Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 18)


Scene 1
Twinkle- I wanna stay here only.. Pls Kunj..
Kunj- Ok but..
TWINKLE- no but.. we will stay here.
Kunj- Achha okay….
Twinkle- Thankyou Kunj!
Veer- Let’s go!
Aanchal- Ok we should leave now.
Veer- Yes Let’s Go…
They both go!
Aanchal- Veer where are my car keys???
Veer- I don’t know..
Aanchal- Now how will I go home
Veer- I will drop you, simple…
Aanchal- But..
Veer- Let’s go darling…
Aanchal- Ok..
They both sit in car.

Veer is driving… Car stops suddenly.
Aanchal- What happened Mr. Khadus, I mean, Mr. Malhotra…
Aanchal- Nothing I don’t know why but the car stopped
It’s the same place where Twinkle’s car once stopped working near their college…
Aanchal- Do something.. I don’t feel safe here…
Veer- Ya I will do something.
He tries to repair the car..
But it Dont work still..
Veer- Omg. What to do..
Aanchal- You go and ask for some help.
Veer- No I won’t leave u alone..
Aanchal- Go na.. Pls
Veer- But aanchal!
Aanchal- Jaao!!
Veer- But mai tumhe…
Aanchal- Go!
Veer- Ok fine. But pls sit in the car and lock all the doors.
Aanchal- Yes Baba. U go
Veer- Ok but lock..
Aanchal- Haan haan goo
Veer- Ya ok.. He goes to ask some help..
Aanchal- Ye Mr. MALHOTRA bhi na bewajah pareshan hote hain… She smiles. But I should do what he said.. If there won’t be understanding, how can we live together. And if he would come and see me standing out, he will become angry and will shout on me… And I could not make an excuse also.. I must sit. She sits in the car but forgets to lock the door.

Twinkle- But Kunj.. What about Aanchal.
Kunj- And Veer..
I hope Aanchal would have agreed…
Twinkle- I hope the same Kunj.. I should call her..
Scene 2
Aanchal sees that some people are coming near the car. She ignores and sits…
Aanchal- Save me Babaji, I am feeling unsafe..
They come and knocks..
They say- Madam Ji, You are so hot.. Please let us come inside..
Aanchal ignores…..
They tries to open the door..
Aanchal- They are locked…
Aanchal thinks- Omg I forgot to lock…….. She locks the front door.. they try to open the back door. She recieves Twinkle’s call. She answers it.
Twinkle- She answered. She turns on speaker.
Aanchal- Help me pls… I am near ur college… Veer has gone for some help.. Call cuts.
Twinkle gets tensed.
Kunj- Strangers
Twinkle- College..
They both say- Yes!

Scene 3
Twinkle and Kunj reaches there.. They see Aanchal running. Aanchal runs and hugs Twinkle…
Aanchal- They will.. She faints.
Veer comes and says- Aanchal, I have brought….
Veer gets shocked. Kunj and Veer both beat the people nicelyy.. :p
They run.
Twinkle tries to wake up Aanchal.. she recovers herself..
Kunj slaps Veer..
Kunj- I had trusted u and u left my sister alone.. I won’t let u and her unite. The one who cannot even keep his love safe, how will he live with her.
Aanchal- Stop bhai… He wasn’t going. I convinced and forced him to go..
Veer goes to Aanchal
Veer- I told u strictly to lock all the doors. Did u?
Aanchal- Woh Actually.
Veer- I knew that leaving u alone is not safe. Now if u will again do this na, I will…
U know na if something would have happened to you then what would have happened to me.. I would have died..
Aanchal- No Veer, pls don’t talk about dying. Veer hugs Aanchal. Kunj and Twinkle smiles.


my ff will end.. I mean next episode is theast episode… The new ff name will be told in the next episode… I will miss writing it..

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  4. Awesome episode

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