Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 2)


Recap- Twinkle comes back home. Kunj comes back too. They both remember each other and smile at night while sleeping.

Message to you- Due to illness I didn’t wrote for some days. I read all the comments today and saw that you appreciated what I wrote. I was Happy to see that. I saw Yashika’s, Gopika’s and Meenat’s comment today & all others. Because of you I am writing today though I am still a little bit unwell. Thankyou guys.. ♥♥
Ok so here is

{Not dividing into scenes}

It’s morning. The weather is cool. Kunj comes in the balcony. Twinkle comes there too. She hangs her dupatta. Kunj is facing opposite. Kunj turns. Twinkle’s dupatta flows in the air and falls on Kunj’s Face. Twinkle thinks “I think he’s the one to whom I am getting married. Twinkle goes inside”. Kunj sees the dupatta. He throws it. It falls in Twinkle’s balcony.
Kunj goes inside. Twinkle opens her almirah and remembers leela telling her to wear something good. Twinkle changes and goes downstairs. Leela calls her and convince her to come in Sarna house. Twinkle goes to Sarna house and rings the doorbell. Kunj is going to open the door but he gets a call from someone. He talks to him. Usha opens the door and is glad to find Twinkle. Twinkle goes inside. Leela is sitting with all family members. Twinkle sits beside Manohar. She texts Leela ‘Why did you called me here’.

She replies ‘To finalise this marriage’. Twinkle becomes sad and writes “I don’t want to marry him”. Leela says “No! This time I will not listen to you”. Twinkle puts her phone on Table in anger. Manohar calls Kunj. Kunj is still talking on phone. Twinkle sees him from the back. Twinkle phone falls from the table. Kunj turns. Twinkle bends to pick it up. Kunj says “Just a minute”. Twinkle hears it. Twinkle says “This voice”. She turns. Kunj turns. Twinkle sees Kunj. Kunj sees Twinkle. Kunj says “I will call you back”. They both look at each other. They both say ‘YOU’?. Leela says ‘You know each other?’. They both says “No, I mean yes”. Leela says ‘Oh wow. Then this couple will be friendly. They both say “COUPLE?”. Usha says ‘Yes. You both will get married to each other. Twinkle thinks ‘He? I was taking too much stress’. Kunj thinks the same. They both smile.

PRECAP- Usha asks ‘Are you both ready to be get married?’ They both are silent and thinks “OF COURSE”.

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. wow this is coooooooooooooooooooolll

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  4. Wow!! Amazing episode sareena!! ??Btw take care!!!

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  5. First time dis usha is doing some good work

    1. U r right. Usha is the protagonist. Otherwise she is an antagonist

  6. Meenat Abubakar

    Wow wow wow! Its amazing, i really luved and enjoyed it sareena luv u! Btw wish u recover completely dear by God’s grace

    1. Thankyou so much.. with all ur wishes I will get well soon and write regularly :* :). Luv u too 🙂

  7. Nice epi ..
    Plz update a longer epi next time . Plz b regular and yeah get well soon

    Love u and ur ff ♡♡☆☆♡☆♡☆

    1. Sure.. n thanks for ur wishes.. love u too 🙂

  8. Wonderful episode.

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  11. Cool episode ! Its interesting.

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