusual love story episode
Recap- Twinj get to know that they are getting married. At first they are surprised but because of their first meeting they began to like each other. So they agree- They say it to themselves.
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Usha asks them if they are ready to get married. They are silent but thinks- OF COURSE. They both smile. Leela whispers – Tell twinkle. Usha whispers the same to Kunj. They both say together Ye… but Leela says- We should let them meet. I think then only they will tell. She tells them to go in the room. Kunj takes her to his room. They both sit. They both are silent. They together say- Do you agree? First you tell. You. They both laugh and say you. Twinkle says – Kunj you… Kunj becomes unconscious & says- I… I… I don’t have any problem with.. this marriage. Twinkle says- Ma…Ma.. Maa! Kunj says Maa? Twinkle says Maa has come. Kunj looks at the door. No one is there. Twinkle says hurriedly- Me too!. Kunj says- Oh! You couldn’t talk with eye contact. Twinkle says no. But I don’t know why today. Kunj laughs. Twinkle also laughs. Leela sees it from the door and smiles. Kunj says Maa! Twinkle says Maa? Kunj says- your maa! Leela aunty. Twinkle says ya. Leela calls them. She asks them- Now do u agree?. They says- Yes. Leela tells all family members. They are happy. Leela and Twinkle go home.

Leela- I told that you will agree.
Twinkle- He is my college friend. I mean I met him yesterday. On the other hand, the same conversation is going on b/w Manohar and Kunj. They both go to bed. They both say- I love you. Twinkle covers her face with pillow. She uncovers and smile. Kunj gets up and smile. He again lays down and smile.

PRECAP- Kunj and Twinkle meet in the college. Some boys tease Twinkle. Kunj sees it. Twinkle runs and hides behind Kunj. Kunj gets angry. He holds his collar and says- She is my fiance.

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. dear sareena can u put a longer update….a bit long..plzzz coz uur ff is very nice and i love it…

  2. episode was splendid but cd u try making it an bit longer


    1. Areee….. sure… today only

  4. Its very short….but nice, for next

  5. A awesome but ake it longer next time and Precap was awesome.

  6. I have notepad. Usme bada lagta hai.. :(. Sorry next time pakka big one 🙂

  7. Meenat Abubakar

    superb sareena u ar awesome, luv it!!!

  8. awesome episode… bt pls try 2 make it a bit longer one

  9. Awesome writing ! Try to expand it into longer version.

  10. nice epi dear

  11. It was awesome! And the love realization was early but it was good for the readers… Please continue your FF

  12. Aweeeesomeeee

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