Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 16)


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Note- Some lines are in hindi today.. Funny dialogues especially
Recap- Veer hears Kunj’s and Twinkle’s Romantic talks. He smiles. He tells them that he just wanted to tell them the truth. Inspite of being angry, kunj and Twinkle agree and becomes glad for his truth. They plan date….

Twinj – An unusual love story Episode 15

Kunj and Veer plans the date. They both wait for evening. It’s evening. Kunj enters Aanchal’s room. He says- Aanchal, Actually, I was saying..
Aanchal- Come to the line bhai
Kunj- Woh Actually tu na aaj resort chali ja
Aanchal- Konsa resort kesa resort.
Kunj- Woh.. Arey woh konsa resort tha…

Aanchal- Mai jaa rahi hu jab yaad ajaye toh batadena
Kunj- Royal.. Royal Resort
Aanchal- Oh wow Royal Resort?? Something special.
Kunj- Yes Yes. A surprise for u.
Aanchal- Oh Thanku so so much. I will come..
Kunj- At 8 today.
Aanchal- Sure!
Veer goes to Taneja House.
Leela sees him
Leela- How dare u come here. Out.
Twinkle comes him from upstairs
Twinkle- Maa I called him.
Leela- U called him!!!
Twinkle- Ya ya maa.. he is my friend.. I mean he has asked forgiveness..
Veer nods in yes.
Twinkle says- Ok now maa. Please go..
Leela leaves.
Veer- Omg thankyou Twinkle….

Twinkle- Ya ya ok ok.. Just tell me why have u come
Veer- Me…mee….Meee oh yes come to Am..Amritsar Resort.
Twinkle- Is Kunj ne bhi apne chamche ko bheja hai khud ni aa sakta tha.
Veer- Ae.. Chamcha kisko bola tuney
Twinkle- Tujhe bas ab chup kar or bata.
Veer- I told you. Come to Amritsar Resort today 8pm..
Twinkle- Oh okok surprise.
Veer- Ya yess..
Twinkle- Done..
Veer- Ok bye Twinkle bhabi… He gives a funny flying kiss and laughs
Twinkle- Twinkle takes a pillow and runs behind him to hit him. He runs.
Twinkle- Dekh lungi tujhe main. She laughs.. and goes to get ready. Ananchal, Veer and Kunj are also getting ready..

They all get ready. Twinkle is wearing pink gown with hear opened. Aanchal is wearing cream-colored gown with half hair tied. They both are looking gorgeous. Kunj is wearing black coat suit.. Veer is also wearing coat-suit. They both are looking extremely hot♥♥..
They think
Veer- I will tell u today that I love u so much

Twinkle- Waiting for u to impress me.. love you muaah..
Kunj- Today will bring a new change
Aanchal- I don’t know why but I am feeling excited… hope that Something good will happen…..
Aanchal, Kunj, Twinkle and Veer, four of them drive to resorts.
Veer reaches first and see that the arrangements are superb than expected..
Kunj reaches.. He too see the arrangements.
Twinkle reaches. She enters. She sees a beautifully decorated resort with awesome lights..
Aanchal too comes. She see that the arrangements and decorations are so nice. She calls- Kunj bhaiya?? Anyone is here. Lights turn on.
Twinkle and Kunj sit.
Kunj- So miss Twinkle Taneja.
Twinkle- Yes.. I liked it but do something more.
Kunj- Actually u are right. So.. He claps two times.
Lights turn off.
Twinkle- Kunj!! Kunj!!
Lights turn on.
Kunj proposes Twinkle with a ring

Kunj- Will u marry me?
Twinkle- No! She laughs.
Aanchal sees Veer..
Aanchal- you, here??
Veer comes towards her
Veer- I just wanted to tell u that I love you more than myself.
He proposes her-
Veer- will u marry me?
Aanchal is quiet for a while and then nods in yes.
Aanchal- Yes!!

precap- twinkle kisses kunj on cheek. she says- i love u kunj.
kunj- i knew you cannot refuse kunj sarna. he laughs. twinkle slaps him on shoulder in fun. aanchal and veer hugs.. aanchal says – i love u too. i was just waiting for my prince to come and surprisingly its u.. thanku veer- i love u too.

Credit to: Sareena

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